New Moon @ 16 Aquarius: 4th February 4.05 PM New York
  4th February 9.05 PM London
  5th February 7.05 AM Brisbane
Full Moon @1 Virgo: 19th February 10.55 AM New York
  19th February 3.55 PM London
  20th February 1.55 AM Brisbane

We have made it through the first month of the year! I don’t know about the rest of you, but January sure felt like a very long month for me with two eclipses and lashings of Capricorn energy. Everything has its place though, and January gave us the opportunity to clear the decks and move on from what no longer supports us, while becoming clear about how we would like to shape our year.

The Moon in Aquarius will completely change things up, by injecting new life into our minds and therefore the way we perceive the world and all of our experiences.

Aquarius is an air sign, which means that social interactions and the sharing of ideas is very important. This is a sign that is known for being a little ‘left of field’ and doing things their own way. They can be random, eccentric, and completely different from anyone you’ve ever met.

The New Moon is a time of planting seeds for the upcoming month. Each month she will move through a different sign-and therefore will unfold in different ways.

This is a time of reflecting upon what we would like to bring into our worlds to best further the evolution of our soul.
If your world has become a little stagnant or boring, the presence of Aquarius will help you to feel more excited about life. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus; and the only thing predictable about that planet is its unpredictability. The catchphrase of Uranus can be “expect the unexpected”, so with that in mind, just know that your manifestations and experiences may be presented to you in ways that are completely different to how you imagined them to be. So, keep an open mind and heart. Sometimes what we think we want is worlds apart from what we actually need.

Some of the things we can wish for on the Aquarian New Moon are:

    *Increased social interactions
    *Friendship that embraces our eccentricities and idiosyncrasies
    *Becoming more altruistic
    *The ability to share our ideas with a group or organisation
    *Starting a group that will support the collective consciousness in some way
    *Detaching from strong emotion so that we can see through the eyes of objectivity
    *Learning to love ourselves for the unique and original being that we are
    *Being inventive with ideas and solutions

This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is merely something to ponder upon. Come up with your own ideas. After all, Aquarius is all about originality!!

Just a quick note… Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means that there’s a tendency to have a one-track mind at times. There is more than one way to do things, and much can be achieved by embracing the ideas of others and working together for the greater good.

This is a great phase to envisage how we would like our future to look!

Almost two weeks after the New Moon, the Moon will become full in the sign of Virgo. Talk about signs at opposite ends of the spectrum. Aquarius can be chaotic and rebellious, while Virgo prefers organisation and routine.

But hey, as multi-layered beings, who doesn’t like a challenge! I believe everything comes back to balance… and this month will be a reminder of how we can work with different energies to achieve that.

The Full Moon is a time when lunar energies are at their peak. The Sun and the Moon are in opposition, and quite often can bring repressed emotions to the surface. Sometimes the energy will feel like it is too much to harness. In this case it is important to utilize the energy of Virgo and connect to the earth to bring centering and grounding.

Some believe that the Full Moon is a time of release. I see it more as a time of becoming aware of what is and isn’t working. The Sun is shining its light on the Moon, bringing up things that often remain hidden. That’s why at times it can feel as if you are “losing the plot” or feeling a little crazy. The word lunacy is derived from lunar-which of course refers to the Moon.
Education aside, this can feel like a big time. Some things will come to a natural ending or culmination during this phase, while others will be choices that are more conscious in nature.

In the sign of Virgo our attentions may be drawn to our health and fitness, our daily routines, our work, how and where we are of service to others, whether we have been critical of ourselves and others, and whether our need to be perfect in some way is creating stress in our lives.

Use this time to connect in with any unhelpful habits you have, and how you can replace them with more healthy ways of being.
Mercury ruled Virgo are the worriers of the zodiac, so it may be time to get to the core of where the worry is coming from and employ relaxation techniques to deal with them.

Both Uranus and Mercury can have a heightened effect on the nervous system, so make sure you make time to bring some rest and stress reducing techniques into your daily routine.

Keep moving forward with intentions that still resonate from the New Moon, and gracefully let go of those that don’t.

When we pull back from distractions and put our energy behind the things that matter the most to us, we can grow our dreams in ways we never imagined.

May your month be one of growth and self-awareness.

Lunar Blessings

Krishna Dodds 
Awaken Your Inner Wisdom