Q. How often do we get a Jupiter Return?

A. Jupiter’s cycle is roughly 12 years, so you get a Jupiter return around any age that is divisible by 12.
12 years old, 24, 36, 48 and so on are all Jupiter return years. Returns are always the rebooting or replanting of a whole new chapter of life carrying the vibration of the planet in question. With Jupiter, this will be the beginning (for the next 12 years) of the next tier of development with, learning, study, travel, expanding your horizons and basically questing for new meaning in life.

Q. I have Venus in Capricorn and was told this could be bad for my love life. Is this true?

A. We must get out of the good/bad descriptions in Astrology.
Every single planetary configuration has the potential for greatness or difficulty depending on how you play them. Your fearful response and resistance to what your chart is asking of you will create the so called ‘negative’ stuff in your life.
The high side to Venus in Capricorn as far as your love life is concerned, is learning a sense of commitment, integrity and mastery in the area of connection with others.

Here you see relationships as important and you tend to take them seriously and not abuse them or waste time on relationships that are not working.
This is a highly productive Venus, bringing relationships into solid workable form and learning to strengthen yourself via your linkage to others.
Venus in Capricorn will also work in other areas of your life outside of your relationships.

Q. I have Mercury retrograde in my birth chart. I have only heard negative things about this. Can you supply a more promising interpretation?

A. Mercury retrograde is often in people’s charts where communication, learning and teaching becomes a major theme in their lives.
I have found it can be challenging in childhood or very early in life. There could be learning or speaking issues, not feeling understood or basically introverted, particularly when it comes to being heard. This was Mercury’s way of conserving its energy.

I say it is being ‘slow cooked’. It needs to marinate and take its time so it is all delicious and juicy to use later in life when it becomes all important. Most Mercury retrograde people will have a difficult Mercury story early in life and are now doing some amazing stuff in life with their Mercury energy.