I have had many questions from my students recently regarding questions we have dealt with in past posts. I thought it would be helpful to revisit a Q and A we posted almost 2 years ago

Q. I have planets in detriment. Does this mean they won’t work for me?

A. A Planet in detriment means it is in the opposing sign to that it rules.

For instance, The Moon Rules Cancer as both the function of the Moon and the objectives of Cancer are the same, nurturing, nourishing, emotional and security conscious.

Therefore, the Moon being in the opposing sign Capricorn will be motivated in a contrasting way though structure, authority, work and emotional responsibility.

In traditional Astrology, they would put a negative slant on this as they only liked things that looked ‘easy’. In more up to date Astrology we do notice the difference in energy but we realise that a planet can get tempered by a balancing force.

In the example, the Moon in Cancer can get overly sensitive, easily threatened or moody. The Capricorn vibration can now bring in some solidarity, become more objective and take charge emotionally.
So, to answer your question it does work and can work well, you will just have to incorporate a more balanced approach to the planetary function.

Q. I have quite a few planets in the 2nd house. Is this house just about money?

A. The second house is the house of ‘what we have’. It is the house of our resources, equipment and our security.

It is an earth house so it deals very much from a material level. Money does make quite an impact on the 2nd house because our basic security relies on it, but the buck doesn’t stop there.

Our security also deals with what we have as abilities, talents and personal resources and how we use them as well. This has everything to do with our self-value, worth and esteem.

Using the planets in the 2nd house in workable usable form gives us a sense of value and safety. You can also make money from these innate abilities too.

Most issues around self-worth, never feeling good enough or not having have what it takes will mostly derive from the 2nd house, so lighten up on outer security and start valuing what you really have to offer.

Q. What is the difference between the True Node and the Mean Node?

A. The Lunar Nodes are the intersecting points of the Moons Orbit and the Ecliptic (the Suns path around the Earth). The point as the Moons orbit dips below the Ecliptic is the South Node. The opposite point as it rises above the Ecliptic is the North Node.

As the Moon rotates the Earth, gravitational forces have it shaking slightly on particular degrees. The True Node includes this shake. The Mean Node however irons out the shake, smoothing out the orbit mathematically.

The difference between the 2 is minimal 2 degrees max. I only take it into account when the node is at 0 or 29 degrees of a sign as the difference could take it into the next sign. I will often ask a client which sign rings more true. Strangely enough most say both are strong.