Here are some kind words from students of Sydney Astrology School and people who have had readings.

You have been an amazing teacher, I’ve learnt so much and enjoyed every bit of the course.

I started the course with the intention of wanting to learn something new and hopefully get some understanding of what my own birth chart means. I think I have found some meaning to it and some peace and understanding about why things have happened and are currently happening in my life. The course also unexpectedly inspired a whole body of artwork for me which was an amazing creative outlet for me.

Again I can’t thank you and Ingrid enough, it’s been a journey that’s opened my mind, engaged my brain and fed my spirit.

Kind regards,


I’m so so grateful for the course. For the opportunity to learn. Best course I’ve ever done. So many positives, in just so many different ways. I completed an Anthropology degree years ago, and I loved it. Your course however, tops it 🙌. I never thought I’d experience better. It’s your teaching style, willingness to share your knowledge and experience, and the teamwork between yourself and Ingrid that has gifted the incredible learning curve.

You and Ingrid are two beautiful people. Warm, welcoming, patient and you both make the learning experience stimulating and fun. I feel so grateful, blessed and privileged. Thank you both so very much.


I am incredibly grateful having you as a teacher. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us. You are so gifted, talented, strong and humble and the way you teach us resonates very deeply with me. I always feel like: Yes this is exactly how I feel and how I see the world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for you. I am deeply grateful to learn from you.

Sending you love,


Thank you again for our time together on Thursday. Your reading was incredible, so intuitive and affirming. You hold such a non-judgemental space, which made me feel held and safe to be open about very personal issues. You described the essence of me as a soul and personality. What a gift you have. I will cherish it always. Deep gratitude from my heart to yours.

Warmest wishes,


This course blew me away with the amount of material covered that truly showed the depth of Astrology. Marc and Ingrid are some of the most genuinely warm people I have ever met and they go above and beyond to make sure everyone understands the concepts. The course is was delivered so flawlessly and all the material was structured brilliantly.


Wow Marc!!
You just never cease to impress!!
What an absolutely fantastic lesson tonight! you reminded me of Steve Forrest wanting to get to the south node story, but trying to stay on track with his current message!!! (instinct wins out lol!!)
Such a great way to demonstrate what to look for in each ‘forecasting chart’.

You have an amazing teaching talent!! love this course!!!


Bobby xx

I wanted to say that I love the new SAS website. It is full of information and gets across the mix of the wonderful camaraderie and formal study of the SAS. The testimonials are so heartfelt and because I know the people, it feels as though I am back sitting in your astrology space/lounge room enjoying the astrological potential. It is really a fantastic course and your mentorship has been very treasured in my life. Hey I can provide a glowing testimonial too!
I remember that highlight when you gave me the SAS certificate.
If anyone asks I recommend them to your course. You have persevered and put so much into developing the course and have come into your own power. Sincere congratulations.
Best wishes,

Alice Scott

Hi Marc
It was a pleasure to meet you today.
I believe you are a very gifted, sensitive soul who will continue to make a difference to the lives of others!
The reinforcement of who I am and the unlimited potential of who I am  has been a great gift that has been bestowed on me today!
I was grateful about the recognition of the past life and as I write this to you, the lesson of trying to balance my exuberant energy being judged by others! I have retreated to my bedroom and have been motivated to work on my life purpose!
Thank you!
Looking forward to receiving the recording of todays events to inspire me further!

And finally from a clairvoyant perspective….Please take some steps towards your move to the mountains- I am receiving messages that this will help you find a sense of inner peace, healing and health!

Blessed be!


Dear Marc,

A brief communication to pass on a large thanks for your time last
Saturday. What a constructive and loving service you are offering to assist
with people’s journeys. I found your reflections very helpful. I have been
contemplating my homework task while on the run this week and as the dust
settles after my Mother’s house moving settles will be doing some writing
on the topic. Thank you also for forwarding the recording – I am about to
download and save this. I have spoken with a few of my friends during the
week about the session and have highly recommended you and your
skills/gifts as very insightful and supportive.

Looking forward to crossing paths again.

Warm regards


Thankyou Marc,
Meeting with you has reassured me that I am on the right track. In fact it has been revolutionary. I am more confident now in being the authentic me and that there is nothing wrong with that! We have a lot in common and that probably makes it easier in a way. I appreciate your time and effort. You touch the lives of people and help guide them. We need more people like you in the world. Thankyou.


Our reading on Tues was wonderful for me, I was so glad that I came. Jenny was right, so was Larry. I have been to several astrologers as I mentioned over the years but you are the standout. You were just what I needed and I actually felt some of my emotions that I had been so painfully stuck in start to really shift & lift & alter. It is a journey but there is “movement at the station for the word had got around”. And also, you are such a nice man, I love your intuitiveness, insights, gentleness, directness.

