Remembering Joanne Rixon

I would like to open the New Year’s Skyvibe by paying homage to a wonderful Astrologer and dear friend Joanne Rixon who made her transition from the physical on December 22nd 2018.

Many of you know of her talent as the author of the SkyVibe articles that she had been writing over the past couple of years, but few of you know her as a person, so I believe it only fitting to pay tribute to her as a truly wonderful human being.

Jo came to Sydney Astrology School in 2010 as a student, though she had many years of Astrology training already under her belt. It seems funny how in the beginning I was her teacher but I feel I actually learned as much from her as she did from me. Jo was incredibly knowledgeable, and in good Gemini fashion knew a great deal about a lot of things. There was very little Jo didn’t know something about and I would often have to defer to her to fill in any data or details that eluded me. She would always have the answers I needed. She was an incredibly gifted writer. This was obvious in the way she imparted her Astrological knowledge with such candor and flair in her SkyVibes and we were blessed to have her write for us.

Yet this was a relatively small part to who Jo really was. Joanne was a truly beautiful soul. She exemplified the higher parts of human nature that very few people really do well. She was the epitome of integrity, honesty and kindness. She was very cerebral in many ways yet connected very deeply to soul with a profound understanding of empathy and compassion. I felt I could really connect with Joanne, like we were on a journey together. Jo was what you would call a ‘true friend’. She was loyal, dependable, thoughtful and an incredible listener. You could always count on her. She had quite a variety of friends, from all areas of life who loved her and will miss her greatly.

What I found so admirable was that she never complained or winged. Even as she was experiencing some of her darkest moments with her illness she didn’t indulge in the ‘why me’s’ or played the victim at all, even saying once ‘I bought into this’ as if she was tapping into some higher form of ‘knowing’. She was amazingly strong and dealt with it all with such grace and dignity.

Joanne was a born teacher not only with sharing knowledge but also with ‘how to be’. She taught me about the higher aspects of being human by just being my friend and I am eternally grateful for having her in my life and forever changed by knowing her.

 Marc Laurenson