Introduction to the Signs


(Cardinal/Fire/Yang)   The Ram.   Planetary Ruler: MARS

Aries is ‘I will’.
Aries is the awareness of ‘self.’
It is the ignition spark of the conscious identity.
Aries’ objective is to obtain ‘what it wants.’
Its strategy to achieve this is through the power of action and use of ‘the will.’
To achieve its desires often means that Aries will have to face hurdles and challenges.
This is where bravery is required and the archetype of the warrior comes to the fore.
Aries will always be tested by a ‘foe’, be it something physical, psychological or emotional. To stand courageous in the face of fear is a huge evolutionary leap for Aries.
Aries needs to be aware of how to choose its battles and not to bulldoze its way through life. Aries needs a healthy outlet for its assertion through competition, physical work and productive challenges to avoid bottling up any feelings. On the flip side the Aries ‘will’ also works just as noticeably when enforcing things it doesn’t want.
Aries is totally ‘self – full’, meaning to achieve its objective it must develop the qualities of leadership and independence. Aries energy is driven by action, impulse and desire. It has a strong need for challenge and victory. Aries energy is initiating, courageous, headstrong, impulsive, child-like and pioneering.


TAURUS (fixed/Earth/Yin)   The Bull   Planetary Ruler: VENUS

Taurus is ‘I have’.
Taurus is the awareness of security.
The Taurus objective is to maintain peace with what it has.
Its focus is on being resourced and having what it needs to sustain a sense of safety.
Taurus is very in touch with the body and nature; its home is the tangible and the material. Its strategy to preserve its security is by cultivating, keeping things peacefulstable and sustaining. This relates to all levels of material security as in enough to eat, a roof over your head, the enjoyment of possessions and of course money.
Taurus needs to become aware of placing too much significance on ‘having’ in the tangible world and overlooking the security found within inner resources, such as personal talents, skills and gifts as this is where true worth and value are located.
The deeper lesson for Taurus is very Zen in style. It is the need to relax by realising that earth is a continuously replenishing place and the fearful need to cling to outer security will only keep them in a perpetual state of stress and anxiety.
Taurus languishes in the senses and the pleasures of the earth plane. It also utilises the senses on a working and artistic level, mainly with the hands, music or voice. Taurus energy is simple, content, practical, determined, sensual and enduring.


(Mutable/Air/Yang)   The Twins   Planetary Ruler: MERCURY

Gemini is ‘I think’.
Gemini is the awareness of the mind.
The Gemini objective is to learn as much as it can through immediate perception.
It deals primarily through facts and reason, gathering information to processcomprehend and then transport.
Its strategy is to keep the mind active and stimulated. Gemini’s brain food is information and it needs plenty of it. Gemini needs to live a life of curiosity and inquisitiveness, needing to ask questions and remaining open to all answers. Boredom is the Gemini enemy.
The duality of the Gemini nature craves variety, using communication in all its forms as its prominent resource. Gemini likes to keep things rational and logical, dealing primarily in wordsfacts and data.
Gemini needs to understand. It sees what is there, accepts the information without judgment or ‘spin’ then files it away in the brain ready to be transported. It is the archetype of the messenger, the 
teacherthe story teller and pupil.
Gemini needs to be aware of directing its information well, transporting it in a productive, educational way. Otherwise Gemini can fall prey to scattered mental stress, circling a roundabout of meaningless trivia and endlessly chasing its tail. Gemini energy is quick, gregarious, curious, flighty, inquisitive, sociable and adaptable.


(Cardinal/Water/Yin)   The Crab   Planetary Ruler: THE MOON

Cancer is ‘I feel’

Cancer is the awareness of feeling.
The Cancer objective is to maintain emotional security. This feeling of safety is primarily experienced through caring and nurturing particularly within the family and the home environment.
Its strategy is giving and receiving from the heart. Cancer obtains this by being a ‘mother‘ and protector, often with children, animals and in situations where there is a need for care.
Cancer lives through its feelings. Its emotions are extremely personalised and run very deep. Because of this, Cancers fear of being hurt is ever present, building up a strong defence mechanism in order to survive. Cancer needs to be aware of not remaining shelled emotionally, cutting off from feeling altogether and impeding the flow of sensitivity through their life. 
Cancer needs to embrace its feelings and use them well as the vehicle toward a fuller experience of life. 
Cancer needs to belong; this connects it with the home, the mother image and the past. This makes Cancer highly vulnerable to early childhood experiences and the memory of the past can stay in effect well into adult life.
Cancer energy is sensitive, instinctive, moody and sentimental.


(Fixed/Fire/Yang)   The Lion   Planetary Ruler: THE SUN

Leo is ‘I express’

Leo is the awareness of ‘personality
The Leo objective is to celebrate ‘who it is’ through personal expression.
Its strategy is through creativity. This is not necessarily creativity in the artistic sense but anything Leo can give life to, leaving its personal stamp of recognition.
Leo finds joy in its ability to express from the identity. It has total permission to glorify in the self and feel comfortable within its own skin. What Leo has to offer stems purely from it as an individual.
Like the Sun, Leo needs to shine; what it creates is manifested through the energy of its rays. The Leo cup needs to be brimming with life leaving any overspill for others to enjoy. Leo loves to stand out and be noticed and just as life on earth reflects the energy of the Sun, Leo also requires a positive response.
Leo needs to be aware of directing and expressing its energy productively and generously; otherwise Leo can fall into the trap of meaningless attention seeking and domination, stemming from a fearful empty personality with nothing intrinsic to offer.
Leo is synonymous with the image of royalty, leadership and the performer. Its energy is playful, creative, grand, loyal and generous.


(Mutable/Earth/Yin)   The Virgin   Planetary Ruler: MERCURY

Virgo is ‘I serve
Virgo is the awareness of ‘being of use‘.
Virgo extends outside the basic needs of personal identity and seeks to be of help. Virgo has learned skills and honed talents and now must give of them in service. Virgo must work.
The Virgo objective is to ‘perfect‘ the self through what it does. Virgo must keep busy and be useful. Virgo now abandons the ‘self concerned’ identity and becomes its ‘job’. Virgo works with and through the body utilising its earthy skills with fine precision.
Its strategy requires routine, organisation and humility, but to ‘perfect’ Virgo requires acute attention to detail. This can now become a Virgo trap by overly recognising ‘the cracks’, becoming very critical of itself and never feeling it can live up to expectation. Virgo must become aware that the ‘perfection’ it seeks is an abstract notion, not something unattainable, but something only found in the satisfaction of being of aid and assistance.
Virgo is both the mentor and apprentice. Its workspace is the earth plane with a strong emphasis on trades, health and the body. Virgo energy is analytical, hardworking, healing, selfless, refined and discriminating.


(Cardinal/Air/Yang)   The Scales   Planetary Ruler: VENUS

Libra is ‘I harmonise
Libra is the awareness of balance.
Libra’s objective is to equalise opposites and to maintain of a peaceful state of mind.
To achieve this way of thinking Libra’s strategy requires harmony and mental equilibrium. Libra harmonises by bringing two minds together in a peaceful union.
Libra seeks outside the personal identity and incorporates ‘someone else’ into its sphere. Its aim now becomes about cooperation and blending. Libra finds this mainly in the shape of personal relationships. Libra governs all forms of partnerships as in business partners, clients and close friends. Its need for equalisation also appears in other forms like mediating and negotiating as well as justice, fairness and peacemaking. Libra validates both ends of the scale and a sees a mirror for the very first time, viewing themselves through the eyes of ‘the other’. Libra needs to understand that the peace they seek is a mental state and not something outside themselves. A Libra trap is often ‘people pleasing’ and playing the ‘nice guy’ at the expense of authenticity. Another trap is trying to manoeuvre everything around them harmoniously and serenely to compensate for an inner state of anxiety and turmoil.
Another way Libra extends this need for balance is by using the ‘mind to form’ connection with the creation of art and beauty, finding a sense of peace through aesthetics and design.
Libra energy is serene, graceful, polite, diplomatic, fair and calm.


(Fixed/Water/Yin)  The Scorpion
Planetary Ruler: PLUTO and Co Ruler: MARS

Scorpio is ‘I transform
Scorpio is the awareness of ‘merging.’
It shifts outside the personal identity to share itself in the depths of another person.
The Scorpio objective is to attain ultimate security in situations deemed to be out of its control. This includes all forms of bonding on an emotion, sexual, material and psychological level. To obtain this objective, ego control must die so a more powerful person can be reborn. The ‘power‘ that Scorpio strives for is beyond the reins of the personality, and found only in the depths of ‘uncontrollable’ conditions. Scorpio must never view ‘outside forces’ as a threat. It is by trusting itself and finding a sense of security in the ‘land of the unknown’ that Scorpio finds its true power. Death, the occult, sex and ‘the taboo‘ are all Scorpio playgrounds. Scorpio is metamorphosis. It demands extreme change. It requires the loosening of control to lay vulnerable inside someone else. Scorpio needs to be acutely aware of any form of ego control, power and manipulation games that can be played out by the fearful self. This includes penetrating another’s psyche at arms distance without allowing any reciprocal interaction.
Scorpios strategy is to live with emotional intensity, to open to passion and be able to pierce psychological depths. Scorpio work always involves other people and Scorpio must feel the force of their connected psyches to purge. Scorpio energy is powerful, sensitive, intuitive, secretive, healing and passionate.


