November is a wild ride indeed!

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for November 2022

By Krishna Dodds.


November is a big month astrologically! It would appear that the universe is giving us the opportunity to reflect upon and clear out behaviours, patterns, and situations, that are no longer in alignment with Self.

The month starts with Jupiter retrograde in Pisces at 29 degrees. This is referred to as an anaretic degree and often depicts a critical point. Jupiter was at this degree around 7th-11th May of this year; so if you cast your mind back to this time, you can gain a sense of themes that may be arising for you again now.

Jupiter in Pisces-whilst very altruistic and compassionate-can indicate the need to assert boundaries and reflect upon whether we are over giving and over loving in certain areas of our lives.

This placement is empathetic and can bless us with the ability to be able to sense the feelings of those around us.

This within in itself is not a bad thing. What it can indicate though, is the tendency to take on other’s feelings as your own or have difficulty understanding where you end and someone else begins.

All of the above is solely dependent on your own natal chart and the house that it is occurring in.

Collectively though, it does pose the question of where am I focusing my energy, and what energies am I taking on from outside of myself?

The critical component of this degree could very much be about feeling drained or overwhelmed by taking on too much or giving too much of yourself away.

As always, balance is the key. Finding what works for us and putting the necessary boundaries into place to make sure that we are only sharing the resources that we want to share-not what we feel we need to, or what others expect from us.

Jupiter will cross this degree again from approximately 5th-19th December, so we have approximately 6 weeks to address any situations in our lives pertaining to the above information and put strategies into place to approach it from more helpful and healthy way.

As humans, we have a tendency to become overly comfortable in our surroundings and rely heavily upon familiarity-even if we know deep down that we are not affording ourselves the opportunity to grow and evolve.

The Lunar Eclipse @ 16 degrees of Taurus on November 8th can shine a light on where stagnation has crept into our lives and where we might be stubbornly holding onto comfortability in favour of leaning into experiences that will help us to grow.

Uranus-the great changemaker-is forming a tight aspect to the Lunar Eclipse, and is posing the question, “where do I need to change things up?”

If we can be open to change-no matter how uncomfortable it can feel-this Full Moon will be easier to experience than those who have dug their feet in and refuse to move.

Yet…as with all things Uranus…there are no guarantees of anything. There can be abrupt changes of mood and feelings of impulsivity, unexpected emotions and actions, and a sense of urgency.

My suggestion throughout this phase is to ground yourself and have some resources in place to help you deal with any difficult emotions that may arise.

Uranus aspects to the Full Moon can feel very erratic on an emotional level and can have all sorts of sensations taking place in the physical body.

Freedom of expression (Taurus rules the throat) will be paramount throughout this eclipse phase, as will be regulating your nervous system.

Remember that Taurus is an earth sign and derives pleasure from connecting to the senses and the physical body.
Regardless of all the electricity flying around from the combined energies of the eclipse and Uranus, this is a perfect time to connect to the natural world and rest and recharge.

From this more balanced place we can open up the inner space to contemplate the next 6 months and how it might unfold for us.

The Taurus eclipse is very much connected to the life/death/rebirth themes that the opposite sign of Scorpio brings to the table.

Scorpio can support us in connecting with the shadow aspects of self and confronting any fears that are stopping us from fully embracing our inner power.

This is by no means easy work. Yet if we can make friends with all aspects of ourselves-even the ones that we deem shameful or unacceptable-we can start to see that we are all worthy of love and self-acceptance, and that our baggage is not actually who we are.

The intense energies of Scorpio and the Eclipse make way for jovial Sagittarius when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun move into the sign of the Archer on the 17th, 18th, and 23rd November respectively.

This is quickly followed up with a New Moon in Sagittarius on 23rd/24th November-depending on where you live in the world.

Sagittarius brings an upbeat feeling of wanting to get out there in the world and expand our horizons.

Saggy takes the lessons learned from Scorpio and continues the search for meaning and truth by going on adventures, studying, learning, connecting with people from all walks of life, and travelling.

Mercury in Saggy will love to share their opinions and talk your ear off, while Venus in Saggy combines the excitement of adventure and freedom with lovers and friends.

Variety is the spice of life for Sagittarius, and they don’t want to be tied down by anyone or anything that hinders their freedom and high spirited vibes!

The New Moon @ 1 degree of Sagittarius coincides with Jupiter stationing direct after four months in its retrograde phase.

While it will take Jupiter a while to clear the shadow phase (February 14th, 2023, to be exact!), this is indeed a fortuitous occurrence for the Jupiter ruled New Moon.

Here we have the green light to invite in more fun, more adventure, and the motivation to begin study, or share our wisdom with the world through teaching. Now is the time to THINK BIG!!

A great focus for the Sagittarian energy is to change our perspective by looking at situations from the highest viewpoint.
It’s so easy to get caught up in minutiae when our minds don’t have the space to allow other options in.

By “zooming out”, we can see circumstances or problems from the bigger picture and can decide whether it really is an issue after all and be open to ideas on how to resolve it if it is.

With Mars forming a square to Neptune for the majority of the month, our logic may not work as sharply as we would like to and can lend a hand in getting caught up in small details.

It can also lead to confusion, brain fog, low energy, and deception.

Trusting our intuition and remembering to look at things from a higher perspective will help to placate frustration and anger that can come from relying too heavily on our minds.

The wise Self is always there to offer answers through the felt senses. We just need to give ourselves the gift of sacred silence to be able to hear them.

November is a wild ride indeed!

Transformation is within your reach if you can sit with the intensity that the eclipse portal and deeply shifting energies of Scorpio often brings.

Keep in mind that even though we can’t always choose the experiences that come our way; we can choose how we embrace, respond to, and grow from them.

I wish you an open heart and courage as you embark on the next leg of your journey.

Warm blessings,

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— Krishna Dodds
November 2022
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