Stay in Your Own Lane!

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for February 2024

By Krishna Dodds.


Happy February stargazers!

If January felt a little ho-hum for you and like it just didn’t have the kick that we’ve come to expect from the first month of the new year… you’re in for a treat in February.

Before I dive into what February holds, I want to touch on cycles and how they affect us.

We were discussing cycles in a psychic awareness group that I am part of – and I would like to expand on my thoughts here.

Currently we run on the linear time of the Gregorian Calander. You know the one… January through to December every single year.

Yet some of us may not feel in alignment with this cycle and perhaps may wonder why we’re not feeling the “new year, new me vibes” that some shout from the rooftops.

If we take into consideration that there are other starting points throughout the year, it makes sense that we might not feel connected to the everyday calendar.
We have the Chinese Lunar Year that starts on February 10th, and the astrological new year that starts when the Sun moves into Aries on the 21st of March 2024. This date also happens to coincide with the Autumn Equinox here in the southern hemisphere.

There is also the witch’s new year that takes place around the seasonal festival of Samhain on May the 1st in the south and November the 1st in the north.

On top of the above, we also have our personal astrological cycles. We may have an outer or progressed planet taking residence in the 8th or 12th house for example. Or our progressed Moon may be in the balsamic phase of the cycle.

The astrological examples I have given above are more about tying up loose ends and cleaning out the closet, rather than starting anew.

So the point that I’m hopefully conveying clearly is that we need to be true to our own cycles.

Tuning into what is present for us. Noticing what may be coming to and end, noticing where we need to stay still and wait for the next prompt to guide us, and noticing when the lights are green, and all signs are pointing to a forward move.

The planets can definitely support us in our endeavours, yet if we try to push for something to happen when the timing isn’t right or we aren’t ready, it’s like pulling a cake out of the oven before it’s fully cooked. It’s runny in the middle and isn’t fully formed.

Arriving too quickly at a metaphorical destination can rob us of the important processes that take place between an ending and a new beginning.

So much can be gained within the liminal spaces.

Even though I am about to write about all of the beautiful Aquarian energy that’s coming into being, my wish for you is to stay true to you and not compare yourself to others.

The winds of change and forward movement may click into gear within a completely time frame than someone else’s. And that’s ok. Stay in your own lane and honour your unique journey.

Now, speaking of cycles: the last time that Pluto was in Aquarius, old systems were no longer working, and the American Revolutionary War took place.
If my information is correct, there was also a French Revolution and an Irish Uprising.

This indicates that in different parts of the world, citizens wanted to break free of the restrictions that had been placed upon them and create more equality.

As Pluto has recently made a move into Aquarius for the for the first time in over 200 years, it will be interesting to see what remnants remain of the uprisings that took place all of those years ago.

Collectively there will be big changes…that is a given! We’ve already seen some of these changes and the people rising up to oppose that which takes away their rights and freedoms.

Pluto in Aquarius will bring about important and long lasting transformations and discoveries.

They may just occur a slow, albeit powerful pace.

Yet how is this going to affect us on a personal level?

The Sun is already in Aquarius, and will be joined by Mercury on the 5th of February, followed by a New Moon on the 9th/10th (depending on where you reside in the world.)

Just to ramp the freedom loving energy up even further, Mars will join Pluto, Mercury, and the luminaries on the 14th of February, and Venus will move in a few days later on the 17th.

If this isn’t the start of a new era, I don’t know what is!

The stellium of planets in the sign of the Water Bearer initiates change in a big way.

If you have been feeling stagnant and stuck in situations that are familiar yet are keeping you in old ways of being and relating…now is the time to think about how you can take yourself out of restrictive spaces and create room for new experiences.

This is the perfect time to initiate growth and newness.

Pay homage to your past and understand that every single experience has brought you to where you are today.

Know that you are not responsible for everything that has happened to you, yet as an adult, you are responsible for healing whatever wounds still remain.

