A Time to Nest and Nurture

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for June 2018

The first week of June 2018 kicks off with some easy aspects, including a Grand Water Trine. Trines are a free-flow of energy between the planets, and used wisely, they can be beneficial if you work consciously with the energies involved. The first one is a trine between Mercury in his home sign of Gemini and Mars in Aquarius on 1st June. Mercury is the planet of the mind, communication and thinking; in Gemini he is an information gatherer. The trine with action-oriented Mars in the individualistic sign Aquarius will lend an air of urgency to Mercury’s mission. This is a great time to tackle any outstanding correspondence, homework, presentations or any other form of written or spoken communication that would benefit from an original viewpoint delivered with confidence.

On the same day Venus in Cancer trines Jupiter in Scorpio, and on the following day she trines Neptune in Pisces, with the three planets forming a Grand Water Trine. In traditional astrology Venus and Jupiter are ‘benefics’ or ‘good luck’ planets. Although Neptune was unknown at the time these attributes were assigned to Venus and Jupiter, some astrologers would say that Neptune, in his home sign of Pisces, shares in these qualities. So during the first two days of June we have some love being shared between these three planets. Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio, meaning that he has moved backwards through the zodiac to meet up with Neptune and Venus. Neptune is limitless, in Pisces his boundaries are even more ephemeral. He is the dreamer dreaming big. Jupiter expands everything he touches, in Scorpio he is digging deep to reveal what it is you truly believe and where you put your faith. Venus in Cancer is what you hold most dear in terms of your emotional investment, your family and your home. Being in Water, this Grand Trine is working on the emotional level, not the rational. Have a look at your chart to see what planets you have at 15°/16° of the water signs to see where these energies will be playing out in your chart.

On 13th June Mercury leaves his home sign of Gemini and enters Cancer. Your decision-making may become less rational and calculated and more intuitive and emotional, no bad thing as long as you truly listen to your soul and are guided by the angels and do not simply react. Mercury will stay in Cancer until 29th June, when he moves to Leo.

The Gemini New Moon occurs on 14th June at 5.43am at 22°44’. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is Three Fledglings in a nest high up in a tree. This symbol is describing a situation where we are still in the process of growing, of being reliant on others for our sustenance so that we can mature to the point where we are ready to spread our wings and take flight. It is urging us to allow a situation to grow at its own pace, to temper our impatience to be fully independent until we are ready and able to leave the nest confident in our ability to really look after ourselves. This is a good time to start a project, to nurture and idea, to research and investigate, but not to launch just yet until our ideas have matured and we are confident we have all of the information we need.

On 14th June Venus enters Leo, where she courts attention and wants to be appreciated. She wants the good things in life, a bit of luxury, and beautiful surroundings. Take advantage of this and visit a gallery, go to the movies or a concert. Indulge whatever it is you love and makes your life worthwhile.

On 18th June Neptune stations at 16°29’ Pisces until 20th June when he turns retrograde. Whenever a planet stations on a degree, it is calling attention to that point in the sky. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is An Easter Promenade. A Promenade is a leisurely walk taken for pleasure; the festival of Easter is a Christian celebration timed to coincide with the Northern Spring Equinox and the coming of spring, but it has its origins in much older traditions celebrating fertility and plenty. This symbol is describing a community coming together in celebration, sharing religious or spiritual aspirations and ideals and shared values. The planet in question here is Neptune in Pisces, the planet of spirituality in the sign spirituality. This stationary degree is asking us to consider what it is we believe, to consider that there may be other, deeper meanings to our beliefs and the values we share, but that is OK as long as we embrace those beliefs with a true spirit of joy and warmth. If that is not the case, use the time that Neptune is back-tracking to look deeply at what it is about our beliefs that is not ringing true for us. Neptune will be retrograde until 24th November.

At 8.08pm on 21st June the Sun enters Cancer, signalling the Winter Solstice for those of us here in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the time of the year when winter has made itself known, a time of nesting in our warm houses against the cold weather outside, a time to nurture ourselves and our loved ones, to indulge in comfort food and good company, to binge-watch the telly and generally do all of the things that make us feel emotionally secure. That is the Sun in Cancer.

On 26th June Mars stations at 9°12’ Aquarius for 3 days, turning retrograde on 28th until 27th August. Once again, our attention is being drawn to a specific point in the sky. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is A Man who had for a time become the embodiment of an ideal is made to realise that as a person he is not this ideal. This is quite a confronting symbol, as no-one wants to come to the realisation that they are not who they thought they were, that they fall short in some measure to their preconceived ‘ideal’. A period of soul-searching is called for; where are we failing ourselves, or are others putting too much pressure on us to live up to their notion of ‘ideal’ which is at odds with our soul’s purpose?

The Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn on 27th June, and the following day we have a Full Moon in Capricorn at 2.53pm at 06°28’. This Full Moon will be conjunct Saturn by less than 1 degree. A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other; in this case, the Sun in Cancer, representing what we need, opposes the Moon in Capricorn representing what we want. The Capricorn Moon is not an emotional Moon, a contradiction when we consider that the Moon represents the emotions. The conjunction with Saturn in its ruling sign of Capricorn brings an even harder edge to this lunation. The Full Moon is also the time of the month when the seed planted at the New Moon is ripe for harvesting, so if you nurtured an idea or concept at that time, this could be an ideal time to launch it into the world, as long as you have applied due diligence and put in the required effort to bring it to fruition. Time for the Fledgling to leave the nest. The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is A veiled Prophet speaks seized by the power of a God. The veiled Prophet could be revealing hidden truths and insights, or just as easily be channelling information from an unknown source – do you take his words as gospel, or is this another form of ‘fake news’? Saturn is asking us to apply the test of truth to any emotional issues that come up at this time, to examine what we are being told before we accept it on blind faith.

The month wraps up with a square between Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Taurus on 30th June. Be attuned for mishaps around communication, read everything twice before you post online, and be careful that in expressing your ideas you do not offend others.

It is hard to believe that half of the year is over already, time flies ever faster. On the upside, after the Solstice the days will get gradually longer and eventually the cold weather will subside. Until then, have a happy Solstice, enjoy Yulefest and get into the spirit of the Winter Season.

~ Joanne Rixon
June 2018

Joanne Rixon