‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for May 2019

May – Release, replenish, restore.

You know those times in life where all systems are on the go, and it seems like a break is the very last thing that you’re able to enjoy?

Well…May looks to be a month where we can stop, become still and take a breath.

Although there are quite a few sign changes and aspects that take place during the month, the general vibe is one of reprieve, as we slow down and become less active and more receptive.

Taurus dominates the month with the Sun, Mercury and Venus, all visiting the sign of the Bull at varying stages throughout May. Taurus brings our focus to the material world (physical world) and will put us in touch with how we treat our body and what we can create here on the earthly plane with our two hands and steely determination.

Much will be revealed about how we view emotional and financial security, our physical possessions-and whether we also view our loved one’s as possessions, and our relationship with money.

The month starts off with Saturn beginning its retrograde phase for the next 4 ½ months. This technically started on April 30th yet is too close to May not to mention.

Saturn in retrograde motion will make us acutely aware of our limitations, yet not for the purpose of eroding our self-esteem. More to show us what we are committed to, and that sometimes we need to pull our awareness within so we can focus only on what is important to us. Saturn can be a hard taskmaster-I often think as Saturn as a strict parent; one who may be cold in the way they deliver their guidance, yet always have your best interests at heart.

There may be delays, obstacles and challenges while Saturn is retrograde. While this may prove to be frustrating, it serves a purpose, as this period can show us the skills we need to perfect, the lessons we need to learn, and the biggest reveal of all… that we are in fact the masters of our own destiny. During this time, it is important to ask yourself whether what you are creating in your world is truly what you want. Is what you are building now enough to sustain you in the future? Are your foundations solid, or do they need a complete renovation? There is much to contemplate over the next four months, and we will need time alone to gain insights into the deepest parts of ourselves.

Quite often we will find that we have created our own restrictions, and once we get to the bottom of the why’s, we will be free to build the life we truly desire.

The New Moon takes place at 14 degrees of Taurus on May 5th. The New Moon is a powerful time of beginnings and instinctively feeling into how we would like the upcoming month to unfold. It is a potent time of manifestation-one where we can focus our attention to bring our desires and wishes to life.

Taurus turns our awareness toward comfort, safety, gardening, beauty, sensuality, our ability to create, and finances and security.

I find the New Moon a fantastic time to look at the themes that the sign of the month is alerting us to and identifying where we may need to bridge the gap between how things currently are, and how we would like them to be. As the Moon is still predominantly dark, I find it to be incredibly helpful in releasing less than desirable traits and behaviours so that they’re not tainting our new beginnings.

The earth element of Taurus will gift us with the resilience and focus to see our dreams through to fruition. Just be sure that you don’t become so caught up in one way of doing things that you become closed to other options or support that is on offer.
Both Saturn and Neptune will make helpful aspects to the New Moon, bestowing us with the ability to make our dreams a concrete reality. So, get excited about what you can create and bring to fruition.
The day after the New Moon is the Sabbat of Samhain. Samhain represents the descent into Winter and is known as a time when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest-thus making it easier to connect with our loved one’s and ancestors who are no longer with us. To feel the presence of a loved one, can bring comfort and help with the grief process. It is a lovely time to reflect upon and acknowledge those who have gone before us and the impact they have made in our world, and the legacy they have left behind.

On May 7th, Mercury will arrive in Taurus for approximately 2 weeks. The way in which we think and communicate will be influenced by common sense, practicality and decisiveness.

It may take some time to get moving with a new project or idea, but once you do, you will more than likely see it through until the end. Mercury’s aspect to Uranus will kickstart your motivation and bring innovative ideas.

Venus joins Mercury and the Sun in Taurus on May 17th. Venus in this placement is “at home” and feels completely comfortable with this cosmic combination. Venus in the sign of the Bull craves luxury, comfort and food and drink that fills their tummy while taking them on a journey of the senses. They like to take their time in the bedroom, favouring long and sensual connections over the “wham bam thank you mam” dalliances that Venus in Aries can be drawn to.

Venus in Taurus likes to enjoy life at a slower place. Luxuriating in the senses and being completely in the present moment so that they can experience all the sensory pleasures that life has to offer.

Mars is also slowing down during the month of May, making its way out of racy Gemini, into the more subdued Cancer on May 17. Mars in this placement will turn our focus towards our home, family, past and how our upbringing has influenced us. There may be conflicts that come to pass in these areas of our lives yet will also be able to go about healing them once they have been identified. A perfect time to root our deep-seated family issues that have been brewing under the surface. Saturn’s dance with the North and South Node will also support us in breaking down old paradigms in this area.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 19th will illuminate areas of our lives pertaining to sexuality, merging with another both on an intimate and business level, the occult, shared finances, and our deepest desires. This is an intense Moon, I won’t lie. One that can take us to the very depths of ourselves and puts us in contact with powerful emotions.

Scorpio’s ruler Pluto has recently gone into retrograde motion, prompting us to purge, cleanse, and remove anything toxic from our lives. This Full Moon will give us an indication of what that may be.

Much healing can be derived from journeying with the Scorpio energy. As we let go and release what no longer supports us, we heal from old wounds, and become confident in stepping into our power and approaching life from a renewed and transformed space.

The 22nd May sees the Sun move into the sign of the Twins. After all the inner exploration that the preceding weeks have brought, the arrival of light-hearted Gemini will be like a breath of fresh air!

Mercury ruled Gemini is quick witted, humourous and young at heart. The focus now turns towards all things pertaining to communication, how the mind works, and having fun.

Gemini is adaptable, versatile and restless. They love to talk and favour mental stimulation over all other forms of connecting.

This is a perfect time to expand your knowledge by becoming lost in the parallel worlds that books can offer, enrolling in a short course, or taking a trip to somewhere you’ve never been.

Gemini’s are the connectors of the zodiac. They absorb knowledge like it is air. They love to share information and alert others to things they may not have been aware of had they not come into contact with each other. All you need is a curious and open mind-Gemini will fill in the rest.

All this mental energy has a somewhat unhelpful effect on the nervous system. So, make sure that you take time out to rest, destress and engage in deep breathing or meditation.

I am a big believer in balance. And one of the many things that the Twins can teach us is to honour the dualities within and without.

May you move through your month with ease and grace. May the planets reveal what it is that you most need to know for your soul’s journey. And, may you be transformed. Cleansed of what is no longer in alignment with you and receptive to that which is.

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