‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for June 2019

The Winter Solstice, the perfect excuse for hugging

I know I am in the minority when I say that the Autumn and Winter months are my favourite.

There is something wonderous about these seasons. They take us to places that the Summer months just can’t seem to access.

As we move into June, we enter winter but it doesn’t officially start until we reach the actual Solstice date when the Sun arrives its farthest point in the northern hemisphere.

Of Course, for the folks above the equator this is their Summer Solstice, having their Winter one just a handful of days before Christmas.

The winter Solstice for us in Australia this year occurs on June 22nd at 1.54am AEST. You may have to adjust the time slightly for SA and WA.

Here we experience the shortest day and the longest night. Hearing that conjures up an immediate emotional reaction. Rather than have an autopilot response to this sounding not so great, just stop for a minute and think about it. There is something about this extended period of night that can actually be rather magical.

It takes us inward, away from the world. It’s a feeling of introspection, protection, even cosiness. It’s interesting to note that our Winter Solstice down here is the beginning of the sign of Cancer which reflects this internal feeling of nourishment, nurturance and home.

This is an insular place. We humans are not fans of going inward, we much prefer an outer expression or to engage in the external environment. Sometimes I wonder if we really do enjoy it more or is it just a distraction from where we would need to go otherwise.

Winter forces us to go there, it takes us indoors. This can happen literally by staying more at home but it also takes us indoors to ourselves. As we get deeper into June and the days become shorter allow yourself to go in with it. Watch the Sun descending and let it sink deep into your heart and then further down into your entire being. When the sky becomes dark let it envelope you. There is something so beautiful and magical about the night. Its mysteries can unlock many answers to our questions if we only relax into it without resistance. The cold chill of Winter adds that extra dimension of enclosure the need to huddle, share love and find warmth.

This is a very different feeling from the more buoyant energy of Spring and Summer. In many ways it may be looked on as more real as there is a need for true bonding and closeness. It’s a much more tactile and heart felt vibration. That glorious feeling of spooning in bed or cuddling around an open fire. It contacts areas in us that don’t seem that important in the summer months. Allow yourself to go there this month and feel it.

Don’t think this can only be done with another person, in fact this is the ideal month to nourish and look after yourself. In nature and ancient traditions this was the time to gather and ‘stock up’. We don’t necessarily have to fill our larder with ‘stuff’ but we do have to fill ourselves with more love and care. Often you hear people say how they put on the kilos over winter. This is not just about eating but about the need for the love and nourishment that food seems to bring. Get under the doona, put the heating on, make a yummy soup and watch your favorite series or movie, just get as warm and comfortable as you possibly can.

The long nights are taking you down to the child within. One that needs to be looked after. This month we need to protect ourselves not so much from others but from ourselves and how tough we can be. Mars and Mercury are in Cancer for most of the month dancing around the North Node. Here we see the protective warrior and nurturing teacher coming into our sphere with words of love to make us feel safe. Some of you may think isn’t Mars supposed to go out and fight, well not so much in this case. In Cancer this is the brave mother. During these longer days of darkness our softer selves are being spoken to. It’s about being kind to us as if we were our own child.

Saturn is still making a strong conjunction to the Capricorn South Node in opposition to Mars and Mercury in Cancer. There could be blockages with allowing yourself to do this, falling back into old patterns of work and duty, thinking this is just a waste of time. On the flip side your sense of Saturnian responsibility reminds you about the amount of care you need to give yourself during the month. This can become your work. You can come up with a million excuses around how busy you are or how this is all too difficult but the interesting thing is there is actually more effort put into resisting love than accepting it.

The Winter Solstice is a turning point in the cosmic calendar. Many cultures in the past would celebrate this day with festivals as it signified the return of ‘the light’. It was a ‘New Year’ of sorts as the Sun now turned the corner to gradually longer days.

On the night of the 21st do your own New Year ritual before bed. Allow the depth of the longest night to open the place of deep love and belonging within you. The next morning on New Years’ day call someone close… just to say you love them.

— Marc Laurenson
June 2019