Q. What is a quincunx?

A. A quincunx (sometimes called an inconjunct) is classified as a challenging minor aspect, yet in my experience they can often feel as tough as a square sometimes even stronger.

Quincunx aspects are 150 degrees apart. The easiest way to locate them is they are the signs on either side of the opposition. For instance, the quincunx signs to Aries are Virgo and Scorpio, being on either side of Aries opposing sign Libra.

The orbs for an actual quincunx aspect are very tight within 3 degrees, opening them up any wider takes them into other minor aspects. You can even energetically get the flavour of the quincunx just be sign, meaning anything in Capricorn will quincunx (by sign) anything in Gemini.

Quincunx signs have absolutely nothing in common, by element, mode or gender They are totally alien to one another. You will read in many texts that a quincunx only needs an adjustment, but I have never really understood what that means. To me adjustment means a slight fix, a straighten up or a manoeuvring of some kind.

I find that this minimises its impact, making it seem like something slightly out of whack. In my experience with clients as well as working with my own quincunxes the energy here is much greater. It feels as though something is stuck between these 2 planets and it needs a lot more than an adjustment to set them free.

The quincunx seems to be a major psychological or emotional block where 2 parts of the personality or psyche are at such odds, that the need to call a truce will rely on a process of major excavation or operation. I often use the analogy of the plumber’s snake thrashing around in the sewer pipes to clear all the blocked roots.

To heal a quincunx, you will need both planets to move freely throughout your system. I feel many health issues can include quincunx planets. There can be a lot of jammed issues associated with these 2 planets. The need to allow them room to move and embrace their differences will bring them closer to a workable alliance. The healing experience here feels now like the gushing of the water pipes once everything is unblocked.

Q. I have Pluto conjunct the Sun in Scorpio. I’ve been told this is not a good thing. What is your take on it??

A. Pluto conjunct the Sun is a highly transformative aspect, but in the sign of Scorpio it just adds extra cream and sprinkles to that Cake.

Pluto is the planet or Power, and will dig as far as it needs to go to locate areas where you may feel powerless, scared or give your power away. Everyone is experiencing this on some level. We give power to money, our parents, our partners, our crazy minds and death. We always feel under the pressure of intimidation by forces that we feel are beyond our control. We lay immobilised by these fears, too afraid to live our lives fully.

Pluto conjunct the Sun in Scorpio is a master class with owning your power and becoming invincible in the face of life’s ‘demons’. Let me point out, this is not a day at the beach. You will often find yourself confronting many visible and psychological foes for you to overcome. Pluto is the planet of rebirth so your life is about ‘rising from the ashes’.

You may have strong healing even shamanic qualities that could be of huge transformational benefit for others. The house that this conjunction is in plus the aspects to it will give you clues with the best ways to use it.

Taking back your power and realising that you are in control of giving it away will be life alternating for you…making you more and more fearless each day.

Q. I have heard that the 6th house is the house of sickness or ill health. Is this true?

A. The 6th house works with and through the body. It is an earth house, meaning its work is here on the earth plane using the body as a means to getting things done. The 6th house is also focused on doing things well, serving and helping out to the best of its abilities and it is always willing to improve.

To do things well we have to keep the body in tip top shape, so really the 6th house emphasises good health rather than ill health. The body must be used well, revered and honoured as our earthly mechanism so health consciousness is a big part of the 6th house.

I find you tend to become more aware of looking after your health with the 6th house. I am not eliminating health problems from this area altogether as The 6th house may be giving you signs around your wellbeing if you begin to feel ill.

Planets in the 6th and the ruling planet of the sign on the 6th house cusp will give you clues on what you could concentrate on to maintain optimal health. They could also be vulnerable if they are not being used well.