Relationship Reading


“Why is this person in your life?”

No encounter is an accident, whether it is a partner, lover, family member or work colleague. Every encounter has something to teach us. This session delves deeply into the motivations, challenges, past connections and above all learning processes involved in a relationship. A Relationship chart is a catalyst for personal growth and a road to more joyful unions. The relationship chart (often called synastry and composite) is the interaction of two Birth (natal) Chart’s energies as they impinge on each other. This session cannot be done without a birth chart consultation. This session is conducted in person or by Zoom or Skype. Questions and focus on specific areas of interest are encouraged.

Please note: these readings cannot be done without the natal chart reading first.

The session is 2hrs in duration and costs $350 (GST inclusive)



2 hour online or in-person relationship reading with Marc Laurenson.