Chiron and the Goddesses

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for September 2018

By Joanne Rixon

If August 2018 was a month of retrogrades and reflection, September is the month where things start to move forward and we get a collective spring in our step to welcome Spring!

Mercury turned direct on 20th August, Mars on 28th August and Saturn will turn direct on 7th September, followed at the end of the month by Pluto stationing retrograde on 30th September before resuming forward motion on 2nd October. Finally we can gain some traction, put plans in action and feel like we are making progress after Winter’s hiatus.

On the day it turns direct, Saturn in Capricorn forms a Grand Earth Trine with Mercury in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus. This is the second Grand Earth Trine we have had in a matter of weeks, as the Sun formed the same trine with Uranus and Saturn on 25th August. This time round there will be a more cerebral feel to these energies, a good time to marshal any unruly ideas into some sort of order so that they can be actioned with authority and purpose.

This month I want to introduce some ladies of Astrology, the Asteroid Goddesses, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athene, Hygeia and Juno. The Asteroids are found, not surprisingly, in the Asteroid Belt, orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. There are literally thousands of Asteroids, ranging in size from Ceres, defined as a Dwarf Planet by Astronomers, down to specks of gravel and dust. The total mass of all the particles of the Asteroid Belt combined is about 4% that of the Moon, or 22% that of Pluto, and half of its mass is contained in the four largest Asteroids, in order, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athene and Hygeia. They have been incorporated into mainstream Astrology relatively recently, but as we know from experience, size doesn’t count when dealing with cosmic energies. The reason I am introducing these ladies at this time is that they will all be changing signs this month and making some interesting aspects to the other transiting heavenly bodies, most notably Chiron.

On the morning of 4th September Pallas Athene will enter Virgo and on the following day Mercury will also enter Virgo, and the two in conjunction will make a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Aries. Pallas Athene is the goddess of wisdom, courage, just warfare, strategy, skill, and in the modern interpretation, creative intelligence and political nous. She will be combining her skill with Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, the planet of the mind and communication. Together they are in Virgo, Mercury’s own sign of detail, order, the dotted ‘i’ and the crossed ‘t’. The quincunx represents a blockage that needs to be cleared, in this case to Chiron, the wounded healer in the sign of the individual. To me this has the feeling of a forensic cross-examination, of a relentless seeking of the truth from a wounded, defensive individual who can’t or won’t understand what is required of him. The two parties have to modify their approach to come to a resolution, Chiron needs to be less of a victim and own his infirmity; Pallas Athene and Mercury have to be more forgiving and understanding that not everyone can live up to their high standards. See if you have any planets at or around 0° of Aries or Virgo and how this plays out in your chart. I also have the feeling that this may play out on the political stage as well, whether in Canberra or Washington, time will tell.

The next day, 6th September, Ceres will enter Libra and oppose Chiron in Aries. Ceres is the mother of Persephone, who was abducted by Pluto and taken to live in the Underworld until Zeus mediated an agreement that the girl would live above ground with her mother for half of the year, and reign in the Hades for the other half. Chiron, the wounded individual, must now face the wrath of Ceres, the mother scorned, in Libra and seeking justice and balance. Again, this has the feeling of some sort of scandal, perhaps more revelations associated with the #MeToo movement. Check your chart for any planets at 0° of the Cardinal signs to see how it will impact you personally.

As if that was not enough Chiron-bashing, on 18th September Vesta enters Capricorn and squares Chiron. Vesta is the Goddess of devotion, of responsibility for the wellbeing of the collective, of religious and daily rituals. As the daughter of Saturn, she carries the same air of dignity and integrity. She has entered her father’s sign, and in Capricorn she has an enhanced air of authority about her. The Vestal Virgins in ancient Rome had a unique place in society, six hand-picked women and girls responsible for keeping the sacred fire alight. They answered to no father or husband, but were under the control of the Pontifex Maximus. They lived in an all-female environment, but were collectively under the control of one man. Breaking their vows of chastity meant death. Squares represent a tension; each planet must give a little so that a resolution can be achieved. In this case Chiron must give up some of his individuality or masculinity and take on more responsibility perhaps begin some sort of devotional practice to make amends.

Finally, on 24th September, Hygeia, the last of the ‘big four’ asteroids, moves into Aries and conjuncts Chiron. Hygeia is one of the daughters of the healer Asclepius and is the goddess of health, nursing and preventative medicine. She has a natural affinity with Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’, and in conjunction will bring some much-needed soothing to the battering and bruising he has suffered throughout September.

To sum up, there is going to be a lot of feminine Goddess energy directed at Chiron this month. This is on both a personal and world stage. If you have Chiron or any planets at very late degrees of the Mutable signs or at the beginning of the Cardinal signs, you will feel this most keenly. Whatever spiritual ‘wound’ you are nurturing will be forensically examined and exposed, but with the intention of dragging it out of the shadows and into the light where it can be seen for what it really is, where it can be soothed and treated and hopefully healed.

We also have a New Moon and Full Moon happening this month. The New Moon will occur at 2.01pm on 9th September at 17° Virgo. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is Two Girls playing with a Ouija Board. This Symbol represents the desire to contact a deeper wisdom from ‘the other side’ with the assistance of some sort of divination tool. This could be sharing your meditations and dreams with another, or seeking guidance through tarot, astrology, I Ching or even the Sabian Symbols themselves. There is no control over the messages that come through; they may be scary for you so perhaps you need a companion to share these experiences and to give you impartial guidance. Seek the company of those who share the same beliefs and interests in life so that you do not have to face the unknown alone.

The Full Moon occurs at 10.51pm on 24th September at 1° Aries, conjunct the Chiron/Hygeia conjunction. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is A Comedian Entertaining a Group of Friends. This Symbol is reminding us to have a lighter and more positive attitude to ourselves, others, and life in general. Try to see the humour in all situations, approach life with a smile on your face and see who smiles back at you. This Symbol is also reminding us to look behind the smiling faces our friends are showing us. Are they really OK, or are they putting on a façade to hide their pain? Use the healing powers of Chiron and Hygeia at this time to rebalance yourself and reach out to others, we all need some light entertainment in our lives sometimes.

Finally, to wrap up the month, the Asteroid Juno enters Gemini on 30th September. The Goddess of committed relationships will not be making any aspects on her ingress into Gemini, but look at your own chart for any planets at 0° of the Mutable signs to see if she will make her presence felt in your life.

Have a great month, enjoy the Spring and get out into nature and smell the roses.

— Joanne Rixon
September 2018