Lunar Report for April 2019

By Krishna Dodds

New Moon @ 15 Aries:
5th April
3.52 AM New York
8.52 AM London
6.52 PM Brisbane

Full Moon @ 29 Libra:
19th April
6.13 AM New York
11.13 AM London
9.13 PM Brisbane

Get ready for an action packed April, as the watery energy of Pisces makes way for the very bold and upfront influence of the ram.

On April 5th, the Sun and Moon come together to form the New Moon. As you may know, the New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Planting the seeds of what we desire to bring into manifestation, and working with the universe to bring our wishes to life. The New Moon coupled with Aries gives us a double dose of get up and go.

This is an action packed time-one in which we have the motivation and the courage to blaze new trails, take action, explore the unknown and perhaps even take a risk or two.

Aries rules the first house in astrology, so this will be a month of self-focus, self-reliance, independence, and autonomy. If you’ve been feeling a little lost and lacking clarity(who hasn’t after Mercury retrograde right!) the fire oriented energy of Aries will help you get back on your horse and start heading in the direction that is right for you.

Aries injects us with confidence and self-belief, so we feel more comfortable in standing up for what we believe in and owning our rightful place in the world.

The Moon will be forming a square to Saturn which means that we are more likely to give our plans structure and foundation, rather than rushing into them like a bat out of hell. Saturn is cautious, and reminds us to be responsible and how actions we take now will affect us in the long term. There may be some delays, yet they could be blessings in disguise. Not everything we decide is for us, is actually good for us-so in that respect an obstacle or two may be the very thing that saves us from hot water further down the track.

April 19th sees the second Full Moon in Libra, illuminate us with her light. In March she was at the very early degrees of Libra, whereas now, she is at the very last degree.

This gives the indication that the period from Full Moon to Full Moon, has very much been about relationships. As there has been so much planetary energy in Libra’s opposite sign of Aries, one could almost say, that it’s an “us versus them” kind of theme. Aries encourages us to be autonomous and self focused, while Libra is all about partnership and sometimes taking teamwork to the level of sacrifice. The extreme characteristics of both of these signs are unhealthy. Aries can be selfish, aggressive, self absorbed and impatient, while Libra can be co-dependent, and appeasing-always putting others before themselves.

The Full Moon will bring to light where these behaviours are prominent in our world’s and what we can do to make them more harmonious. Libra is about balance after all!

Some great questions to ask yourself around this time are; in what way can I use my skills of negotiation and diplomacy to bring resolution to my most intimate of connections? Am I accepting of other’s viewpoints? Can I maintain a strong sense of self in partnership? What do I need to do to bring my scales back into balance.

These are tough questions, I know. Yet paramount if we are to have a healthy and respectful relationship with ourselves and others.

Pluto’s square to the Full Moon does signify the ending of a cycle or something that is no longer working. Yet as Pluto begins its retrograde phase the following day, you may find that these themes will have particular significance over the next 5 months or so.

As I mentioned above, Pluto begins its retrograde period on April 20th, signalling 5 ½ months of life altering changes that are brought about through the destruction and death of the old, and the regeneration that comes when we allow ourselves to meet our deepest fears and transform them. As Pluto made contact with the Full Moon right before the retrograde period, there is a sense that the themes will be emotional in nature, and also have lessons around control, manipulation, jealousy and using subversive tactics to gain power over others. Pluto teaches us to tap into our inner power often through challenging external situations. One thing is for sure; you don’t enter and leave a Pluto transit as the same person. The phoenix rising from the ashes sums up the Plutonic experince perfectly.

April looks to be a month of beginning and endings.

The Mars influenced energy of Aries helps us to start a new phase with aplomb, while Venus ruled Libra helps us to strive for peace, beauty and harmony-which sometimes only comes when we make an honest evaluation of what is and isn’t working.

Decisions made in April can have long lasting effects. Celebrate what has come to fruition and gracefully release what hasn’t come to pass.

Lunar Blessings,
Awaken Your Inner Wisdom