Aquarius is the way-shower of the zodiac. It wants you to move forward from the past and embrace the individual qualities that make you who you are.

It wants you to evolve and step away from old narratives and toxic patterns.

One of the many beautiful traits about Aquarius is that it can help us to detach just enough to see things with fresh eyes.

If we can zoom out from our limitations and create a 360 degree viewpoint, we can get curious our experiences and how they have shaped us. We can also see that our past hurts don’t define us, and that there is a unique and beautiful soul underneath the baggage that has been accumulated.

Mercury in Aquarius encourages us to think independently and embrace innovative and original ideas, while the New Moon that takes place at 20 degrees of Aquarius on 9th/10th of February, encourages us to get excited about our hopes and dreams!

Do whatever work is necessary to heal from past hurts and put your focus firmly on the future-not where you have been.

This New Moon encourages us to do things on our own and to think outside of the box.

This new lunar cycle also helps us to understand that any personal changes that we make can also be felt collectively.

If we have the courage to start living our life on our own terms and in a way that works for us, we give permission for others to do the same.

This lunation is perfect for expanding our social circle and calling in new friendships.

Mars in Aquarius is experimental and unconventional and is willing to confront anything that inhibits their freedom, while Venus in Aquarius loves to share ideas with friends and will often engage in humanitarian pursuits. On a side note-if you are involved with a Venus Aquarius native (or Mars for that matter), know that they value their independence and need you to be emotionally self-sufficient.

There is no room for needy and conventional relationships here!

So, as you can see, it’s a hugely Aquarian themed month!

We have the opportunity to reach our true potential if we do the work and let go of limiting beliefs.

And by the work I don’t mean spiritual by-passing. This is not about detaching to the point where we can pretend from an intellectual view point that we are healed.

It’s about being brave and finding new solutions to old problems.

We will have further opportunities to “clear the decks” when the Sun moves into Pisces on February the 20th.

Pisces rules the 12th house in the natural chart and points to a time of endings before the astrological cycle begins again.

Emotions that we may not have been able to fully access with the Aquarius energy, will now start to make themselves felt.

It is a time of releasing fears and letting go of unexpressed emotions.

Pisces can heighten our intuition and felt senses and we can more easily tune into ourselves and others.

Because of the above we can feel overwhelmed and like we want to escape the mundane in some way.

Spiritual hygiene is an antidote to this, as is balancing our energy by engaging in grounding activities.

Mercury joins the Sun in Pisces on the 24th and will bestow us with intuitive thought processes rather than logical ones.

We can also more easily tap into our creativity and imagination.

Mercury in Pisces can make our thought processes a little vague and confused, and our thinking can be influenced by our emotions.

It is a great time to connect with a meditative practice or an artistic endeavour. Pisces is otherworldly and can bring beauty in forms that we don’t usually have access to.

The Full Moon rises at 5 degrees of Virgo on the 24th of February and brings an end to what has been an impactful month.

The practical nature of Virgo reminds us that change doesn’t have to be big and bold; it can be integrated into our daily routines by taking small steps that end up leading to transformation once a habit has been formed.

Virgo will gift us with attention to detail and the desire to declutter our lives on all levels.

It’s the perfect time to sort out what’s working in our worlds, and what isn’t.

Virgo also likes to organise things-and after the big AIR month that has just been, it may actually bring us comfort to immerse ourselves in attending to more earthly needs.

A health issue that may have eluded you may come to light throughout this phase, and we may start to clearly see where we are overly worrying and overly critical.

Channel that anxious Virgo energy into hard work and you will be amazed at what you can create.

Letting go of perfectionism and accepting ourselves and others for who we/they are can be worked on during this full moon period.

Acceptance comes when we allow people to be as they are without projecting what we see as their potential onto them.

Of course there is always room for improvement, yet it’s up to others to make that decision for themselves.

Remember…stay in your own lane!

And that my friends, brings February to a close.

I wish you well as we navigate our way through these exciting times.

Cosmic blessings,

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— Krishna Dodds
February 2024
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