When You’re Smiling, the Whole World Smiles With You

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for November 2018

By Joanne Rixon

November begins with a lighter astrological mood than we experienced during October. Firstly, as promised in October Sky Vibe, we will look at Venus, now retrograding through Libra after her intense soul-searching sojourn in Scorpio. Venus retrograde in Scorpio asked us to look deeply into our most intimate relationships to test the balance of power and to ensure that we were getting fair exchange for our commitment. Venus in Libra is now asking us to consider the ‘other’ in that relationship. Libra is represented by the scales, weighing up pros and cons, seeking balance and fairness in all things. It is time to look at our relationships impartially and see ourselves and our loved one through the lens of reality. Every relationship requires a level of give and take, but are we giving too much and taking too little, or vice versa? Now is the time for dialogue, to ensure that both parties are having their soul’s needs fulfilled and that giving is done without strings attached, and taking is done in a spirit of gratitude and acceptance.

Venus turns direct at 25° Libra on 16th November. The Sabian Symbol for this degree reinforces this message “An Eagle and a Large White Dove turning constantly into Each Other”. The Eagle represents strength and power, the Dove is the universal symbol for peace and love. By turning constantly into each other they are showing us that we need to be strong without being aggressive, gentle and peaceful without being passive. Balance is required in all things.

On 6th November Uranus retrogrades from Taurus, where it has been since May this year, into Aries. Uranus in Taurus has seen a shake-up of the world economy, and closer to home, the fallout from the Banking Royal Commission. There is a call for the Royal Commission to be extended so that more individuals can give evidence of banking shenanigans – Aries is the sign of the individual, so perhaps their demands will be heard, and hopefully justice will be served.

The New Moon at 15° Scorpio occurs at 12.02pm on 7th November, a day before Jupiter moves into his home sign of Sagittarius. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “A Girl’s Face breaking into a Smile”. A face “breaks into a smile” when it may have been frowning, it is a spontaneous reaction to something that is funny or makes us feel good. Jovial Jupiter in Sagittarius has this feeling about it. It is optimistic, can see the bigger picture over all the ruckus and confusion in the foreground, and just wants to get out there and have fun. Do something to mark this New Moon, create a mood board of all your hopes and dreams, of all the good things you want to manifest in your life. Now stand back and let your “face break into a smile”. Feel better now?

Another word on Jupiter, which has been transiting through Scorpio before his move to Sagittarius. Jupiter in Scorpio saw the creation of the #MeToo movement which exposed sexual scandals in the entertainment industry and lead to the downfall of previously powerful players. It also had a hand in the Banking Royal Commission, which was being blocked by powerful political figures and has revealed the unscrupulous behaviour of banks and banking executives, both male and female. It was also evident in the political assassinations occurring in Canberra where PM’s seem to be moving in and out through a revolving door. Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius allows us to raise our collective heads from the microscope of introspection and begin to see the bigger picture, to make sense of what it is all about and hopefully see some justice metered out to those who have offended and restore our faith in government and institutions which play such a large part in our lives.

There is a lot of activity happening mid-month. On 15th November at 6.21pm Mars enters Pisces, and on the same day Mercury comes to a halt at 13° Sagittarius before retrograding for three weeks until 6th December, when it recommences its forward motion. As mentioned previously, Venus moves forward through Libra on 16th November. Mars in Pisces is quite docile, more amenable to going with the flow than taking a hard line stance. Mercury retrogrades are a period when we reflect, review, research, recover, repair, any and all of our favourite “re” words. The planetary energies at this time are asking us to take some time out, to rest and recuperate and don’t try to control events, let the Universe reveal itself in its own time.

At 5.02am on 22nd November the Sun enters Sagittarius, further lightening the collective mood, and the following day Neptune stations at 13° Pisces before moving forward again. Neptune has been retrograde since 17th June. Also on the 23rd November at 1.39am we have a Full Moon in Gemini. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders”. This is a multi-faceted Symbol. The “Glass-Bottomed Boat” is the lens that allows a vision into another world, whilst at the same time remaining safe and dry, observing but not part of that world. It allows us to retain some perspective, to calmly observe and see things that were previously obscured. It is no coincidence that this Full Moon is shining a light on this Symbol on the same day that Neptune is moving forward once again. It is giving us the opportunity to observe our situation from a calm and detached perspective, to get beneath the surface to see what is real and what is not. This is a time to meditate, to take note of our dreams, to be aware of any clairvoyant flashes or intuitive feelings that come up at this time. The Universe is revealing its answers to our questions and if we apply a little concentration and effort, marvellous things can be revealed.

— Joanne Rixon
November 2018