Navigating Gemini’s mental maze & Cancer’s emotional waves

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for June 2024

By Krishna Dodds.


Welcome to Gemini month…

Can you believe that we have hit the sixth month of the year already!

It’s a great time to check in with ourselves and take stock of where we are currently, what has come to pass in the last five months, and planning for how we would like the rest of the year to unfold.

June kicks off with Mercury moving into its home sign of the twins on the 4th of June, bringing lots of new ideas and an increase in mental activity. This is magnified by Jupiter conjunct Mercury bringing in an abundance of information, a desire to learn, new possibilities, and opportunities.

While this can prove to be very beneficial, we also need to “keep our head on” so to speak, as thoughts flowing in thick and fast can have our mind in a spin.

This is a great time to engage in a short course of study or something mind oriented that can help us to channel all of that mental energy.

Mercury spans across three signs this month, so it’s important that we ground our energy and come back to our intuitive wisdom before making impulsive decisions.

The New Moon takes place at 16 degrees of Gemini on the 6th of June.

For those of you who work with the lunar cycles, you know that a New Moon is touted as offering new beginnings. I like to think of a New Moon as a time to incorporate the traits of the sign that it is in.

This lunar cycle can support us in employing communication skills so that we can clearly speak our thoughts and feelings to others. As a Gemini native I know that communication is a powerful way to connect with those around me and to resolve any issues that may be present.

What I’ve come to learn over the years is that it doesn’t matter how well any one person communicates if the person receiving the information doesn’t comprehend what is being shared.

A perfect and practical manifestation to work with this month is finding ways to speak clearly and to develop your active listening skills. When we give complete space and attention to someone while they are talking-and not just wait to speak in return-we have a better chance of being able to UNDERSTAND what is happening in their world.

This can go a long way in avoiding conflict and misunderstandings and actually opening up our minds to take in another’s perspective.

Some other possible manifestations of this new moon could be that we receive news, information, or a message that we have been waiting for. This can come via email, text, a phone call, or any number of the ways that technology enables us to communicate.

If you have been feeling blocked creatively, this new moon can help generate ideas and plans that can help you share your innovative spark with the world.

Gemini is like a sponge when it comes to new information, yet I want to caution you to be mindful of what you are taking in.

Be conscious of what you are watching, reading and listening to. Avoid engaging in conversations that don’t serve you. And last but not least, be aware of your inner monologue. The way we speak to ourselves can greatly determine how we see ourselves and the world, and therefore, how we turn up in the world.

If you find that you are speaking to yourself unkindly, work on pulling yourself up and bringing in self-compassion and acceptance.

Serious stuff aside; this is a time to have some fun! Go out and socialise. Find like minded souls that you can share your many ideas with and perhaps even get into mischief with.

They say that life wasn’t meant to be easy…yet it certainly wasn’t meant to be boring either!

Mars moves into Taurus on the 10th of June and offers stability to the air-oriented energy of the first half of the month.

If you find that you have been feeling scattered or that your nervous system is fried; this placement can help with grounding and the ability to sort through the mammoth mountain of ideas and plans and decide which ones are worthwhile putting our long-term energy behind.

Mars in Taurus brings commitment and the ability to “see things through.” It can also help us with tuning into our body and taking practical steps to care for ourselves.

After what looks to be a very busy first half of the month, the energy is taken down a notch or two when Venus, Mercury and the Sun, make their move into Cancer on the 19th and the 22nd consecutively.

Our attention now turns to our home and family lives. We become more interested in how we can nurture ourselves and our loved ones, and we pull back our social activities in favour of spending time at home.

Cancer puts us in touch with the emotional aspect of ourselves, so we may find that we need support from those around us and vice versa.

The water element of Cancer prompts us to listen to the intuitive part of ourselves, and we may find that we feel more in tune with our internal world and how we can strengthen it.

Here in the southern hemisphere, these dates correspond with Winter Solstice and the desire to pare everything back and get by with the bare essentials. This can be a time of letting go of anything internally and externally that no longer nourishes and supports us.

It is a transformational time where we allow our outdated skins to shed in preparation for the new to grow.

There is something so magical about being in liminal space and allowing ourselves to rest and recharge before life takes on a new form.

On the 22nd of June the Full Moon rises at 1 degree of Capricorn.

If we circle back to what I mentioned at the beginning of the article, this is a great time to take stock of where we are presently and whether our goals are on par with how we imagined the trajectory of the year to go.

Capricorn is hardworking and committed and will work well with the Mars in Taurus placement that I mentioned earlier.

Capricorn traditionally rules the 10th house in the chart which points to career and our public persona/profile/life… yet will be strongly influenced by wherever it is placed in our personal chart.

Without any way of knowing that information, I am going to ask you this…

Where do you need to turn up for yourself and commit to a goal, a relationship, a skillset, or a health regime?

Are you ready to make an action plan and put in the effort required?

What practical measures do you need in place to support you?

The Capricorn FM will illuminate the areas that you need to work on, so don’t stress if you don’t know what they are right now.

Just remember to prioritise the parts of your world that you would like to strengthen and make a commitment to yourself to see them through.

This is the first of two Capricorn Full Moon’s that take place over June and July. If none of the above makes sense to you or you don’t have the capacity to make an action plan right now- there will be an opportunity for a do-over when the second FM in Capricorn rises on the 21st of July.

Having said all of the above, Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, makes its way into retrograde motion on the 30th of June/1st of July-depending on where you are in the world.

This is going to throw some obstacles into the mix. Saturn in retrograde can make us painfully aware of our limitations and bring up feelings of “I’m not good enough”, or “I suck at this, so why bother.”

What I am going to say may sound contradictory to what I’ve written above, but here goes!

We may need to relinquish control and have faith that the universe will guide/support us with achieving our goals and plans.

This is not a usual trait of Capricorn. Capricorn likes to know where they are going and how they are going to get there.

The Saturn in Pisces retrograde phase is going to take us on a bit of a detour. Throughout this almost five-month phase, we will be shown how our thoughts and beliefs are limiting us from achieving the things we desire in the outer world.

Pisces rules the 12th house in astrology, and can denote where things are hidden, suppressed, or locked in a metaphorical closet.

Saturn in retrograde can bring our attention to what we have been avoiding and where we have been shirking our responsibilities.

Even though this can be painful, it is absolutely crucial if we want to move out of old cycles and patterns.

Shifting our focus to committing to doing the inner work during the retrograde period, will support us in moving closer to our external goals.

Once we have navigated the inner journey, we may even find that what we want in the outside world has shifted to match with who we have become.

It may feel like a two steps forward three steps back scenario, yet what we gain in becoming fully aligned with our purpose and path is well worth the effort and discipline that it took to get there.

If I had to sum up June with a few sentences, it would be to “say what you mean and mean what you say.” Language is powerful, and so much is birthed from our words. Use them with truth and intention!

Wishing you cosmic blessings as we navigate the pathways ahead.

May you move forward with ease and grace.


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— Krishna Dodds
June 2024
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