How does Astrology work?
The million-dollar question

This is a very common question and I believe the actual answer lies way beyond what our tiny minds can truly comprehend. What I am sharing here is just my own personal view point or philosophy so to speak. I am by no means pretending to know the answer. I am just doing my best with relaying my feelings about this more than trying to work anything out, so take from it what you will.

It is becoming understood that we are vibrational beings. Even modern science is finally arriving at that conclusion, so this awareness is not so esoteric anymore.

The Solar System is like a vibrational playground within the ‘eternal life force’ itself. Each planet’s vibration has its own unique frequency or personality that vibrates at differing pitches, much like musical notes. Being vibrational entities ourselves, we are receivers of these notes, responding to each vibe’s unique nature, much like listening to or tuning into different styles of music. We get into their groove.

Being here on planet Earth, these vibrations are extremely potent as our planet itself is also playing within this cosmic rhythm, if fact Earth seems to be the vocalist as it takes centre stage to the notes that are playing around it. This now means that the vibrations from the other planets are aiming at our lives, tuning into different parts of who we are and affecting us with their particular vibration or note.

We recognise that we are now part of an amazing symphony playing unified within the Solar System.

In other words, we are ‘playing in tune’ with the vibration of every Planet. The most amazing thing about all of this is that we have been given freedom of choice with what kind of music we wish to play.

We can play our lives ‘in tune’ and live a life of relative harmony and inspiration or you can bang around at discordant keys, resisting certain vibrations and live the life of one clanger after another. The Planets themselves through universal mathematics or ‘Sacred Geometry’ are also peeking and ebbing with each other as well having us ride a sort of celestial wave.

This now begs the question why these vibrations affect us on such a personal level?
Well I believe before we incarnated we had an idea or intention that we wanted to experience, so in magnificent cosmic timing we created our ‘playground’ (Solar System) with the vibrational resonance that supported our requirements at the exact second of our birth. This does not mean life now becomes fated, it means that your souls initial idea holds the key to your fulfilment but you have an endless amount of choices with what you want to do with it.

You may have set your intention on playing life artistically or have fun exploring. You may have thought being a mother could be fun or maybe experience life as a teacher. There is a reason why you naturally gravitate towards certain things, and the reason is, this is what you’re your original idea wanted to experience.

The freedom of choice also allows you to go against the flow and choose victimisation, insecurity, addiction and cruelty. This stems from a fear usually to do with security, change, the unknown, powerlessness, abandonment and separation from the Source. It feels like a constant bashing of discordant keys, over and over and over again, which causes pain, sorrow, anger and depression.

We are meant to be in tune with life and allow it to play out naturally. This does not exempt us from our challenges and difficulties, they become like sacred hurdles for us to jump experiencing greater levels of expansion. Even the planetary challenges we may face are only there to make us all better musicians.

Marc Laurenson

It was such a growing year with you at the astrology school Marc and I’m truly grateful for all your teachings, support, direction and love and care that you have brought to me. Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction.