May: There is magic on the horizon!

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for May 2024

By Krishna Dodds.



If your April was anything like mine…it was massive!

Lots of moving, lots of shifting, and breakthroughs of mammoth proportions. (An abundance of Aries/Libra placements will do that!)

At first glance, May seems to offer a reprieve from the cracking open that April brought.

We have a lovely line up of planets making their way into the grounded energy of Taurus, which means that we can come back to our bodies and our centre and start to move at a slower pace.

But…there always seems to be a but with astrology!

Mars makes its way into its home sign of Aries signalling a new beginning and a huge desire to get things done!

If the energy of the eclipses and mercury retrograde had you feeling like you were stuck or things weren’t moving as quickly as you would’ve liked them to, Mars is here to change all of that!

Mars will make contact with the nodes around the 20th of May and the degree of the April Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 26th.

Big changes (hopefully conflict free) can happen quickly around these times, so keep an eye on these dates!

The above aside, this is a huge energy transit that will motivate us to work hard and achieve more than we normally would.

Physical work and exercise are great outlets for any excess energy that you might be feeling throughout this 6 week phase.

Pluto, the smallest planet in the solar system; is beginning its retrograde phase on the 3rd of May.

Don’t let the physical size of Pluto fool you in any way. This planet packs a punch!

Pluto in direct motion can bring powerful and life altering changes. The kind that can have you feeling that the tectonic plates of your life have cracked wide open.

Of course, this depends on where Pluto is moving through your natal chart and what planets its making contact with.

In retrograde motion, the energy of Pluto is directed inwards. Things that were buried can start to make their way to the surface after years of being tightly locked away-either by choice or due to repression as a means of protection.

Pluto retrograde (like any other retrograde period), offers us the chance to become introspective and reflect upon what’s working and what isn’t.

Pluto will reveal our shadows to us (the parts we have disowned or don’t like), and through our journey to the proverbial underworld, we can discover elements of ourselves that are wanting to be healed by being brought to the light and acknowledged.

As Pluto is in Aquarius, themes around friendships and groups (or feeling separate from them), may feature in some way.

There is also the possibility that our dreams for the future may undergo a powerful transformation.

No matter how this plays out in your own life and chart, just know that Pluto can bring closure and integration from painful wounds, if we do the work.

Things in the external world may feel like they are on hold over the next 5 months, yet once we take a deep dive into ourselves, our dreams may look completely different anyway.

Pluto in Aquarius reminds us that inner power comes from accepting who we are (warts and all) and that there is freedom in acknowledging our uniqueness.

Don’t worry what everyone around you is doing. Your original spark and all of your experiences make you who you are.

Honour that!

If you’re still feeling like your head is reeling from the eclipses and node placements of April, the New Moon @ 18 degrees of Taurus on the 8th can offer some much needed grounding and a chance to gain some space from the busyness of the Aries energy.

Taurus puts our values front and centre so that we can tune into what is most important to us and pursue intentions that are in alignment with those values.

Taurus will also bring our finances into the light so that we can see what our attitudes around money are and where we may need to make some changes.

Quite often we forget that our self-worth is directly linked to our earning capacity. If we don’t value ourselves, we may sell ourselves short with the services we offer or the work that we do.

If you are one to set New Moon intentions and have been having issues with manifesting abundance, perhaps working on self-love and self-esteem first will support you in healing issues around financial security. Try it and see how you go!

The New Moon in Taurus can help us to slow down and pay attention to our physical bodies.

We may want to walk barefoot on the earth, have a nice warm bubble bath, drink cacao, or nourish ourselves with good quality and hearty meals.

The energy of the bull is sturdy and patient. So if you are starting something new now, chances are that you will have the ability to see it through.

The New Moon is making a wide conjunction to Uranus, so we are still being tested with a level of the unknown no matter how well we plan something.

Uranus goes a long way in making sure that Taurean traits such as stubbornness and looking at things from a fixed perspective, don’t get in the way of possibilities that are presenting themselves.

Set your intentions to call into being what you would like to see form on the physical plane, yet don’t try to control the outcome. Be open to seeing how it turns up for you.

It could be better than you ever imagined!

