Supercharged April:
Prepare for when the Aries rocket is free to launch!

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for April 2024

By Krishna Dodds.


April opens with Mercury (the planet of communication and how we perceive information), beginning its retrograde phase in the sign of Aries on the 2nd of April.

We’ve just been through an intense eclipse portal that hopefully helped us to clear out a heap of baggage and prepare for new spaces and experiences-and now we have a stop/start vibe greeting us!

Talk about an astrological red light when we don’t want one!

Mercury in Aries can be impatient at the best of times. You know, like “I want this done yesterday!”

So when Mercury in Aries is thwarted by anything or anyone, it can become, shall we say, a tad frustrated!

This hold up of energy may cause short tempers and conflicts with others…but…there is a positive to it all.

Any retrograde planet can gift us with the ability to revisit, reflect upon, and revise people, places and situations in our world.

Where may you need to “think something over” in your world before you make a decision?

Sometimes we may feel as if we have already fully let something go or disconnected from a behaviour or a pattern that isn’t serving us.

The retrograde of Mercury in Aries gives us the opportunity to make sure that we have tied up certain loose ends before we embark on new adventures.

Now, I am in no way implying that longstanding issues can magically disappear overnight. What I am communicating is that if we are aware of certain things in our world that don’t support who we are now and where we are headed; we can make a conscious choice not to engage in whatever those things are. Hence we are “letting them go” (albeit sometimes slowly) and working towards integrating a new way of being.

This is the perfect time to feel into what this might be for you.

Venus enters Aries on the 6th of April and can bring a sense of life and energy to our relationships-particularly our connections with women.

This 3.5 week transit will increase our independence and may breathe new energy into our love lives and finances.

As there may be misunderstandings due to Mercury RX in the same sign, some solo time could give you the space and clarity to be grateful for what you already have.

The Solar Eclipse that takes place on the 8th in the northern hemisphere and the 9th in the southern hemisphere, will give us a glimpse of what’s to come once the retrograde period is over.

This eclipse is extra special because it makes a powerful conjunction to Chiron and the North Node.

The energy of an eclipse can be felt for up to 6 months. A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids; gifting us with a great ability to open up new pathways from now through until October.

The Chiron conjunction to the Solar Eclipse can support us in finding new ways to heal and understanding how we can bring light to our wounds. Chiron can help us to tap into our inner wisdom and find the answers we are seeking from within.

If you have been struggling with issues around self-worth, identity, and having the courage to be who you are without others approval-now is the time to bring these hurts to the surface and find the strength and vulnerability to work with them so that they are no longer holding you back from being all that you are.

The North Node conjunction to the Solar Eclipse opens up new doorways that can help us connect to our purpose and destiny.

The NN represents what we are moving towards in this lifetime. In Aries, we are claiming ourselves, our passions, and our leadership skills.

The fact that the NN is in such close contact with the Solar Eclipse, means that we are getting an extra push to get out there and shine our light and our talents in a way that is meaningful for us.

If you have been procrastinating or hiding yourself away in a ho-hum job, relationship, or any less than passionate situation-now is the time to reflect upon (Mercury Retrograde), whether this is how you want to continue living your life, and if not, what steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.

Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac and akin to The Fool in the Tarot, loves anything that helps create newness.

The universe is certainly prompting us to bring this into being NOW!

The Sun’s move into Taurus on April the 20th, can support us in grounding the fiery and fast paced energy of Aries, and forming it into something solid.

The energy of the Bull gives us the chance to pull all of the ideas and trailblazing seeds that Aries bestowed us with and turn into something tangible that can be birthed in the physical world.

Taurus reminds us to connect in with our physical body through nourishment and sensual delights. We may also feel more of a drive to connect with the earth by placing our bare feet on the ground, long, slow walks in nature, or by pampering ourselves with an aromatic bubble bath or massage.

This is where we get to slow down and indulge our senses and really take in our surroundings.

The practicality of Taurus can support us when the Full Moon rises at 4 degrees of Scorpio on the 23rd of April in the northern hemisphere, and the 24th of April in the southern hemisphere.

A Scorpio Full Moon can feel like an eclipse due to its intense and passionate nature.

This is a transformative moon that can influence us to feel EVERYTHING!

Pluto ruled Scorpio has the ability to take us to the metaphorical underworld where we meet with the shadow aspects of self that we usually hide away.

As uncomfortable as this may feel; becoming aware of our shadow self and any toxic behaviours that we may be involved in, can empower us to make the necessary changes to overcome them.

Also, once we are completely aware and more accepting of these parts of self, we disarm any outside influences that may try to “have power over us” by criticising or judging them.

This is a BIG moon!

My suggestion to you at this time is to allow all of your feelings to flow through you-especially the uncomfortable ones.

Make a pact with yourself to release what no longer resonates with you, and know that if something is meant for you, it may return to you in a different form.

Scorpio represents the life/death/rebirth cycle, after all.

Now, let’s circle back to Taurus supporting you on a practical level throughout this FM phase.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions-connect to the earth. Put your hands and feet on the ground. Take a Yin yoga class, try a breathwork session that activates your rest and digest state. (Parasympathetic nervous system)

The nervous system has such an impact on how we think, feel, and act. If you can use practical ways to bring it back into balance, you will be able to handle these astrological influences with much more ease and grace.

Mercury stations direct on the 26th of April and will clear the shadow phase around the 14th of May.

This is when we should really start to see some movement with ideas, plans, and intentions that were prominent around the 8th/9th of April.

We will also have a clearer mind about the direction we are headed in and how we’re going to get there.

Exciting times!!

Venus will make her way into Taurus on the 30th of April and will support us in feeling even more grounded and comfortable in our bodies.

Venus is at home in Taurus and delights in moving at a slower pace, cooking up a storm, and indulging in earthly pleasures.

Think of wooden cabins with a fire burning, the cool winds of Autumn or Spring, and the smell of rain that intensifies the aroma of grass or the surrounding flowers.

A perfect way to end what feels like it’s going to be a fast-paced month.

Can we fast forward to the end of April now?! 😉

The first half of the month may feel like it’s happening in jumps and starts.

Two steps forward and one step back.

Take this time to declutter on all levels and prepare for when the Aries rocket is free to launch!

Ask the universe for the courage to step into newness and know that uncomfortable feelings can be very normal when you’re letting something go.

This doesn’t mean that you’re making the wrong decision. It means that you’re releasing familiarity and opening yourself up to engage in different experiences.

All change requires an adjustment period.

Don’t ignore the needs of others. Even though Aries can be quite a self-focused and driven energy, we also need to remember to employ some of the traits of the opposite sign of Libra and direct some of our attention towards our relationships and intimate connections.

So there you have it!

April feels like it’s going to be a supercharged month with lots of shifts taking place.

Remember to breathe and pause-especially when things feel overwhelming.

Wishing you strength and bravery as we embark on what appears to be a massive new beginning in our worlds.

Cosmic blessings,

krishna dodds astrology

— Krishna Dodds
April 2024
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Photo by Iván Díaz on Unsplash