As the calendar ticks over to the month of October we will still be feeling the effects of an aspect that first became exact on 27th September and will continue through the first week of October as two mighty planets are in opposition – Jupiter in Libra is facing off against Uranus in Aries, at 27° in each sign. This is the third time these giants have faced off against each other in these signs: the first time was from 23rd December to 31st December 2016 when they were both at 20° Aries and Libra; and again from 28th February to 5th March 2017 at 22° in the same signs.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, of freedom, of sudden and unexpected change. It is like a lightning strike – no-one knows where the lightning will come from or where it will strike, but if you are close by you know the shocking and devastating effect it produces. It is in the sign of Aries, warrior energy, vital and wilful, the sign of Me, Myself and I. It is a planet in no mood for compromise or conciliation.

Facing off against Uranus is Jupiter, King of the Gods, the Great Benefic, the planet of expansion, opportunity, belief and luck. He is in Libra, the sign of diplomacy, of harmony and compromise, the reconciliation of opposites, the awareness of the needs of others, the sign Partners, Couples, of You&Me, of Us.

Oppositions are all about two energies opposing each other yet needing to find a compromise, as neither will give in. Yet the needs of each must be gratified, so how will these disparate energies come to some sort of reconciliation? Uranus wants freedom, change, rebellion from the status quo, and he wants it for the individual, for ‘Me’. Jupiter wants everyone to be happy, to get their fair share of the abundance on offer and for peace and harmony to reign. This energy can work wonders for you if you have been feeling stuck, restricted or in a rut. Uranus wants you to break out of restriction; Jupiter is showing you how you can do it without upsetting others. All it takes is a bit of diplomacy, a dollop of faith, and a big dose of ‘think before you speak or act’. Work with both energies, know that if you give in a little on one thing you will win on another. Finding the middle ground is the goal. Look at your chart for any planets at or around 27° for a clue as to how this may affect you, and think back to what happened for you around Christmas and late February/early March when these energies were last activated.

Speaking of Jupiter, at 11.21pm on 10th October he will enter the sign of Scorpio, where he will transit until 8th November 2018. Jupiter transits bring luck, abundance, good fortune, and sometimes expanded waistlines, but only if you act on the energy when it is activating a point in your chart. If you do nothing, you will receive nothing, so check you chart to see where the opportunities lie and maybe buy a lottery ticket. Jupiter in Scorpio can also bring to light hidden secrets, so be aware that any excursions into self-realisation may bring to the surface issues that have been well buried in your psyche. It could be a cathartic experience, but be prepared to face the dark side with the faith that you can negotiate the depths and come out the other side whole but transformed.

The other big astro-news for October is the celestial reunion of the Cosmic Lovers, Venus and Mars. These planets have been engaged in a heavenly dance all year, almost, but not quite, meeting up. Finally, on 5th October they will conjunct at 18° Virgo. They will both be morning stars, so if you are inclined, get up before sunrise to see these two beautiful points of light merging together in the pre-dawn sky.

Traditional astrology tells us that Venus is in ‘Fall’ in Virgo. She is showing her practical, useful, monetary face, she is not feeling at all romantic. Enter Mars, the dynamic questing warrior, reunited with his one true love who has been teasing and pursuing him all year, but now she is just not in the mood for love. Tragic!

But let us not forget that these are energies we all have embedded in our own psyche. Saying ‘go away, I have a headache’ is not an option when you are adressing an aspect of yourself. These energies have to be resolved and integrated. Mars in Virgo is on a mission, there are things to be done and Mars will give you the strength, courage and impetus to get them started. Venus is in practical mode; she will sort out the monetary aspects for your Mars and apply a dose of common sense to your grandiose schemes. This is a great time to start a project, to renovate or redecorate, or to embark on a romance that will not be blinded by ‘love’s first flush’ but be based on a good dose of reality and therefore last well into your respective old-ages.

The Sabian Symbol for this conjunction at 19 Virgo is A Swimming Race. The image is of people competing against each other for an award, a medal, recognition that they are the winner and the best. This is achievable if you put in the hard work, practice and control of the emotions, Mars’ energy combined with Venus’ sensibility. The sense of achievement through ‘winning’ at something that is near and dear to your heart is a wonderful feeling, but competition for competition’s sake can drain you of the joy of life. If the competition is something worth fighting for, go all out. If it is exhausting you emotionally, pull back and let someone else take the glory. Other people cannot diminish you if you refuse to compete with them. It is all a matter of priorities and perspective.

We will be treated to an Aries Full Moon at 4.38am on 6th October. Take the time to feel good about who you are in this lifetime, bask in the silver rays of the Moon at her most glorious, but be aware of any tendencies to emotional selfishness at this time. Two weeks later we will have a New Moon in Libra at 5.30am on 20th October. Make a wish for peace and harmony, in your own life and for our beautiful planet.

Finally, on 31st October, as the weather is warming up and we head toward summer, we celebrate a Northern Harvest Festival, otherwise known as Hallowe’en. The term Hallowe’en comes from an abbreviation of ‘All Hallow’s Eve’, as it occurs on the day prior to ‘All Saints Day’ when the saints, martyrs and all the faithful departed are remembered. It is a day where the veil between this world and the next is said to be at its most porous.

The timing of Hallowe’en corresponds to the Celtic festival of Samhain, one of the ‘cross-quarter days’. These are the dates midway between the equinoxes and solstices, the others being: Imbolc between Christmas and Easter; Beltane between Easter and the (Northern) Summer Solstice; and Lammas which falls half way to the (Northern) Autumnal Equinox. Steven Forrest in his Book of the Moon has likened these cross-quarter days as well as the solstices and equinoxes to the eight phases of the Moon. Samhain corresponds to the Waning Crescent phase. Living as we do in Southern climes, it would be more appropriate to celebrate Beltane at this time of year, synonymous with the Waxing Gibbous Moon. But then we would lose the connection to the Feast of All Saints, the scary costumes and perhaps a glimpse at what awaits on the other side of the veil…