I’m really looking forward to listening to it & taking notes, I just wanted to check when you might be sending it.


Hi Marc,

Thank you so much again for the reading!! I can’t thank you enough, it was so eye opening and empowering. You’re really living your purpose, the way you connect all the dots, is just incredible! Thank you for sharing this gift that you have with us. I am so deeply grateful. I can feel that this reading was so profoundly essential for me and my journey on this planet earth. I feel so motivated for life and I am so excited for what the future holds. Thank you with all my heart!! You made a change in me in the best way possible. Forever grateful!

Love and blessings


Hi Marc,

I just wanted to say I am over the almost full moon with my reading yesterday. It validated so many things for me. You lifted my spirits, helped me on my journey towards being really proud of myself and working on loving myself more. I felt like you relighted a spark in me that has been dwindling. I am definitely going to put a lot more energy into my spiritual work and use the high road of my Virgo to help me get organised and plan ahead without criticism or expectation. I am going to embrace my Pisces North Node and breathe a little more and trust if I put in the work the universe has my back.
Once again thank you so much, you are a treasure.


Hi Marc,
I wanted to thank you so much for a rich and deeply useful forecast reading this week. It was truly illuminating, and I have been feeling so much lighter, healthier and happier ever since. Indeed, I have a sense of all sorts of new hope, liberty and possibility swirling within and without me — as if I am now pressing upon the precipice of a brand new world and way of being in that world. So, yippee for joy and insight and YOU! You are indeed a very precious thing as well as a wonderful man,
So, thank you.
Much love,


Life changing. Never learnt so much about myself. When you first see a natal chart it can be a little intimidating, but Marc takes it step by step with clear and funny examples.

Ainslie (Netherlands)

Hi Marc,

I finally watched last weeks webinar last night. I couldn’t do it live due to working that evening.
You just crystallized for me the importance of Mars and Neptune in my chart. I had goosebumps and it was just such an ‘aha’ moment for me. It was like time stood still. What you described about me and my journey here on this planet was so accurate. I felt a bit overwhelmed by the fact that something I know in my heart, could be so accurately described by another soul. What has really driven home the Mars/Neptune theme has been the recent Transit from Neptune to Natal Mars and last night made it crystal clear. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I have registered for your workshop at Terrigal on December 7th, so I am looking forward to catching up with you there. I actually signed up a couple of months ago, so it’s uncanny how timely last nights webinar now seems.

Yours Soulfully,

Linda B x

The course has been a real journey, as is our lives.
The way you teach, the knowledge you share, has been a guiding light throughout.
Marc, you teach with love and it shows.
You are blessed with success


Hi Marc,
Your timing is perfect.
I was just about to email you.
She started listening to her reading last night and at about 15 minutes in, started to cry – it was so accurate and resonated for her so muchthat she was a bit overwhelmed.
As you explained, and I reinforced to her, that this is a snapshot and that free will always comes into play – the ball is in her court with that.
So I just wanted to thank you again – you have provided her with a very significant doorway opportunity.
In times to come, I am confident that it is something she will come back to again and again.
Thank you!


It was such a growing year with you at the astrology school Marc and I’m truly grateful for all your teachings, support, direction and love and care that you have brought to me.

It has been a huge life changing experience for me at the moment as you can imagine and everything is happening almighty fast and for the good of course.

I’m excited for what lies ahead in my journey and I feel free to be doing what I love, with the people that I love and creating a more fulfilling life for myself in so many ways.

Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction.


I am currently studying Astrology with Marc Laurenson and I am absolutely loving it. As a teacher myself, I can quite honestly say that Marc is one of the best teachers I have met. He has a natural passion for astrology, a great clear and practical way of teaching, brilliant notes (which means you
never have to write anything!); he is open to listening to anyone’s theory plus he makes each class interactive and inspiring. In just a short time, he has managed to teach the whole class how to read and analyse a natal chart.
This course is an amazing tool to have in your life as it teaches you to be more engaged and aware of your life path and how to create more alignment and balance in every step you take. Now isn’t that a class not to be missed!

Debbie Pask

Sydney 2012

WOW again and thank you Marc.
Just wanted you to know she has had the light bulb switch on and her words “You have given her permission to be the person she was too frightened to show the world”..
Cant thank you enough for your wisdom and delivery.
From a mothers perspective it helps so much because I knew that the pain of her dads stuff was deep but she was never able to talk about it and never wanted to so I have been at a loss as to how she would ever heal from that… Knowing of course myself how everyone needs to heal something.

