What is a Natal Chart?

1. A Natal Chart (Birth chart) is a snapshot of the Solar System as seen from the earth’s perspective, specific to the exact location and time of birth.

2. It is best understood as a map or a guideline to help you navigate to your highest potential and purpose. It is the intention or idea of what you wanted to experience while here on earth. Many have coined it your ‘cosmic fingerprint’.

3. We all have very unique pathways, yet the basic similarity to all our objectives is based on our expansion that can only be learned through experience.
We are trying to remember who we truly are and our original desire to incarnate. The chart flows naturally toward this goal making us feel alive and purposeful.

4. A helpful analogy could be that the birth chart is like a river current taking you easily to where you need to be. If we relax and go with the current, (which can often take us beyond our comfort zones) we feel that life is ‘working out’ for us. We feel more content, more fulfilled. If on the other hand, through fear and resistance we choose to swim against this current, life becomes more difficult, we begin to feel frustrated, scared, dissatisfied and depressed. Here we are literally swimming against the rhythm of life.

5. There is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ charts. A chart is just an energy pattern; it is how you CHOOSE to play this energy that makes life good or bad for you. You can make the best or worst out of any chart by the choices and responses you make.

6. The Natal chart displays a potential; you can see where it wants to go. It also displays particular gifts and talents that can be used as resources or to enjoy, as well as any challenges and blocks that you feel may hinder you. These blocks are not there to scare you, but are for you to overcome for the purpose of development and growth. If our lives are an ongoing process how can we progress without overcoming our issues?

7. A natal chart also displays past patterns. These can be incurred from childhood, but usually they stem from times way before this life and often get played out again in present scenarios. We are not born ‘blank tapes’ we have something recorded on our ‘spiritual DNA’ that we bring in with us. This life is a continuum and not the full story.

This is a much debated notion and there are many theories that surround it. The most popular ones being….

Reincarnation, (on a personal level) meaning living multiple lifetimes. ‘Psychological baggage’ inherited in our genes from generations long past. A mixture of every life lived and you being the conduit of a certain collective drama.

However you approach it is irrelevant and if you choose to disbelieve any theories then that is fine also, just treat it as ‘something you were born with.’ The best piece of evidence I can understand are tiny children, already with their likes, dislikes, phobias, talents and personalities that are embedded in their identities from birth.

You incarnated with an idea in mind, yet the journey is not set in stone. We are creating our lives as we go with our intensions, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. The way we feel about ourselves and our lives will be a major determining factor.

Always remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride how you surf it is totally up to you