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As a student of astrology, the first thing we question is “how does astrology actually work?” Many theories can be used to explain this vibrational connection that occurs between us and the universe…

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“I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to my own personal development. If it wasn’t for Sydney Astrology School I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the steps I am taking today.” Leonarda

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A Chart Reading Tutorial Webinar with Marc Laurenson
Episode #2

In response to the many requests for another ‘Chart Reading Tutorial’ webinar, I am pleased to announce I will be doing a second one FREE of charge on Sunday April 5 at 9am Sydney (No daylight saving time).
Saturday 4 April @ 4pm L.A. | 7pm NY. | 11pm London.


You can view Episode #1 here:

A Chart Reading Tutorial webinar - thumbnail ep.1


Past Life Mini Course
Constructing the Nodal Story

The South Node of the Moon is a powerful component in the Natal Chart.

It carries an emotion memory from times ‘before’, yet this energy is not only concentrated on the Node alone.

There is a whole story waiting to be told including other planets and points in the chart by Aspect and Rulership.

Through 5 weekly live webinars we will learn how to weave the Past Life story together, creating an entire picture of the dynamic a person brings into this lifetime for their own evolutionary development, purpose and healing.

The Past Life Mini Course will consist of 5 live webinars, including notes, charts and videos with Marc Laurenson, where you can ask questions on the spot. Participants birth chart will also be used in examples.


Australia (AEST):
9am Sunday May, 3, 10, 17, 23 (Sat), 31
USA and the UK:
Saturday May 2, 9, 16, 22 (Fri), 30
LA 4pm * New York 7pm * London 11pm

Where: Online
Duration: 90 mins
Cost: Early bird $119 AUD (inc gst) before April 17th (extended!) / $149 AUD (incl. gst) thereafter

If you miss the live broadcast you can still catch it on replay and all webinars become yours to keep.

To register for this exciting program…

Why choose Sydney Astrology School?

Sydney Astrology School students express why they love Sydney Astrology School and what the experience has done for them.

We believe it’s our passion for Astrology that drives our objectives for top quality education and student satisfaction and it’s the joy of teaching that keeps the school lively and in the moment.

Here at Sydney Astrology School, we have specifically designed the course with the student’s enjoyment in mind, learning in a relaxed, and comfortable environment.

Whether you are into Astrology just for the fun of it or you have your sights on a career, our classes are geared for all levels and requirements. From absolute beginner to advance levels we teach in a manner that is exciting, informative and life changing. Thousands of years in practice, Astrology reminds us that while we are all part of life’s essential rhythms we are still able to utilise our innate gifts of freedom and choice.

Astrology gives us the courage and confidence needed to live the lives we truly desire.

Marc Laurenson discusses Vocation in the Birth Chart with Steven Forrest

Marc Laurenson caught up with Steven Forrest at Steven’s 1-week workshop “Generations” at the Australian Apprenticeship Program (AAP) in Shoal Bay in August 2018. Marc and Steven discuss the issue of ‘Vocation’ in the birth chart from an Evolutionary Astrology perspective.

Astrology report for May 2018

Forecast for March 2020: Happy Astrological New Year!

Welcome to March. Another big month when it comes to the planets, and what I like to think of as the “astrological new year.”

March will begin with Mercury continuing its retrograde motion in Pisces, helping us to “feel” into information and revise and review anything that was prominent around early February. In the sign of Pisces, Mercury encourages us to utilize our felt senses and tune into our intuition, rather than relying on the monkey mind. If you have been feeling tired, run down, or lacking in motivation…
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Astrology questions answered by Marc Laurenson

The Node Series is here! Ep.10: South Node in Capricorn

Welcome back to “The Node Series”, where Marc Laurenson discusses the South Node of the Moon in each of the Signs. Make yourself a cuppa and settle in for some juicy viewing.

Stay tuned as Marc works his way through the zodiac… this month we look at the South Node in Capricorn.

Watch the video…

Sydney Astrology School's Online Course - Level 1 commences July, 2018

Sydney Astrology School's Certificate Program. Next Level 1 begins 13 July 2020

Enrolements have just closed for the February intake. The next intake for Level 1 Beginners Astrology 10-week Online Course is 13 JULY 2020.

Sydney Astrology School’s Certificate Program is comprised of 4 levels, which happen over a 4-term year. Level 1 is run twice a year, subscribe to our newsletter or…

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Sydney Astrology School student tops the FAA Exams


Hot off the press…
We have just found out that Buddy Garcia has topped the FAA Dynamic Exam and has been awarded the Silver Medal for excellence! Congratulations Buddy we are overjoyed and so proud of you!

Sydney Astrology School’s Certificate Program prepares you for the FAA Exams. Marc Laurenson is an accredited ATA (Accredited Teacher of Astrology). To find out more information about the FAA exams – visit the Federation of Australian Astrologers website.

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The Signs on Holiday

The very humourous Alyce Ryan (SAS graduate) shares a heart-warming story of being on holidays with the signs

I recently got back from the trip of a lifetime with one of my many netball teams from our first holiday together for hopefully one of at least a few team weddings. The couple are from New Zealand and the wedding was going to be there. As I’d never been, I wanted to take the opportunity to spend some extra time there and see as much of New Zealand as possible. I mean, logistically speaking…


Marc Laurenson astrology FAA Exam students

Remembering Joanne Rixon

I would like to open the New Year by paying homage to a wonderful Astrologer and dear friend Joanne Rixon who made her transition from the physical on December 22nd 2018.

Many of you know of her talent as the author of the SkyVibe articles that she had been writing over the past couple of years, but few of you know her as a person, so I believe it only fitting to pay tribute to her as a truly wonderful human being. 
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