Hi, and Welcome to Sydney Astrology School

Sydney Astrology School is designed for people who are seeking more from life.

It is for those who are curious, who ask questions, desire a sense of meaning and know there is much more going on than what we get dished up.

It is for people who innately know their potential and want to break free from the ties that hold them back.

Astrology is a masterclass in self-awareness.

Astrology is one of the best tools I know for empowerment and fulfilment.

It offers so much more than worn out generalisations, judgemental character traits and foreboding predictions. We at Sydney Astrology School tend to steer clear of this style of teaching.

While our teaching methods do honour the traditions of astrology, we focus primarily on Astrology’s evolution over time and blend our theory within a more modern, psychological framework suited for today.

The course itself is very free and friendly in style. It caters to those who wish to keep their learning at a casual level, right up to those who are ready to dedicate themselves to Astrology as professionals or incorporate their knowledge as an extra tool to enhance what they do.

So, if you feel you are ready for a life altering experience and want to have heaps of fun along the way we would love to see you in our classes.