(Mutable/Fire/Yang) The Archer Planetary Ruler: JUPITER

Sagittarius is ‘I quest
Sagittarius is a the awareness of the ‘bigger picture
Sagittarius seeks faith, something to believe in. The Sagittarius objective is to learn ‘the meaning of life‘. Its journey is a search for ‘truth‘ or a quest for ‘the Holy Grail’.
For Sagittarius this is a lofty goal yet the prize is not in the outcome but in the seeking.
It must now begin an expedition of discoverybroadening the mind to accommodate new thought forms, viewpoints, laws and cultures. Sagittarius’ learning comes primarily through experience working with principalsethics and concepts. Sagittarius wants an opinion.
Sagittarius needs to be aware of not being lead by ‘blind faith‘ and believing it knows ‘The Truth.’ This can lead to a judgmental, prejudice and biased outlook. Another trap includes sprouting tactless obtuse opinions based on lack of knowledge and experience, coming across as the ‘know all.’ 
The Sagittarius strategy is to live with an adventurous mind. It seeks significance in life, searching for something to pin its ideals on and will go to great lengths to find it. Travel, higher education and philosophy are perfect ways to satisfy the Sagittarius nature.
Sagittarius energy is forthright, optimistic, honest, adventurous, opinionated and confident.


(Cardinal/Earth/Yin)   The Goat   Planetary Ruler: SATURN

Capricorn is ‘I structure
Capricorn is the awareness of maturity and responsibility.
Its focus turns outward onto the world at large needing to have a position and be productive.
Capricorn is the builder and achiever in the world of structure and form. This also reflects internally on 
a personal level solidifying and strengthening the character, creating perseverancediligence and a steely resolve.
The Capricorn objective is to maintain integrity with attaining its goals and to achieve a form of mastery in the objective world. It is ambitious, hard working and conscientious. Capricorn is also keenly aware of accountability giving its nature a rather cautious streak. 
A Capricorn trap is getting caught up in the world of status and power allowing their feelings and conscious to fall by the wayside in the relentless pursuit of their goals.
The Capricorn strategy requires patience, endurance, self discipline and inner strength.
Time is Capricorns friend as it tends to blossom with age. 
Capricorns intentions on a personal level are reflected in their public position. This position may be anything from a politician to a full time mother but for Capricorn their role is important and when played with integrity they can generate great respect. Capricorn energy is solid, reliable, real, mature, consistent, authoritarian and wise.


(Fixed/Air/Yang)   The Water Bearer
Planetary Ruler: URANUS and Co Ruler SATURN

Aquarius is ‘I reform
Aquarius is the awareness of freedom.
This freedom is not necessarily in the physical sense but a freedom of the mind.
Aquarius seeks authenticity, the ‘I am what I am‘ syndrome without the need for approval from any outside influences. Attaining this freedom now propels Aquarius to move forward, push boundaries and grow. The Aquarius objective is ‘to evolve’
Aquarius is inventive and innovative and works contrary to tradition and the status quo. It desires to make changes and evolve toward a better future. Aquarius is often drawn to science and technology as ways of making a difference.
The Aquarian need to go against the grain makes it unique, revolutionary and original. It can often be seen as the outsider or the rebel.
Aquarius is very attentive to the project and the cause seeing its importance as bigger than that of the individual self.
It understands ‘group consciousnesses‘ and the power of the joint mind becoming a spoke in a wheel for the common cause or a ‘mission‘. Aquarius needs to be aware of directing this energy with purpose and intention otherwise it can just become a meaningless agitator, the ‘rebel without a cause‘. Aquarius energy is radical, eclectic, intelligent, futuristic, free spirited and quirky.


(Mutable/Water/Yin) The Fishes
Planetary Ruler: NEPTUNE and Co Ruler JUPITER

Pisces is ‘I dissolve
Pisces is the dispersion of ‘the self’ and the process of diffusion. It dissolves away the separate identity and melts into all life.
It seeks a sense of ultimate release, finding its safety through connecting to ‘universal consciousness’ or what can be described in more earthly terms as a state of non attachment. The Pisces objective is to obtain ‘spiritual peace
For Pisces there is no division. The boundaries between the real and unreal are blurred and all things become one. Its strategy is in letting go of ego control sensing its journey from a realm beyond the earth plane. It views life at a spiritual distance and as a stage for our higher learning.
Pisces is highly sensitised. Its feelings are deep and intuitive, leaving it vulnerable to all vibration.
A Pisces trap is trying to find this state of being outside itself, seeking a feeling of ‘bliss’ by blocking out the senses altogether, escaping reality and disowning the identity. This often leads down the path of addiction, deceit, helplessness and victimisation.
Pisces is a channel for fantasy and inspiration and linked to great works of art and breakthroughs in healing and spirituality. 
Pisces energy is dreamynebulousintuitiveempatheticpsychic and illusionary.

Marc is a wonderfully gifted astrologer with an amazing memory and grasp of detail. For those who want a chart reading or those who want to study Astrology, Marc is the man.

Marc is a wonderfully gifted astrologer with an amazing memory and grasp of detail. For those who want a chart reading or those who want to study Astrology, Marc is the man.