Mercury clears the shadow phase of the recent retrograde period on the 14th of May and moves into Taurus on the 17th.

We should start to feel clearer in the mind and have more stability with our thoughts.

There is a slowing down of the mind when Mercury is in Taurus. Communication is received and mulled over. Responses are deliberate and thoughtful.

We may like to think upon things for a few days before coming to a conclusion or forming a reply-especially as Pluto is forming a square to Mercury and can intensify and deepen our thought process.

Enjoy luxuriating in this slower pace of thinking and speaking, as the Gemini energy coming in thick and fast at the end of the month will have thoughts and words churning out at breakneck speed!

Jupiter and Venus come together around the 22nd/23rd for a lovely connection before Jupiter takes up residence in Gemini for the next 12 months.

This conjunction can bring expansive feelings to relationships and the way we relate to others, enhanced creativity, and a general sense of well-being and positivity around love, beauty, and the senses.

Venus at the anaretic degree of 29 can indicate a transformation in relationships and values, while Jupiter at the same degree gives the sense that a spiritual lesson of some sort is being undertaken.

An anaretic degree can often indicate a sense of urgency or an ending of sorts.

These two planets combined together with the added ingredient of the anaretic degree may indicate that when we “zoom out” and look take a bigger picture perspective, we can see what our relationships are teaching us and how they may have enhanced our spiritual growth. The same goes for lessons around self esteem and themes of beauty and how we see and value ourselves.

However this conjunction manifests in your chart, just know that it offers an opportunity to cross the threshold from the old to the new, the familiar into the unknown.

We are here to grow and evolve. Yet we also get to choose who we do this with.

If our frequencies are in sync, chances are that we can continue to flourish within that dynamic. If our frequencies are no longer an energetic match, it might be time to say goodbye, or level up. (This is always down to individual choice.)

The Full Moon rises at 2 degrees of Sagittarius on the 23rd of May and will bring our attention to the “bigger picture” of our lives. Not too dissimilar to the Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurring on the same day.

Jupiter ruled Sagittarius reminds us that when we step back from the minutiae of our everyday lives, we can start to view things from a different perspective, and perhaps even cultivate a sense of gratitude for what we already have.

This doesn’t mean that we cannot “aim our arrows higher” or seek out new adventures and experiences.

What it does mean is that if we count our blessings, we can see how everything that we have experienced so thus far had led us to this exact moment in time. And from there, we can decide if we want to change things up and move into unchartered waters or stay where we are.

Sagittarius encourages us to take risks and explore the world around us.

I encourage you to check in with what this FM is illuminating for you and to follow the call that most lights up your soul.

The Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st of May, quickly followed by Venus on the 24th, and Jupiter on the 27th.

This is very active energy! We feel more expressive, eager to share our ideas and make plans, and we feel drawn to stoke the fires of our social lives!

Gemini thrives on communicating and sharing information with others-especially if they find fellow beings that they vibe with on an intellectual and spiritual level.

If you’ve had a stirring to share your innermost self through the written word or a podcast or similar, now is the time to start putting ideas into action!

Jupiter in the sign of the twins will exacerbate what I’ve written above and will inject new life and positivity into the already upbeat tempo of Gemini.

Optimism increases, and we start to feel even more enthusiastic about engaging with others and exchanging thoughts and ideas.

We are much more open to new concepts and new opportunities.

A word to the wise. Try not to take on more than you have the capacity for.

Gemini is very good at starting things with great gusto yet can lose enthusiasm quite easily. As Jupiter brings an expansive energy, we may find that there a heap of plans and projects that are left unfinished due to waning zeal.

As tempting as it may be to open yourself up to every thought or opportunity that crosses your mind/path; stick to things that you know that you are passionate about and have the best chance of coming to fruition.

There is much to be gained from exploring a modality or experience more deeply as opposed to skimming the surface of a multitude of options.

Jupiter only visits a sign once every twelve years, so I urge you to work with this mostly benevolent and opportunistic transit.

So many exciting themes are taking place this month!

As always, I wish you ease and grace as you navigate these experiences through in your own unique way.

Cosmic blessings,

krishna dodds astrology
— Krishna Dodds
May 2024
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