“A Tale of Two Moons “

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for March 2018

Most people you meet would have difficulty pointing out the constellations, or naming individual stars or recognising any planet in the sky, but the one celestial phenomenon everyone knows and can identify with is the Full Moon. When things go a little crazy and out of control, you will often hear people say “must be a Full Moon tonight”. The Moon is there, a beautiful ball up in the sky, rising just as the Sun sets and illuminating the night with her soft silvery light.

As there was in January, there will be two full moons in March, with a total of 13 Full Moons in 2018. Usually there are 12 Full Moons a year, one each month, but as the number of days in a year and a month are not exact – there are 365.25 days in a year, and 29.531 days in a lunar cycle – when we divide 365.25 by 29.531 we arrive at 12.368. Just like a Leap Year when an additional day is added to February, when the Lunation Cycle is applied to the calendar, we occasionally end up with 13 Full Moons in a year. This year is unusual, as there was no Full Moon in the month of February, but two in January and March.

The Full Moon is that time in the lunation cycle when everything is revealed. We are at the half way point between New Moons, the waxing phase has ended and we are at the pivot point when the waning phase begins. What began at the New Moon is at its ripest, on display to all, how it will culminate is yet to be seen.

The first Full Moon will be on 2nd March at 10.50am at 11° Virgo. The Virgo Moon has an emotional need to be organised, to be health conscious, to eat right and look after the body. It is also about service and selfless work, doing things for others with no expectation of return, doing it because it is fulfilling an emotional need within yourself. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is A Bride with her Veil snatched away. It is all about commitment to someone or something, a time when the Bride’s true identity is revealed, no longer hidden, for better or worse. A promise has been made; there is no backing away from it. This Full Moon is revealing something that began at the new Moon Lunar Eclipse on 16th February, so think back to that time. What promises did you make, what have you undertaken to do, and have you been true to your word? You are at the beginning of something new and potentially wonderful, as long as you stay faithful to your commitment, show your true face and do not hide behind Veils or other barriers.

The New Moon in March occurs on St. Patrick’s Day, Saturday 17th March at 11.10pm. The New Moon is at 26° Pisces, the Sabian Symbol is very fittingly A Harvest Moon illuminates the Sky. This is a beautiful New Moon, a time of new beginnings, new possibilities, abundance, rewards for past efforts and the promise of a bountiful future. Write your New Moon wishes down, make a plan for the month, for the year, for your life, and trust that the Universe will prevail, as long as you put in your fair share of effort too.

The second Full Moon is a Blue Moon, occurring on 31st March at 10.36pm at 10° Libra. Again, this Full Moon is about our emotional commitment to others. Libra craves peace, harmony, beauty, balance, justice and relating to others. With the Moon in this sign, this is not just a desire but an emotional need. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is A Professor peering over his Glasses at His Students. The Professor requires his Glasses to read, to filter information through an intellectual lens. When looking at his students, he must peer over his Glasses else he will not see them clearly as individuals, they will be blurred through the lense of the intellect. When dealing with others at this time, do so from the heart, not the head, with respect to their individuality, see them in their true light.

The Moon is making her presence felt this month in more ways than one. On 5th March we have a triple conjunction between Mercury, Venus and Chiron at 27° Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is, believe it or not, A Fertile Garden under the Full Moon. Chiron shows us where we need to heal, Venus represents our self-worth and Mercury our intellect. When these three come together, we need to apply the lens of intellect to what is hurting us, is it something real, or is it just our pride that has been wounded? Or could it be that we are intellectualizing a true, deep wound to our sense of who we are and avoiding the pain through over-analysing the situation? Use the gift of March’s Full Moons to feel our hurt, to let go of the voice in our head and find healing through letting go. Make the most of this opportunity whilst these planets are in Pisces, as Mercury enters Aries on 6th March and Venus follows on 7th March, when their mood will be more action oriented outwards and less spiritually introspective.

On 9th March Jupiter stands still and turns retrograde on March 10, tracking back through Scorpio until 10th July. The Sabian Symbol for this retrograde degree is Crowds coming down the Mountain to listen to one Inspired Man. This is the time to tune into our higher self, be aware of any messages we receive, any inspiration, realisations or insights that come our way.

On 21st March at 2.15am the Sun enters Aries – Happy Astrological New Year! The Equinox is one of the four Cardinal Points of the year, when the length of day and night, light and dark is the same. In the Northern Hemisphere the entry of the Sun into Aries is the Vernal, or Spring, Equinox, in the Southern Hemisphere it is the Autumnal Equinox and marks the beginning of Autumn. For us the days will progressively get shorter and the Sun will set earlier (Daylight Saving aside), as we move toward the Solstice in June.

The feeling that I have for the month of March is that we are at a crucial pivot point. Just as the Full Moon is the pivot between New Moons, the half-way point where we can stop and assess how far we have come and see how far we have to go, and the Equinox is the midpoint between the Solstices when day and night are in perfect balance, now is the time for us to take a moment, stop, assess, go inside of ourselves, re-group and move forward with open hearts and an optimistic outlook.

~ Joanne Rixon