I’m pretty sure you have given her a safer way of letting go and a true understanding of why it all happened without needing to hate her dad for it or show resentment..
She said in the car on the way to her dads – “I cant wait to get home and just Get Into IT” IT being life in general…
What a blessing that is for me to hear…

Thank you again for the work you do xx
AND it was great to see you
Speak soon no doubt


Thank you so much. Your level of teaching is really extraordinary. You have a way of interpreting and bringing across information from a chart that is deeply insightful & spiritually and psychologically re-energising. Masterful teaching! I found so much value in your interpretation and delivery of knowledge.
So THANK YOU MARC! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I am incredibly grateful to find you as my teacher/mentor of Astrology and that astrology found me!
Thank you.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Ingrid for the quality of your course.  It is brilliant, I love it!!  It is brilliantly designed and organised.  I love the mix of spirituality and practicality.  You and Ingrid are always there to reply to my questions / queries.  The homework is a great way to apply the learning, and the marking of the homework is a great feedback too.  Thanks to the feedback given i can assess whether or not i am on the right track and this gives me confidence to go further.  I realise that slowly but surely my brain is taking it in.-) The cherry on the cake being the webinar which puts it all together:-)  Regretfully i can not attend as it is morning for me and i am at work, however it does not prevent me from taking it all in.  I greatly appreciate your commitment, the time you dedicate to teaching and your down to earth approach, with the spiritual touch:-)  You and Ingrid are making a great team (love the humour too)!  Astrology has become my passion thanks to you and I am eager to learn more, always looking forward to receiving the next course:-))
Thank you again for everything you do.  Merci!!
Best regards

Cécile (France)

If you want to learn more about Astrology I could not recommend the Sydney Astrology school highly enough. Marc has many years of experience and is an excellent teacher. The courses on offer are reasonably priced as well.

Carol H

Hi Marc,
I am so loving your lessons on interpretation.
I’ve read lots, but yours is the most succinct, clear and well directed guide to interpretation that I’ve yet read.
I hope I can learn enough to put it into practice. But gratitude that we have such a great teacher.
June 2020

Steve G.

The science, the drama, the method; The systems and subsystems involved, does make the grand arena of Astrology an overwhelming task to pass on to students. Marc Laurenson to my great relief and joy, is a fabulous, generous & skilful Teacher. It is obvious He LOVES Astrology and the Teaching of it.
May 2020

Mary N.

Excellent school with high-quality training and expert teaching by owner Marc Laurenson. Marc is an intuitive, caring and patient teacher who not only makes everyone feel at home but warmly encourages each student to evolve in their practice/studies. A true authority on Astrology, Marc’s training modules are rich and well-put together.

Maz (UK)

Dear Marc,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading the other day. It’s like I had been waiting a long time to be ready to hear what you had to say. Your words resonated so clearly and there was literally an overnight transformation. I understand there may be some more lows to come this year, as per the chart, but already I feel better equipped to deal with things. I have started in earnest looking for an alternative career, almost like suddenly I have permission to do what I longed to for so long. I have overnight gone from an all time low to one with healthy self esteem. I think the last few years of internal/spiritual preparation had made me just ripe for all you had to say, so the switch is understandable to me, and I can believe it is here to stay in the longer term even if there are a few ups and downs. It is indeed like a light switch – it’s like I had arranged for the electricity to flow, and seeing you was like flicking the switch. I’m feeling very inspired with a career in spiritual coaching and am seeking avenues to try and realise that, or see where else my search takes me.

There is a path of study I’m looking at over 3 years in theology, and although I think it will equip me well for a career in that field, my mind balks at the thought of MORE study, and it is a challenging course. I remember what you said about go with what makes my heart sing, formal study does not, even though the content may be relishable. My brain hurts thinking about it. Is this more of the hard work pattern that I need to avoid, or am I going toward the Libra life of ease again?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am and what a profound effect the reading had on me.

I feel instantly peaceful knowing that I don’t have to be trapped anymore, and more of who I truly am, literally overnight – just the way I like it!!

Such is the power of God’s infinite mercy.

Thank you again,


Hi Marc

You did an astrology reading for my daughter Adelaide last Thursday. I just wanted to thank you for her reading. She said it was the most helpful thing she could have ever received. I even got a big thank you! We all like to hear good things about our life however you let her in on parts of herself that she thought was ‘wrong’ with her. Adelaide was a vibrant, energetic little Aries rising up to the age of 5. That all started to change once she went to school and by High School her self-esteem had totally disappeared.
But you’ve explained to her the energies of her chart and how she thinks differently. You also made it clear to her about friendships and not to let others take her power away from her. School was a killer for Adelaide yet she possesses such beautiful qualities. She thought all through her schooling that she was just dumb, yet she can get into your soul and read us
all like a book, and she possesses such empathy and kindness however that doesn’t get you A’s at school. What you said to her has given her the get up and go to believe in herself and she has truly taken it all on board. She really needed to hear these things and I believe she will have the courage to make the most of life. Thank you Marc for giving her hope in a time when she needed it more than ever.