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Do you want to discover your specific talents and learn more about yourself?
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional astrologer? Do you want to understand the people in your life better & the dynamics at play in your relationships? Do you want to grow in self-confidence whilst expanding your mind?

Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-discovery. Astrology is for everyone! Our Certificate program is for those who want to turn pro, as well as those who just want to learn Astrology for fun and interest. The Certificate Program sets you up to feel confident and able with giving valuable and insightful readings.

This year all 4 levels of the Certificate Program will become available to everyone, you no longer need to be in Sydney!

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The three astrological components of a birth chart; the planets, the zodiac signs, and the houses are discussed in detail. Students will learn WHAT each planet represents. Students will discover HOW the planets express themselves by which SIGN of the zodiac they are placed. Thirdly, the student will learn that the HOUSE in which the planet falls will indicate WHERE in our lives the focus of this energy is likely to be played out. We will also introduce the ‘past’ energy of the Lunar Nodes.

At the conclusion of Level 1 students will understand the basic structure of a birth chart by combining the three building blocks of the planet, sign and house.


astrology webinars

LIVE weekly Webinars

10 x 1.5hr LIVE weekly Classes, taught via webinar, where students can ask questions at the end of class. You have 15 contact hours with your teacher per level! Students get permanent access to the recorded weekly webinars.

astrology notes

A full set of notes to keep

Students gain life-long access to the course platform, as well as a full set of notes to keep (in PDF format) so you can print them out if desired and put them in a folder.

astrology videos

A mix of reading & video content

The course platform is super-easy to navigate & tells you how far progressed you are through the weeks module. It’s a streamlined & tranquil learning environment. The course has a mix of written and video content.

astrology course homework

Weekly feedback on your work!

A small amount of Homework each week to keep you on track. All homework submitted gets feedback by the teacher.

10-week course


PRICE: AU$550 (approx. US$380)

I’m Marc Laurenson, Principal of Sydney Astrology School & Astrologer.
Nothing gives me greater *Joy* than helping clients & students find clarity & understanding in their lives using this wonderful tool Astrology.


Facilitated by a world-class astrologer with over 20 years’ experience, who also runs a successful Astrology consulting business and is the co-founder of Sydney Astrology School which has its 11th year anniversary this year!

The Certificate Program is already well-established, the content is tried and tested and has been refined over 10 years.

The style of Astrology taught is focused on personal growth, human evolution and a greater understanding of life (Evolutionary Astrology).

learn astrology

The course platform is minimalist, easy to use and streamlined. The content is enjoyable & engaging.

Students can get feedback specific to their homework and have questions answered.

Level 1 is one unit towards a Certificate Level qualification (4 units in total). This course equips students to sit the FAA exam. Coaching program offered

student testimonial

“It was such a growing year with you at the astrology school Marc and I’m truly grateful for all your teachings, support, direction and love and care that you have brought to me. Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction.”

Natasha Arathoon
Astrologer & Psychosomatic Therapist

student testimonial

“Working as a clairvoyant I found Astrology provided a much higher framework that took me from focusing on ‘what’ was going on into ‘why’ it is going on. Astrology is about the ‘why’, why you are driven the way you are. There are huge therapeutic benefits with Astrology. Trying to understand is only half the battle, Astrology takes you into actually knowing more about yourself with complete clarity and that’s what Sydney Astrology School’s teaching is based on. Sydney Astrology School is life changing.”

Joshua Hancock
Clairvoyant & Astrologer

student testimonial

“My personal experience at Sydney Astrology School has been profound. Astrology is such a wonderful self developmental tool. If we all could understand Astrology on that level it would be great for humanity as a whole. I do charts for parents of new borns and I use Astrology as a way for them to inspire and encourage these little souls through their charts to be the best they can possibly be.”

Jennifer Martin
Astrologer, Counsellor, “Life Stylist” and Coach

student testimonial

“I had studied astrology for many years prior to coming to SAS, but I still had trouble bringing it all together. The Certificate Program has been a life-changing experience for me on all levels, my confidence in being able to do readings has gone through the roof. I can’t thank you enough.”

Ingrid Anderson
Web Designer & Astrologer

Marc is an AAT (Accredited Astrology Teacher) with the Federation of Australian Astrologers. He also has the Diploma in Astrology with the FAA and was presented with the Gold Medal for Excellence on receiving his accreditation.

Marc has written for Wellbeing Astrology Magazine, Use Nature, Super Living, Sage Magazine and the FAA journal. Marc has appeared on Channel 10 News with Astro updates and was a panellist on a Foxtel pilot ‘The Stars behind the Stars’.


Class opening!

Next LEVEL 1 ONLINE begins 6 February 2021

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