“Horary Astrology” Mini Course, starts June 3, 10, 17


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About Horary
Horary is the application of astrology that utilises a chart which is cast at the moment a question is posed. With a learned eye and a discerning mind, the chart will yield insight into the matter at hand which can inform and guide one moving forward.

Course Aims
This course aims to give students an introduction to Horary concepts through a demonstration of interpretive techniques.
The course is introductory and therefore designed to encourage further intensive study of this most profound and magical branch of astrology.

All sessions will be delivered via Zoom. Students will be provided with course materials which can be used as a guide when beginning to incorporate Horary in their own practice.

Course Content
3 June 2024: Interpretive Techniques & Relationship Charts
10 June 2024: Reception & Career Charts
17 June 2024: Radicality & Health-related Charts

There are no prerequisites for this course, however an elementary understanding of astrological concepts is helpful.



Sydney Astrology School presents Josh Hancock: “Horary Astrology”
A Three-Part Introductory Course in Horary Astrology

Monday June 3rd
Monday June 10th
Monday June 17th

6.30pm – 8.30pm Sydney AEST
9.30am – 11.30am London

** Webinars will be recorded **

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