Turning Points and Evolutionary Experiences

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for October 2023

By Maradeva


The month starts off with the sun in lovely Libra, it’s a very Venus-flavoured month, relationships of all kinds are in focus as well as beauty, connection, balance, harmony, finances and pleasures…these themes will take centre stage through-out the month as we also have TWO eclipses which are both ruled by Venus. Eclipses tend to have an unpredictable energy, they can bring unexpected events and can have a feeling of destiny or fate to them. This may seem daunting to some, but what takes place is often for our highest good even if we don’t realise this until afterwards, so have faith! October offers us the opportunity for powerful growth and healing in many areas, especially in our relationships with others.

On October 2nd, Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces which can make things seem a little hazy, it may be hard to focus on this day but it can also be a good time to dream up some visionary ideas and find inspiration through imagination

On the 5th, Mars is conjunct the south node in Libra; For the days surrounding this transit we may find it easier to let go of old patterns present in our relationships as we become aware of what we don’t want and what is holding us back, of course with Mars involved this will require some form of action, it can be a good time to resolve issues or conflicts that have been lingering for some time, by being both assertive as well as diplomatic and open to compromise, it can also be helpful to reflect on the past to tie up loose ends before moving forward

On the same day, Mercury enters Libra which can intensify this need to see both sides of the coin, Libra is of course the sign of balance, fairness and mediation. Negotiating can be easier from now until October 23 and we can learn a lot from relationships and connections of all kinds. We may find it harder to be decisive but the energies just asks us to consider other points of view and try to understand

On the 9th, Venus finishes up her extended journey through the sign of Leo after over 4 months, and enters Virgo, the sign of service. This can be a great time to reflect on how much you’ve learnt regarding the need to honour yourself, within the context of relationships and to consider how you can start to build upon that foundation now, to be of service to others while honouring your own boundaries and giving from a place of love and not lack. On the same day, Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn exposing power dynamics in our relationships that make us want to react, there is a call to find the balance here, to confront what we may have previously preferred to ignore in order to experience true harmony in our relationships. Mars’s transit through Libra has taught us about negotiation and compromise but it has also shown us we can choose to leave what doesn’t serve us as well, it’s shown us what is worth negotiating! This is intensified during the square to Pluto. This period can make us feel frustrated but ultimately it is to show us what we haven’t seen before and if we can remain fair, we can get to the root and come to the best solution for all parties involved

On the 10th/11th of October, Pluto stations direct, Venus in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces and the Sun opposes Chiron; We can start to move forward while implementing all the lessons we have learnt over the last 5 months while Pluto was retrograde, all that has been unearthed from the shadows, all we were unaware of, especially regarding our goals, power dynamics, ambitions and structures, are now revealed and ready to be transformed on a more conscious level, so we can make the necessary changes to live life more authentically.

With Venus in Virgo in opposition to Saturn in Pisces, relationship themes can surface again to be healed, this can be a time to make amends in some way. Commitment and seriousness in relationships can be highlighted and we are asked to re-assess and take practical steps forward. It can be a good time to also re-evaluate our financial affairs or make a plan. The Sun opposite Chiron can shine light on past pain and help us to heal old wounds that prevent us from moving forward, if we make awareness and healing our motivation over these couple of days we can grow in profound ways.

On the 12th, Mars enters Scorpio and trines Saturn on entry, this is a great time to reflect on how much we’ve learnt in terms of relationships, conflict and negotiation while Mars was in Libra. It’s a great time to move forward with compassion and forgiveness, while standing in our personal power and being mindful of the need to set boundaries where needed, as this is easier now. As Mars moves into one of his signs of rulership, we too also move into a phase where taking action on what we are passionate about just flows, we can feel a sense of renewed drive and ambition coming back now, we may feel more energised in general as well as where we have Scorpio in our charts.

On the 15th we have a new moon & solar eclipse at 21° of Libra, while Mercury is opposite Chiron. Eclipses in general are a time of new beginnings but also endings. Endings and letting go are highlighted at this eclipse as it is a south node eclipse. However, whatever falls away over the next few weeks, is doing so because you are ready to usher in new beginnings and opportunities, perhaps some that you wouldn’t have been aware of if something didn’t end first. This eclipse in Libra shines light on relationship themes, money, partnership, harmony, balance and self-esteem. We may be letting go of connections we have outgrown, people pleasing tendencies and unequal compromises in order to make space for more equal, fulfilling connections. Regardless, this can be a very healing time and we may need to negotiate or even talk things out with others, it may be time to forgive but use the past as a guide to navigate what you really want, rather than get stuck in the things you can’t change.

From the 20th to the 22nd we have a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Libra in a square with Pluto in Capricorn; We may feel more receptive than usual or receive some news we weren’t aware of, this is a powerful time for communication and expression, any challenges we may have faced regarding how we communicate with others, as well as how we think, can be brought to the surface to be worked on and healed. Egos and opinions can run riot with this transit so remember to remain grounded and be accepting of the point of view of others. This can also be a time of increased focus as well as seeing solutions we couldn’t see before, it’s also a great aspect for finding the root of what keeps us disempowered, whether it be thoughts, opinions or perspectives. Go easy and remember to compromise, a lot of what we see in others also lives within us!

On the 22nd, Mercury enters Scorpio, super-charging our minds and getting us to ask those deep questions, Jupiter and Venus trine on this day as well, so it can be an auspicious time to start something we are passionate about that also involves going deep

On the 24th, the Sun enters Scorpio, the sign of transformation and rebirth, while forming a trine with Saturn, starting Scorpio Season off with some extra grounding and endurance and the opportunity to create something long-lasting

The month of October comes to a close with a bang, as on the 29th we will experience a full moon and lunar eclipse at 5° of Taurus. At the time of the eclipse, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars, also in Scorpio is conjunct Mercury and in opposition to Jupiter in Taurus, Venus ruling the moon in Taurus, is in Virgo within orb of a trine to Jupiter; This is an extremely transformative event that will pave way for much future growth and necessary change. This can be a great time to let go of stagnant energy in your life, to say goodbye to what no longer serves you even if it feels difficult. Comfort, security, stability, self worth, abundance, possessiveness, and jealousy can ALL come to the surface around this eclipse, as well as the need to simplify things. If things have become complicated and dramatic or even toxic and have disrupted your inner peace, it may be time to choose to let go of what is causing this, so you can come back to your centre and back to serenity.

This can be a great time to take action on big ideas relating to our values, finances, worth, security and comfort, in fact it is a great time to get ideas in motion as long as you remember moderation and try to remain grounded, we may need to be assertive or decisive but it is also important to remain calm at this time as the energies can feel extra explosive. Even with all the unpredictable energy, there is a theme of healing relationships in one way or another, the need to resolve. It can be a really nice time to get out into nature and do some grounding, or simply be around beauty, as this can help to rebalance the energies.

And there we have it a crazy October but one I am sure will be just what we need! What can you do with what is presented to you? Even when things seem out of control there is still a great deal we are in control of, use this time as an opportunity for growth and to create the change you want to see, what is revealed is so important for our soul’s growth. It serves as a re-alignment on our path and helps us to remove what is holding us back from our potential! Wishing you an amazing, powerful month!

Blessings x


— Maradeva
October 2023
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