New Moon @ 15 degrees of Scorpio:
8th November 3.03 am Sydney time
8th November 2.03 am QLD time
7th November 4.03 pm London time
7th November 9.03 am Los Angeles time

This month’s new moon falls in the water sign of Scorpio. As Scorpio is known for its intensity and passion, there’s a very strong chance that this moon will be particularly potent.

Each new lunar phase gives us the opportunity to reset and to start again. During this time we can co-create with the universe to bring our dreams, goals and intentions to fruition.

The new moon is similar to a garden in the sense that our wishes are like seeds. They need to be planted, nurtured and watered if they are to bloom. We can have a desire, yet we need to actively work with it so that it grows.

There is a transformative quality to this moon-one that will support us in making long overdue changes. Pluto ruled Scorpio can help us lay to rest what is no longer working for us and clear the decks so that we can move forward with a renewed sense of passion for the things that we would like to manifest in our world. As there is a life/death/rebirth energy to this lunar phase, there will be changes taking place whether we are consciously aware of them or not.

Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) is forming a supportive aspect to this new moon. Reinforcing the need to face our fears and buried feelings, so that they no longer control us. This is a time of discovering who we are at the core of our being and reclaiming our power. Once we can get a handle of our emotions, our lives will be transformed.

In the sign of Scorpio our attention will be drawn to themes that centre around empowerment, self-mastery, shared possessions, finances and property, and merging with another through sex and intimacy.

What occurs in your life will very much depend upon where Scorpio is placed in your natal chart.

If you have a Gemini Ascendant (for example) Scorpio will rule the 6th house of your chart, which means that you can focus your attention on transforming your health and making changes to your daily routines. If it is your 10th house that is being visited, there may be shifts around your career, your public persona or life purpose.

I liken the Pluto/Scorpio energy to a snake shedding its skin. Snakes instinctively know when they have outgrown something that once supported and protected them and go into a place of solitude so they can let go and wait for their new skin to grow.

We are not dissimilar and can learn so much from the animal kingdom. We too are governed by cycles and intuitively know that change is inevitable. It’s our humanness that keeps us hanging on for dear life.

Jupiter has been in Scorpio for approximately the last 12 months, shining a light on our pain, our fears, our grief and the darker aspects of life that no one really likes to talk about. Yet if we can truly surrender to these experiences and bring them to light rather than resisting them, we open the space for a new “us” to be born.

We emerge with deeper insight, and a stronger sense of who we are.

Just like the phoenix rising from the ashes, or the caterpillar who has transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article; this new moon is potent. It will pack a punch. How that looks is up to you.

Use it to your advantage. Pull the weeds from your proverbial garden, so that the intentions you plant have the best chance of growing into what you would like to see birthed on the earthly plane.

The new moon and the subsequent ingress of Jupiter into Sagittarius the following day, reminds us that the light will always return. Nothing is forever. Whatever you have been experiencing will come to an end, if you make a conscious decision to surrender to it.

Say goodbye to revenge, jealously, emotional baggage, manipulation and control; and hello to empowerment, restoration, healing, depth of character and deep emotional connections.

New Moon Blessings from my heart to yours.

Krishna Dodds 
Awaken Your Inner Wisdom