Venus and Pluto

Desire and Destruction

The combination of Venus and Pluto in aspect is always met with a certain amount of trepidation by Astrologers.

The Goddess of Love meets the God of Hell. That image alone, churns up feelings of ‘beauty’ gone horribly wrong.

This month Venus moves into Capricorn on November 12th then starts bearing down on Pluto reaching exact conjunction on November 25th. She remains in yelling distance, gradually pulling away until the end of the month.

Venus, princess of beauty, security, comfort and all we hold dear is now about to face ‘Darth Vader’. We can relate this to the myth of Persephone’s abduction into the underworld by Hades and the trauma and turmoil it caused her mother Demeter.

This month, Venus is taken down to subterranean levels, deepening her motivations, needs and agendas.
This means we will be triggered, particularly around our primal survival needs and the truth about who we are with others.

Both Pluto and the sign of Capricorn do not pull punches when it comes to the truth and reality testing and chances are you will be hit right between the eyes with this one.

What are your Venus pitfalls?

Is it the need to keep that money coming in? That you will die if you can’t pay that bill or impress your friends with what you have.

Is it your need to feel loved at any cost? Even if it means devaluing yourself in the process
Are you not as pretty or slim as you used to be? And starting to hate looking in the mirror.

Do you feel your partner may be looking elsewhere or relationships are heading to fever pitch? Are you willing to talk about this or just let it fester inside you like a huge emotional boil?

Are you scared you will never find that special someone? And the worry is starting to become obsession and desperation?
These are just a few examples of the Venus/ Pluto conjunction; the list is endless.

Pluto changes us at the core. It tends to push us to the edge of our fears in an attempt to wake us up and alter who we are from the level of power.
The strength of Venus can often be underestimated in Astrology making her sound all too superficial. When you really start to feel her vibration it is akin to the ultimate peace and union one could experience. This is paramount as an antidote to stress, anxiety and fears of not being able to survive.

The second half of November will take you down the road of desire and destruction. All our needy cravings will be laid bare and examined and all our fears pertaining to them will be put in the firing line to be eliminated.

Money issues, self-worth issues, paying too much attention to surface importance and all issues pertaining to your love life will all feel the pinch through situations or circumstances that will put them in your face.

It is now up to you with how much power you are going to give away.

Are you going to let them intimidate, threaten and control you or are you going to take the power back becoming immune and invincible to outside forces? The ball is in your court.

Remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride, how you surf it is up to you