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‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for May 2021

By Krishna Dodds


May takes us well and truly into the realm of retrograde and eclipse season. Both Saturn and Mercury begin their retrograde phases throughout the month, and the first eclipse of the year takes place on May 26.

May begins with both Mercury and Venus entering the sign of buzzy Gemini on the 5th and the 8th respectively. 

Mecury is at home in Gemini, and has a chatty Cathy feel to it. Words become important and information is shared with like-minded souls-or anyone who cares to listen for that matter!

Venus in Gemini is super flirtatious and is turned on by words. Both planets in this sign can have a short attention span, and will be nowhere to be found if boredom sets in. 

Stimulating conversations, ideas and plans that come about in both written and verbal form, and an active mind, are all manifestations of this energy.

All of this heightened mental activity can have the downside of being unable to switch off. It’s important throughout this period to find an outlet for an over-active mind. Exercise and movement meditation are great ways to combat this. 

Flirtations that come about this month may end as quickly as they started-yet will more than likely leave us with something to remember. A word spoken can last a lifetime. 

Jupiter floats into Pisces on May 15th for an approximate ten week period before heading back into Aquarius at the end of July.

Jupiter here gives a small preview of what’s to come when it moves into Pisces for a longer period of time in December.

Jupiter expands upon the Piscean qualities of kindness, compassion, empathy and creativity.

We may find that our intuition is supercharged, and that we have an innate need to connect to something on a spiritual level.

The downfall of this placement relates to having blind faith, and trusting so called spiritual teachers or healers over our own inner-tuition.

It’s important not to put anyone on a pedestal, and to trust our gut if we feel we might be being scammed or deceived.

Boundaries need to be put into place so that we know where we end and someone else begins. That way we can protect ourselves from those who might drain us energetically, and keep some semblance of self during a period that stimulates the need to merge with something outside of ourselves.

The New Moon rises @21 degrees of Taurus on the 11th/12th May-depending on where you live in the world.

Poor old Taurus has been having a bit of a rough time with innovative Uranus coming to stay for an extended period of time.

This New Moon does not make contact with Uranus, which means that the stable traits of the Bull will offer anchoring and grounding, without the sudden jolt of electricity and chaos that Uranus can bring.

This Moon can offer comfort and a feeling of safety-especially after the massive and somewhat unsettling Full Moon in the opposite sign of Scorpio on April 27.

During this lunation we can reflect upon what brings value to our lives and ways in which we can strengthen our sense of self and worth. 

Pluto is forming a trine to the New Moon, giving an extra dose of power to our intentions and ambitions.

Although Jupiter is forming a wide square to the Moon, it’s worth mentioning, as this aspect can stimulate over indulgence on some level and the tendency to self soothe by things like comfort eating or drinking.  It can also exacerbate and expand upon any tough emotions we may be experiencing around this time. As humans we are geared to turn away from discomfort by any means possible. Knowing that this phase is coming up astrologically, can help us put plans into place that use functional ways of attending to our discomfort. Bubble baths, self care activities, lighting candles, connecting to the earth, are just some examples.

The Sun’s move into playful Gemini on May 21st, is quickly followed by the retrograde phase of Saturn on May 24th.

Saturn in retrograde motion can make us acutely aware of our limitations. This isn’t to punish us and make us feel down on ourselves; it’s to help us see where we need to disconnect from things that are taking up our time and energy, yet really bear no fruit. 

This phase will show us that if we focus on what’s important, we have a better chance of achieving our goals.

Saturn also asks us to look at the lessons we are learning and where we may need to apply more discipline to our lives. 

During this period it’s essential that we take stock of where or what our blocks are, where we would like to make progress, and what may need rebuilding or restructuring.

Saturn in Aquarius encourages us to create structures that are reflective of our unique and original personalities, and to merge the traditions of the past with the innovation of the future. 

We need to be free to choose how we want to live, and what that looks like.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th May is the first of the season. 

The Lunar Eclipse takes place @5 degrees of Sagittarius, and signals a time of contemplating what holds truth and meaning for us as individuals. 

This phase could signal the end of study or the eradication of outdated belief systems. 

The great thing about Eclipses is that they give us the opportunity to work through the energies over a six month period.

Unless the Eclipse makes a direct aspect to a planet or angle in our chart, we probably won’t have an occurrence on the day. It’s more likely that whatever emerges during the Lunar Eclipse phase, will give us a hint of themes that will be prominent over the next six months.

In Saggy, this relates to seeing the bigger picture and broadening our perspectives.

Sagittarius is about exploring-and with Saggy’s ruling planet moving into the sign of Pisces-we may just find that our attention turns to all things spiritual. 

May closes with Mercury moving into retrograde phase on May 29.

Mercury Retrograde cops a lot of flack for situations going awry. It also seems to be one of the main phases-apart from the Full Moon-that everyone is talking about or weighs in on.

Yes, all the lovely Gemini energy from the beginning of the month will lose its sharpness. 

Yet the Mercury Retrograde phase(or any retrograde phase for that matter), provides the opportunity to slow down. To think before we act or shoot off at the mouth.

It provides the space to re-evaluate, revisit and revise.

It can act as a quarterly check in. 

The part of your chart that the retrograde takes place in indicates where a revamp is needed.

Yes, communications may stuff up, there may be misunderstandings and mail that goes missing.

Yet does all of this really matter in the bigger picture?

Perhaps the external things occur so that we can become introspective. Give more space to our intuition. Feel into where we want to be or go.

Messages come in so many ways. We just need to join the dots. Take note of your dreams, pay attention to what comes up when you journal, songs you hear on the radio, or signs that you see.

Mercury the Messenger is always communicating with us. Throughout the retrograde period it just may occur in ways that we didn’t expect.

Keep your eyes, heart, ears and mind open. 

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— Krishna Dodds
May 2021
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