Forecast Reading


“What does the year ahead hold for you?”

It must be stressed this is not “fortune telling”. The forecasting chart explores the energy of the coming year, guiding you into alignment. It shines a light on life’s ebbs and flows revealing opportunities for more productive choices. This session keeps you on track with timing, clearing a path to the year’s potential. The Forecasting chart works with the planets using current transits, progressions, directions and returns. (This technique is sometimes known as dynamic or predictive) This session cannot be done without a birth chart consultation. This session is conducted in person or by Zoom or Skype. Questions and focus on specific areas of interest are encouraged.

Please note: this reading cannot be done with out the natal chart reading first.

The session is 2hrs in duration and costs AU$250. (GST inclusive)



2 hour online or in-person astrological forecasting reading with Marc Laurenson.