There are no seasonal changes celebrated in November, no Celtic festivals of note, and no cross-quarter days, which brings the focus of the month firmly back to the movement of the planets in their never-ending dance through the Zodiac. There are a lot of hook-ups, face-offs, squarings and trinings happening this month, and the recurring theme is one of reflection, self-examination and reprogramming.

Let’s start at the beginning of the month. On 1 November Chiron in Pisces is squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, an aspect that will be active to the 6th. The Sabian Symbol for Sagittarius 25 is A Chubby Little Rich Boy rides upon a Hobby Horse. A Hobby Horse can be a child’s toy or it can be a belief, an opinion or a cause that we cling to doggedly. Chiron is occupying 24° Pisces, and the Sabian Symbol is The Purging of the Priesthood, calling on us to purge ourselves of any long held beliefs or moral stances that are no longer working for us. The square between Chiron and Saturn is challenging us to find a better belief or moral code, something that is substantial, solid and has integrity. Lynda Hill says that Chiron represents “the stories we tell ourselves”, so perhaps the belief you need to purge is a story that has been running through your head, keeping you back from being the best you can be, your own personal Hobby Horse. On November 2 Mercury in Scorpio will be in a supportive trine to Chiron, bringing an intensity to any self-reflection, so meditate on where you are holding yourself back and know that you have Saturn’s steady support.

On November 3 Venus in Libra forms the first of many aspects she is making this month, with a supportive sextile to Saturn, bringing beauty, grace, balance and a good dose of self-esteem into the Saturn/Chiron square. Need any more hints to do a bit of self-examination at this time? On November 4 she is opposing Uranus in Aries, facing off against the wilful, unpredictable energy with her own brand of diplomacy and fairness. November 4 also brings us a beautiful Taurus Full Moon, injecting some groundedness and stability, so treat yourself to a lovely meal, a glass of champagne and a bubble bath whilst you reflect.

Venus moves into Scorpio on November 7 and trades her diplomat’s gown for that of the seductress. Venus in Scorpio wants intensity in relationships, she wants to meld with the other in an all or nothing way, but she can also be jealous, so keep an eye on yourself if you find that the green-eyed monster is having his way with you.

November 11 is Rembrance Day, when we collectively stop our busy lives at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month for a minute’s silence to remember those who have given their lives in war. On this Rembrance Day Uranus in Aries will trine Saturn in Sagittarius. Uranus in Aries conjures the image of the mercenary, the freedom fighter, uncontrolled and undisciplined, fighting for its own cause, not necessarily that of the collective. With all of the posturing and face-offs that various world leaders have been displaying, let’s hope this aspect will go some way to calming down this situation so that in future there will be no more wars to add to the list we remember on 11/11.

On November 13 Venus is conjunct Jupiter at 7° Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is The Silvery Moon shining across a beautiful gem of a Lake. Isn’t that a gorgeous image? The Queen of Beauty merged with the King of the Gods. But remember, both of these planets are in Scorpio, the sign of the deep, dark, mysterious and secretive. For a Lake to reflect light it must be dark and still, nothing from the deep is showing on the surface, whatever is projected onto it is reflected back. This symbol is asking us to take a really close look inside yourself. What is it you are hiding through projecting? Is the Lake deep and dark, or just a shallow reflective puddle with no depth at all? This is powerful Scorpionic energy, so take advantage of it to really try to get to the crux of you own particular hobby horse.

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs at 9.42pm on November 18 at 26°. The Sabian Symbol is A Military Band marches noisily on through the city streets. A Military Band conjures up many images, national pride, excitement, noise and festivity or mistrust, suspicion of what the real agenda is. Making a lot of noise attracts attention to it, but for what reason? Where in our lives are we making too much noise and fuss, drowning out others’ with our banging drums, where have we failed to make a noise when we should? This New Moon is asking us to reflect further, to take our introspection in a slightly different direction. Remember to make a New Moon wish at this time.

On 22 November Neptune stations before turning direct at 11°22′ Pisces. Neptune has been in retrograde motion since June and will retrace its ‘shadow’, the degrees it passed over as it retrograded, until it finds clear air on 3 March 2018. Issues that may have felt muddled or confused may become clearer, so revisit anything that has had you perplexed and see it in a new light. On the same day the Sun enters Sagittarius at 1.05pm, bringing a new sense of joy and hope after a month of Scorpio heaviness.

The month comes to a close with Mercury in Sagittarius squaring Chiron in Pisces on 25th followed two days later when trining Venus blows him a kiss from Scorpio. Let’s end the month having had a thorough clean-out of our psyche and turn our faces to the Sun, the warmth and optimism of Sagittarius, and look forward to celebrating Christmas with our friends and family next month.