“What you are seeking is seeking you”

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for June 2023

By Krishna Dodds.


May…what a month!!

It definitely felt like a rollercoaster ride for me. Up one minute, and heading into the underworld, the next.

I went from feeling peaceful, present, and grateful for every moment, to feeling like I was being thrown into the depths of everything I’ve experienced in my life up until this point.

The Scorpio Eclipse definitely packed a punch…and then some!

If you’re heading into June feeling like you need a reprieve from all of the heavy stuff; then you will love the cosmic line up that the first two weeks of the month will bring.

June opens with a Sagittarius Full Moon rising at 13 degrees on the 4th of June.

If you recall, Jupiter has only recently moved into Taurus-offering a fresh and expansive vibe to our finances and self-worth.

Now, the Jupiter ruled Full Moon brings our focus to the emotional aspect of ourselves-and after the intensity of last month’s Scorpio Moon; the jovial, Saggy Moon offers a much needed break from being down in the depths of our inner terrain.

First and foremost, Sagittarius loves fun and adventure. So early June may be the perfect time to take a break from the everyday and mundane, and invite in laughter, play, and exploration.

Sagittarius is known to be a risk taker…so some of you may feel the call to move into unchartered territory-both internally and externally. It might be the time to be courageous and let someone know how you feel about them…or head off on a journey to new and lively places.

For those of you experiencing heavy relationship energy, this Full Moon could be the perfect time to take a solo mini break, or to plan an exciting and adventurous holiday with your partner.

No matter what your situation, the Saggy Full Moon will illuminate the areas of your life where you need to step back and look at the bigger picture. As humans we can become so caught up in detail and minutiae, that we forget to “zoom out”, and look at our situations from a 360 degree perspective.

Sometimes this is all it takes to change a situation.

Now that Mercury has cleared the shadow phase of the recent retrograde, we should start to have a clearer idea of what we want and where we are headed – especially when Mercury moves into Gemini on the 12th of June and opposes the degree of the Full Moon on June the 19th.

The Full Moon does have a tendency to shine a light on what it buried in our subconscious minds. This means that our dreaming may bring symbols and messages that prompt something in our conscious minds.

Pay attention to your dreams and recurring symbols that keep showing up. Although they may be subtle or something we push to the side-they can give us great insight into this journey that we call life and may offer some guidance on what our next steps will be.

Venus moves into Leo on June 6th for a whopping four months…thanks to the retrograde phase that takes place towards the end of July.

Venus in Leo is passionate, creative, and not shy about letting anyone and everyone know who their love interest is.

Venus in Leo loves romance and all of the trappings that comes from having a significant other.

Venus in Leo natives are proud, affectionate, generous, and adore giving and receiving grand gestures of love.

This is a BIG energy! One that brings charisma and enthusiasm in the way that they relate to others.

Venus in Leo only adds to the uplifting vibes that fellow fire sign Saggy brings to the Full Moon.

Use this “take action” energy to strengthen your connections and let others know how you feel about them.

Spend time with your nearest and dearest and do your best to help them feel appreciated and loved.

Using this time as a kind of prelude to the retrograde period may help to build a stronger foundation before Venus begins her backwards journey.

The Venus Retrograde phase will bring relationship and relating issues to the surface. I’ve added “relating” in there as well, because not everyone is in a romantic relationship, and not everyone will experience issues within their primary romantic relationship.

It could be a friendship or a relative that we have difficulty relating with or to. It could be that we love these people dearly, yet don’t have the “relating” skills to overcome difficulties as they arise.

Venus can also represent a female in our world.

The possibilities are as endless as we are. Yet like all transits; if something has been buried, repressed, ignored, or unattended; there will come a time when the planets align for those little dark corners of our lives or psyche to be brought to light.

On the 19th of June, Venus moves into the shadow phase of the upcoming retrograde phase; giving us a sense of the areas of our lives that require a do-over!

Although we will all be affected differently; shared themes include: relationships, partnerships, finances, self-worth, and personal values.

Mercury moves into its home sign of Gemini on June 11th, bringing an increase in communication and ideas.

It’s a great time to re-evaluate concepts that were put on hold during the recent Mercury Retrograde phase and start putting plans into action.

Thoughts can be a quick as lightning with this placement…and that quicksilver tongue can influence the blurting out of words before the brain has had a chance to shift into gear.

Mercury in Gemini thrives off information and may encourage us to take a short course of study or learn a new language.

