Eclipse Renewal

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for June 2020

By Krishna Dodds


And just like that… June is here!

Needless to say, it’s been an intense and unexpected year up until this point.

And while June does feel to be a little quieter in terms of the astrological movements of the planets, the eclipses and the move of Mars into Aries, hints that there may be some fireworks still to come.

June kicks off with a lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius (15° Sag 42′). Depending on where you live in the world, the eclipse will take place on either June 5th or 6th due to time zone differences.

The Full Moon can be a time of heightened energy all on its own. The addition of an eclipse can intensify the energies of the Moon, and can definitely create a feeling of overwhelm.

This can be a time of high emotion, and the illumination of something that perhaps was once unknown.

It can indicate an ending of sorts, or the celebration of something that has come to fruition.

Decisions that are made now can have far reaching effects into the future, with more being revealed in the eclipses that take place in November and December of 2020, and May 2021.

In Sagittarius, themes to do with our freedom, and wanting space may be brought to our awareness.

Perfect timing nonetheless, as restrictions are beginning to lift in different parts of the world.

Sagittarius brings our attention to what brings truth and meaning to our lives-and with Venus retrograde in the opposite sign of Gemini, it is a great time to reflect upon our personal values and relationships, and how we can somehow harness this to bring change to the world on a broader scale.

The Archer also has ties to the law; so we may see great changes made in the way of “Justice being served.”
As Neptune is forming a square the Lunar Eclipse, there may be something hazy that we can’t quite put our finger on.
My suggestion here, is to listen to your gut, and trust the felt body senses-as they never lie.

Venus continues the retrograde journey through Gemini until June 26th.

As Venus rules relationships, and Mercury ruled Gemini is all about communication; you may find there are miscommunications within your most intimate connections, misunderstandings, and perhaps some heated arguments.

Becoming aware of your triggers and what your defence mechanisms are, will go a long way in helping your relationships to survive this transit.

You may even gain some new tools in the way of interaction and understanding what makes you and others tick.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or angry, take some space to bring yourself back to centre.

Words said in the heat of the moment can be difficult to come back from, so remember this before you expel word vomit on another.

Once Venus retrograde has finished and moved out of the shadow phase, we all should have a better understanding of the relationships that are worth keeping in our lives, and the one’s that have been resting on the bones of familiarity or convenience.

Mercury moved into Cancer at the end of May and will begin the retrograde phase on June 19th.

From experience, I know that lots of people vaguely know about Mercury RX and will blame it for all sorts of dramas going on in their lives.

Yet we can harness the energy for a positive outcome.

Mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer can help us get back in touch with our emotional nature.

After a month that has been dominated by the sign of the Twins; this is a great development.

Gemini can be very analytical and cerebral-and while this has many benefits-it can also bring a sense of being aloof and cold in the way we interact with others.

The combination of Mercury in retrograde motion and the sign of Cancer, will help us tap into our feeling nature.

This will be most helpful at the tail end of the Venus retrograde, as it can help us to have empathy and see situations from another’s viewpoint.

Mercury in Cancer can encourage us to seek solitude and be alone with our thoughts.

It can heighten our sensitive and feeling nature and bring our intuitive nature to the fore.

There is a fine line between wanting to step back from everything and withdrawing completely, so be aware of this if you find yourself disconnecting from everyone and everything around you.

This is a perfect time to take a break from the chatter of the mind, and rest, replenish and restore.

Themes around the home, family, and children will be prominent during this phase.

It may be time to connect with a loved one you haven’t seen for a while or declutter your space.

The Cancer vibe continues with the Sun moving into the sign of the Crab on June 21st, along with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the same day.

This also marks the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere, which is a time of going within and letting go of everything except the bare essentials to get us through the winter months.

Cancer teaches us to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Comfort, nurturing and nourishment will be high on our agenda during this new lunar phase.

The Solar Eclipse (00° Can 21′) poses the question “what would I like to bring into my world?” What would I like to see take form and shape-especially 6 months down the track?

This is a time of sowing seeds and setting intentions, about feeling connected to family and our roots, nourishing our souls and those of the ones we love, and building a solid foundation between our home and working lives.

Because Cancer is so deeply connected to the past, there may be some behaviours or habits that are familiar to us, yet perhaps not healthy.

With Mercury retrograde helping us to become more aware of what these may be, and the Solar Eclipse encouraging us to set new intentions, this could be the perfect opportunity to create an emotional and intellectual makeover. Letting go of what no longer supports us, in favour of developing new ways of being that do.

The move of Mars into its home sign of Aries on June 29th will further support us in achieving this.

Mars in Aries injects us with vigour and vitality and can help us with initiating projects and giving us the motivation to see them through.

This is a BIG energy! So, don’t be surprised if you feel revitalized on a physical level. The impatience and restlessness that the Saggy Lunar Eclipse may have brought, will continue with Mars in Aries-as Fire does not like to be locked up or contained.

The spirit of this transit is best supported by finding ways to utilize your newfound liveliness with things such as creative projects, movement, physical exercise, and working toward achieving your goals. You may even find the motivation to bring something to completion that had been on the backburner for a while.

Avoid arguments for the sake of it, dumping onto others, road rage, and temper tantrums.

Remember that there is a difference between being assertive and being aggressive.

And… if all the fire and racy energy becomes too much… go for a long and hard run… or romp, to dispel some of that Mars in Aries force.

The planets are here to support us, not control us.

Make them work for you!!

— Krishna Dodds
May 2020
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