Happy Astrological New Year

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for March 2020

By Krishna Dodds

Welcome to March. Another big month when it comes to the planets, and what I like to think of as the “astrological new year.”

March will begin with Mercury continuing its retrograde motion in Pisces, helping us to “feel” into information and revise and review anything that was prominent around early February. In the sign of Pisces, Mercury encourages us to utilize our felt senses and tune into our intuition, rather than relying on the monkey mind. If you have been feeling tired, run down, or lacking in motivation, it’s the perfect time to plan a retreat of sorts and give yourself the space to hear the messages of your soul. It’s also a great time for meditation, yoga, and hanging out in nature-preferably near bodies of water.

Mercury will move back into Aquarius on March 5th-ending the retrograde period on the 11th, moving back to the degree it went retrograde at by the March 30th. From now until this date, take this as an opportunity to check in with how you’re feeling about certain situations and make an honest appraisal regarding what you would like to move forward with and what you would like to remove your focus from.

It can seem like a difficult task with all the Neptunian energy that is surrounding us, yet it as easy as asking a question into your body and waiting for the response. If it feels expansive, take that as a yes. If it feels restrictive, perhaps it is time to turn away from whatever it is that you are enquiring about.

On March 6th, Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus, joining Uranus in a conjunction on March 8th and for a few days following that.

Venus in Taurus loves the finer things in life and is turned on by safety and security. With Uranus in the picture, there may be some unsettled vibes in our closest relationships, or there could be some unexpected or sudden events that take place. While this may not sound ideal; in the bigger picture, Uranus has the ability to help us tap into the unexpressed and untamed parts of ourselves.

During this period, we can gain an understanding of what we truly want from our connections, and how we can go about maintaining the relationships that are important to us, while also being completely true to ourselves. The Venus/Uranus combo can also inject some much-needed excitement into dynamics that have become tired or stale.

This conjunction is given more intensity by the Full Moon on March 9th. Even though the Full Moon is in the practical earth sign of Virgo, it is also being influenced by the shadow phase of the Mercury retrograde-which means that clarity may be AWOL, and our emotions may get the better of us.

It is important that we find a healthy avenue of expression throughout this phase, as it is easy for tensions to build up and be voiced or acted out in a way that is detrimental to ourselves and others.

Writing and journaling are a perfect antidote for an overrun nervous system and pent up emotions.

Getting organised, decluttering, reflecting upon your health, and checking in with your levels of expectation and perfection, are all great suggestions while the Moon is Full in Virgo.

It is also a great phase to connect to the earth, ground your energy, and find new and healthy ways to deal with worry and anxiety.
The Sun moves into Aries on March 21st at the same time as the Autumn/Spring Equinox. Not only does this signify a time of new beginnings, it also symbolises a return to balance.

Mars joins Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn on March 23rd, giving us the ability to take big actions that are quite possibly life-changing.
If you have been indecisive about something or lacking the courage to apply for a job, start studying, leave a less than savoury situation, ask someone out etc…..this stellium may just give you the push and self-power you need to do it!

The New Moon in Aries takes place on March 24th, blessing us with determination, motivation, and the ability to assert ourselves. This is a fantastic time to start a new venture and make plans regarding what we would like to achieve over the next solar year.
Mars ruled Aries can be a risk taker-so if there has been something you have been putting off, now is the time to just go for it.
A word of caution: don’t cut corners and don’t become so caught up in yourself that you forget about others.

Saturn will coast along at the final degrees of Capricorn for most of March, moving into Aquarius on the 23rd.

While still in Capricorn, Saturn gives us the ability to work hard and tie up loose ends. We are getting the “last bit of juice” out of Saturn so to speak, so take this as a prompt to look at the direction you are moving in, whether it is truly where you want to go, and the structures you are creating for the future. Saturn reminds us that decisions we make now-no matter how whimsical-can affect us for a very long time to come. So, choose wisely!!

It is also a perfect time to reflect upon where you were in your life when Saturn entered Capricorn back at the end of 2017, and where you are now, as Saturn prepares to leave.

Saturn’s move into Aquarius will encourage us to not only effect change in our personal lives, yet also on a collective level.
Saturn will give us the discipline to see projects through to fruition, and to introduce original and innovative ideas to the masses.
In Aquarius, Saturn blesses us with an independent spirit and the ability to help others move out of ruts and claim their own freedom-loving and unique selves.

It will be interesting to witness what unfolds in national and world events as Saturn moves into Aquarius.

Chances are we may see those who have brilliant and original minds move into positions of power where they can make progressive changes that serve the community and humanity as a whole.

Where there is a dream, there is hope.

— Krishna Dodds
March 2020
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