‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for October 2019

By Krishna Dodds

October opens with an intense vibe, as we move straight from the air dominated realm of Libra, into the watery depths of Scorpio.

Mercury moves into Scorpio on the very same day that Pluto turns direct, after almost six months in retrograde phase.
This is quite a fortuitous meeting, as it gives us the ability to make sense of the changes that have rocked our world, and the mouthpiece to express how we are feeling in response to that.

It will take Pluto a few months to come back to the degree it went retrograde at, which means we have a grace period in which we are able to integrate all the lessons we’ve learnt and new and more powerful ways of relating and communicating.

The ingress of Mars into Libra on October 5th, gives us the drive to assert ourselves within the most intimate of our relationships and bring out into the open and issues that may be brewing. Aries ruled Mars is usually gung-ho, yet Libra blesses it with a little more diplomacy than usual. Having said that, conflicts still may be rife, with Mars encouraging Libra to “shoot off at the mouth” and act impulsively. My suggestion is to take a moment to think before you act and ask yourself if your actions are leading you toward the balance that you crave, or further away from it. Employing the helpful traits of both Aries and Libra, will help us to create healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

The 7th October sees Saturn forming a square to the Sun. There may be a pull toward being social and having a good time and feeling overwhelmed by responsibility. Saturn loves structure and working toward a goal, while the Sun in Libra can be a little lazy. Use this aspect to your advantage by making a plan and having self-discipline. Attend to anything that needs to be done, and then give yourself the space for self-expression. A serious talk around a relationship may be on the cards today.

Venus is seeking depth in all her unions when she moves into Scorpio on the 9th. Her attentions are now focused on connection and blending and discovering what her deepest desires are. In Scorpio, Venus can discover what she values the most, and will passionately pursue comfort, security, and whatever it is that brings her harmony.

October 14th sees the Full Moon in Aries forming an aspect to the recently direct Pluto. This can be a volatile time to say the least.

It is interesting to note that Pluto moved into retrograde motion when the New Moon was in Aries back in April.

If you cast your mind back to then, you may get an inkling of themes that will be prominent this Full Moon. Pluto and the Full Moon coming back together six months later indicates a situation coming to a head and/or a possible ending.

Aries denotes new beginnings, while Pluto represents regeneration and transformation. Something must be let go of-whether it be a power struggle, a tendency to be too self-focused, a lack of boundaries etc…

You can identify what it is for you by paying attention to what is most prevalent in your world as the Moon works her way up to full.

Tempers may run high and there may be a rash comment or two, so remember to breathe and think before you speak. No easy feat when emotions are heightened-yet we do have a saving grace in Saturn forming a wide square to the Moon and blessing us with a degree of self-control.

Use this time as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean of anything that is no longer supporting you. If you can’t work out what that is, simply ask yourself if certain situations are life giving or life depleting. If it opens you up and expands your experience it is life giving, if it takes away from you, it is life depleting. Simple!!

The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 24th and will shine a light on renewal, transformation, growth and change and interactions that hold depth.

Scorpio is sensitive and enquiring, and intuition can be at an all time high. Trust your gut feelings and surround yourself with like hearted souls.

The New Moon on the 28th is also in Scorpio and indicates a rebirth of sorts. Perfect after all the cleansing energy that has taken place around the Full Moon.

This Moon puts us in touch with the shadow side of ourselves and enables us to go to places inside of us that we might usually avoid. It is a great time to start therapy or any kind of modality that will help in healing wounds and transform behaviours that are sabotaging or hindering us.

If emotional intimacy or a joint business venture is something you desire, now is the time to co-create with the universe to bring your dreams to fruition.

The New Moon is being influenced by Uranus, so there may be some out of the blue experiences or your plans may take you on a path that is a little “left of field.”

You may even set the intention for emotional independence and the need for freedom and change.

Just know that when Uranus is on board, you can expect the unexpected. Things may not always turn out exactly the way we wanted them to, yet in the end we will see, that they turned out in exactly the way we needed.

From the 28th through to the end of October, Mars and Saturn will be in aspect with one another.

This gives us the ability to work hard, the endurance to see our goals through to fruition and bring form to our actions.

There may be a test of courage or two, but hey, our dreams are worth fighting for!
May you move through this month with strength and determination, and with commitment to your own healing journey.

— Krishna Dodds
October 2019
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