Level 1:


The three astrological components of a birth chart; the planets, the zodiac signs, and the houses are discussed in detail. Students will learn WHAT each planet represents. Students will discover HOW the planets express themselves by which SIGN of the zodiac they are placed. Thirdly, the student will learn that the HOUSE in which the planet falls will indicate WHERE in our lives the focus of this energy is likely to be played out. We will also introduce the ‘past’ energy of the Lunar Nodes.

At the conclusion of Level 1 students will understand the basic structure of a birth chart by combining the three building blocks of the planet, sign and house.

Level 2:


This module provides greater technical knowledge, along with more insight into how your birth chart can be used to help you function in your everyday life.

There is an emphasis on relationships (ASPECTS) between the different planetary energies in your chart. This highlights which areas of your psyche function easily and where your greatest challenges (soul growth) occur.

CHART SHAPES and ASPECT PATTERNS, CHIRON, the lunar NODES are all added to build the astrological story whilst adding more depth to the building blocks of Astrology 1.

As we find that all of the planetary energies are constantly interacting with each other, the chart starts to come alive from a perspective of past, present and the future. At the conclusion of Level 2 students will have basic proficiency with reading a birth chart.

Level 3:


This module is designed to explore the relationship between the birth chart and time.

Firstly, we explore how the moving planetary influences (TRANSITS) energetically impact upon our birth chart. The various passages of life e.g. the “Saturn Return” and the “Mid-Life Crisis” will also be discussed in the context of an astrological lifetime.

Secondly, we explore how our birth chart evolves, unfolds or progresses over time by the use of PROGRESSIONS. We will also look at SOLAR ARCS. Thirdly, students will be shown how to pull all the information together to structure an astrological session. At the conclusion of Level 3, students will have a basic proficiency with interpreting a natal chart in relation to a period in time, and be able to understand a forecast.

Level 4:


In this module we introduce further forecasting techniques and new concepts such as SOLAR RETURNS and the RELATIONSHIP between two birth charts through SYNASTRY and COMPOSITE.

We also add in the 4 major ASTEROIDS, BLACK MOON LILITH and MIDPOINTS. After all the course homework has been completed you will receive your certificate.



These classes are open to Graduates who would like more practice with charts, and wish to explore more advanced concepts and techniques outside the scope of the core components. They are held on Zoom and are a lot more interactive that Certificate Program classes, opening students up to insights from other class members.

Students will be assisted in how to combine and prioritise all the information, as well as how to relay the chart successfully to the client using positive counselling skills. MasterClass is ideal for people who love to practice, hone their craft and expand their knowledge and experience.

Marc is a wonderfully gifted astrologer with an amazing memory and grasp of detail. For those who want a chart reading or those who want to study Astrology, Marc is the man.

Marc is a wonderfully gifted astrologer with an amazing memory and grasp of detail. For those who want a chart reading or those who want to study Astrology, Marc is the man.