‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for January 2019

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.
We all have twenty-four hour days.” 
― Zig Ziglar


Hi Everyone and a very happy 2019!!

What I would like to talk about for January is the Sun’s sojourn though Capricorn, making contact with both Saturn and Pluto, Venus catching up to Jupiter in Sagittarius and the 2 Eclipses that are tucked in amongst them all.

The year opens with the Sun conjunct Saturn coming into exactitude on January 2nd at 11 degrees Capricorn. Here we have the planet of application, discipline and responsibility getting a big solar boost as we bring in the New Year. The cosmic coach has us sitting up straight before the year even gets started. It may feel as though there is work to do. Not so much in a job sense but definitely on ourselves, by taking who we are and where we are going down a more serious track. This is not about becoming overly strict and strained but about realising you are here for a reason, that you have a purpose and to stop wasting time with excuses and indecision.

If you have been dilly – dallying for a while, the first week of the year can be a good time to pull your finger out and become more determined and focused. You may feel a need to create a path of sorts by committing to something that has a long term plan or goal in mind. It doesn’t have to be ‘huge’ it could just be an area of life that you have been putting off due to the fear of making a promise to yourself and sticking to it. Being aware of this could make your New Year’s resolutions a bit more weighty than usual. There could be some resistance to this if you are put off by the ‘work’ involved but it will feel so much better once you have made up your mind and stop fluffing around.

The Solar Eclipse on January 6th is at 15 Capricorn, the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. If you have planets or points close to 15 degrees of Cardinal signs you will feel the impact of this eclipse quite noticeably over the next year. This is a South Node eclipse which carries the energy of something that needs to be released or ended. If you don’t have a planet or point at these degrees the house that 15 Capricorn falls within your birth chart will be affected at a less intense level.

What are you holding on to?? It could be something you feel you have no authority or power over yet your sense of safety depends on hanging on to what it represents. This issue or circumstance is actually draining you and getting in the way of moving you forward. Is it external….. like your job, relationship, money or friend?? Or internal like an obsessive thought, habit or feeling?

This doesn’t mean things have to terminate here, but it does mean they have to change and there can be a certain amount of resilience, endurance and inner strength needed on your behalf to make this change happen.

The Sun comes into conjunction with Pluto on January 11th at 20 Capricorn, bringing this transformation to a head. A renewal of sorts is on the cards here. This could reboot an area of life in a completely new way, maybe a rejuvenation of sorts instigated by Saturn and the Eclipse. This is by no means life altering but there will be some form of resolution that brings an issue to completion. If you have planets or points close to 20 degrees of the Cardinal signs, this week may feel very important.

The Lunar Eclipse on January 21st is at 0 degrees Leo. It occurs the day before Venus comes into conjunction with Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius on January 22nd.

Check out planets or points in your birth chart close to 0 of the fixed signs as they will receive a more potent hit from this eclipse over the next year. This is a North Node eclipse and a Super Moon to boot so certain areas of life are ready to open up in a big way. These areas will be connected to the house in your birth chart that contains 0 degrees of Leo, if you don’t have planets connected to the actual eclipse degree.

This Eclipse being synchronised to the Venus/Jupiter conjunction, has a more overt expression of the eclipsed Moon adding an emotional charge to love, money, beauty and security. Many people may think a Venus/ Jupiter conjunction could be ‘lucky’ but this will depend entirely on how you deal with these 2 planets in your own life. If you are confident in the areas mentioned above then chances are that week could open opportunities of sorts that support any areas of love and security.

If you lack faith in these areas then it could exaggerate your issues, forcing you to open yourself up to questing for answers, broadening your understanding and seeking a bigger picture view on these matters. This will be about learning through experience and you may find yourself in situations where love, value and money could play a featured role. It could give you a new sense of meaning or get you to see a more positive side to the story. It may even motivate you to do a course or learn something that can expand your knowledge and add more to your relationships. If you are travelling during this time then your experiences with different people and cultures will help with opening up another level of meaning, understanding and faith for you.

I just need to emphasise that no matter how much attention we put on our external story in the physical world we must never lose sight of our true mission, and that is to ‘be’ love and kindness to ourselves and to others. That’s all that truly matters.


— Marc Laurenson
January 2019