This is a light-hearted and curious energy. On that will inspire us to connect with others to share thoughts and ideas-and possibly engage in shenanigans to remind ourselves that life doesn’t always need to be serious.

On the same day, Pluto will revisit the sign of Capricorn-taking us back to the last week of March and any themes that were prominent then.

We may feel a halt in our forward movement and any “big life” changes that we were thinking about making.

Although frustrating; the retrograde period and the re-entry of Pluto into Capricorn, can help us to re-evaluate which structures we would like to continue building, and what has absolutely and without question come to an end.

As Pluto is a transpersonal planet; the lessons and insights that are gained throughout this period will be personal and collective.

Pluto has the ability to shape whole generations, so it will be interesting to see which foundations crumble, and which will stand the test of time.

We may see some shifts within governments and agencies – especially those using outdated paradigms of power.

There may be a feeling of limitation and responsibility while Pluto is traversing the sign of Capricorn especially when Capricorn’s ruler (Saturn), begins its retrograde cycle on June the 18th.

Saturn in retrograde motion can make us painfully aware of our limitations.

Saturn wants to maintain control, while Pisces is more attuned to going with the flow and seeing what happens.

This can create a push-pull energy that can be difficult to navigate at times.

Learning the art of surrender may be something that we can all benefit from while this cycle takes place.

Having faith that we are being looked after, and even though we may not be able to see it quite yet, that there is a higher lesson for everything that is taking place.

Saturn in Pisces can help us to get serious about spirituality and can bring a sense of form to the formless.

Adopting a spiritual discipline of some sort can help ground you throughout this period.

Prioritising responsibilities and pulling back from those that aren’t as important, will assist in creating space to listen to the voice of our wiser/higher self.

This is especially important when Neptune (the ruler of Pisces), begins its retrograde motion on the 30th of June.

We may feel disillusioned and like we want to escape our responsibilities and reality.

There also may be a sense of confusion and an inability to understand and express our thoughts.

With so much Pisces energy around, it will be important to engage in practices that help our energy stay in our physical body.

Being in your physical body can support you in staying in your power centre and can also help you to tune into your felt senses and intuition. This is highly important at this time-especially when the Neptunian fog weakens our mental faculties.

While we may not know which direction to take during this phase, we can gain great insight and understanding into our inner workings through creative pursuits such as poetry, painting, drawing, dancing etc…

I believe that this time is one of great healing.

Pisces rules the 12th house in astrology and is the last port of call before we start again with Aries.

There is an opportunity with these transits to “clear the decks”, and really get to know ourselves and heal our baggage.

On the 18th of June we have a New Moon @ 26 degrees of Gemini.

The Gemini New Moon can help us to manifest playful energy, curiosity, open-mindedness, communication, cleverness, and humour.

This can be a very busy time, as Gemini loves to be social and to connect with like-minded souls through animated conversation.

There is a revival of positive energy with this New Moon-especially considering some of the challenging aspects that take place in June may feel a little heavy.

A great question to ask yourself at this time is, “where do I need to bring more flexibility into my world?”

An interesting concept considering that Saturn moves into retrograde motion on the same day.

Saturn is known for its restricting qualities-yet as it’s not forming an exact aspect to the New Moon, the influence shouldn’t be as strong.

Saturn does remind us though, that we may need to work harder to achieve our New Moon hopes and wishes.

On the 22nd and 28th of June consecutively, the Sun and Mercury will make their way into water sign Cancer.

These placements bring our attention back from the outside world to the home. We move from the heady influence of Gemini, into the feeling body. Cancer can help us to understand what we need to feel emotionally supported, and how we can extend the same to others.

We may want to spend more time at home connecting with our family and loved ones, and engaging in activities that nurture and nourish our soul.

As the Sun’s move into Cancer coincides with the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere, we may feel drawn to reflecting upon the year so far, and pulling our energy back from anything that isn’t an absolute necessity.

A mid-year review, if you like!

When I feel into the energies of June, I get the image of a person wanting to cross the border into another land.

There is excitement and anticipation, yet there are also delays while our details are checked.

While this can be frustrating; it offers us the chance to reflect upon whether we want to cross that particular border/threshold, and if we do want to cross it; when is the best time to do so.

June will give us some pieces of the puzzle.

The rest will come from you and your inner knowing.

In the wise words of Rumi, “what you are seeking is seeking you”.

We can lay all the groundwork that we like…yet sometimes we need to be still and let life reveal its plans to us.

Cosmic blessings to you all.

Photo by MohammadHosein Mohebbi on Unsplash

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— Krishna Dodds
June 2023
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