Jupiter opposes Uranus – Bursting the cosmic boundaries

Skyvibe for December 2016

In our last SkyVibe we talked about the conjunction between Pluto and Venus and the effect this frequency may have on our lives. As this aspect was occurring in the second half of last month we also had Jupiter squaring this planetary pairing, expanding the vibration somewhat and possibly making it larger than life. That is why I titled last month’s write up ‘Desire or Destruction’, a rather dramatised version of this aspect brought on by Jupiter’s involvement and need for “more”.

This month Jupiter makes its approach on Uranus in opposition coming into exactitude from Dec 23rd – 30th although the whole of December will be activated by this applying aspect.

Jupiter is in Libra and Uranus in Aries, just being in these signs alone give us the impression that the axis of ‘the self’ will come into play. Aries through a sense of independence and willpower, Libra through balance and co-operation.

Uranus is radical. It ‘goes against’ what is usual or conventional. It breaks ground in new and evolutionary ways and is not scared of having to crack a few eggs to make that omelette.

Jupiter as well enjoys ‘boundary pushing’. Its need quests far beyond your everyday horizon, wanting to experience life to the fullest and is rather chance taking in its process.

So you are now probably wondering what this opposition actually means.

If you look at it in the context of what has just occurred, you may have experienced a mini ‘death’ of sorts around how you value yourself, deal with partnership or any areas that involve your security. If there wasn’t, examine the way you were feeling over this time. There would have been a slight backwash of dis ease, something that just didn’t feel right. If you are totally honest with yourself, you may recognise the specifics in hindsight.

This month is now building on that. The balance between your needs and co-operating with others will underscore this vibration. It will also be coloured personally and more acutely by the houses in your chart that hold 20 degrees Aries and Libra.

This energy for some could feel a little like a runaway horse that you need to keep up with like a part of you that is bolting away and your natural instincts could be to pull back.

You may feel way outside your comfort zone, as the little voice inside you is telling you to do or say some relatively outrageous things that fly in the face of your everyday nature. This can feel really disconcerting for some and you could almost feel like you need to apologise to yourself for coming up with such outrageous ideas.

Funnily enough this tameless energy is actually the real you trying to escape from bag you have trapped it in.

Jupiter is confidence; Uranus breaks rules, meaning we will be put in situations where we may need to make off the cuff radical decisions, mostly around things you have never tried before or never had the guts to do. Because of the Aries/Libra axis this will include a need to express your own will or dealings with another. More than likely it will include a bit of both.

Fear could really have its way here if you allow it to. Fear of the unknown, fear of taking a chance, fear of it all being too much and fear of advancing your life.

If you do let this transit go by without trying something out of the ordinary, it will feel as though you just missed the bus and the next one is a long time coming.

Taking advantage of this vibration will probably not make or break you (it could if it is making major aspects in your natal chart) but it will take you to another level of owning who you truly are and all the opportunities that go with that.

Enjoy this transit, try something completely different and jump in boots and all!

Always remember the planets won’t make you do anything. They will provide the wave for you to ride. How you surf it is totally up to you.