“Don’t you know who I am?”

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for July 2021

By Emma Vidgen


While 2021’s headline act – Saturn square Uranus – dominated most of the news in the astrological world last month (the square went exact 15 June AEST), the saga most definitely continues in July…starting from the very first day of the month.

The drama starts day one, when Mars in Leo struts up to Saturn in Aquarius and puffs up his chest in an opposition. Like a glam rocker trying to blag his way to the front of the line at a nightclub, Mars in Leo is nothing but swagger. Of course, no amount of peacocking will impress Saturn in Aquarius who may as well be the impenetrable bouncer of every rockstar’s nightmare. “There are rules in place to keep all of us safe,” Saturn says flatly. “Don’t you know who I am?” our rockstar blusters.

For those waiting in line, it could be amusing – maybe even entertaining – but maintaining a healthy distance is key. In our own lives, this egoic showdown of fire and ice will manifest as feeling of pure frustration as we encounter our own “go to the back of the queue” moment. The indignation is palpable. A few days later, Mars squares Uranus (4 July) setting the scene for an explosive outburst. Our front man, still simmering with rage, trashes his hotel room.

With so much Leo energy pinging around it would be easy to shy away off from vulnerability, and deny our feelings were hurt. Angry yes, but wounded? Only behind closed doors. But with the Sun sailing through Cancer we’re reminded again and again, that feelings are meant to be felt, while Jupiter in Pisces asks, what’s the spiritual lesson in all this? Jupiter in Pisces – especially now it’s turned retrograde – acts like a cosmic reframe: “I am not a victim. Things are not happening ‘to me’ but ‘for me’.” That expansive, philosophical perspective that only Jupiter in Pisces brings gently reminds us of all the best fables always feature a hearty dose of adversity. With the Sun and Jupiter on hand, we have the potential for redemption (good news for our cranky rockstar).

At the same time, Mercury is bounding through Gemini, retracing its steps for the third time as it passes through the degrees activated during the retrograde between 30 May –15 June. Cast your mind back (or check your email/calendar) to see what was coming up during this time for a clue as to what will be weighing on your mind.

This third and final “hit”, post retrograde, when Mercury passes back over that same patch of sky usually brings a sense of resolution, but with a square from Neptune in the mix, it’s all a bit magic 8 ball: “Reply hazy, try again later.” Don’t fret, the clarity will come, but maybe not until Mercury is clear of the square (after 8 July).

While Mars in Leo licks its wounds, Venus in Leo isn’t far behind, making her own opposition to Saturn (6 July), then squaring Uranus (9 July). This time, when Saturn says, “you can’t jump the queue”, Venus gathers up her skirts and harrumphs away, “I didn’t want to go inside your stupid bar anyway.” While the Martial reaction is to get angry, Venus looks for a way to start the party elsewhere. It’s impulsive and exhilarating and electric. In your own life, those same themes highlighted in the first four days rock around again, but your reaction may be a little more “I’ll find my own fun” than “let’s trash the place”.

OK, so far you’re getting the feeling there’s a lot going on in July – and we’re not even through the first 10 days! But what’s really beautiful about July is that despite the drama, we’re getting major planetary support to feel it all. Cancer energy – like the moon – is inherently receptive, it wants to reflect what’s going on. Yes there will be restrictions and setbacks and frustration and anger – especially that first nine days or so – but we have the chance to reflect on our experiences and make them something deeper, something powerful, something healing.

Speaking of healing, the new moon in Cancer on 10 July feels like a mindfulness bell. If you haven’t already given yourself the space to go beyond the feeling of “I’m outraged!” now is the time. What we resist persists, and all those egoic triggers stirred up earlier in the month offer the opportunity for incredible insights into the parts of ourselves that need more love, nourishment and healing – that is if we’re brave enough to look deeper within.

A couple of days later Mercury moves into Cancer (12 July), the same day the moon, Venus and Mars make a conjunction in Leo. After the speed of Mercury in Gemini under the hazy influence of Neptune, this feels like a sliding into a nice warm bath after a frantic day at work. Mercury in Cancer encourages us to get out of our head, and into our hearts. Make time to pause and ask, “How am I feeling about all of this? What’s alive for me in this moment?”

With Venus, Mars and the moon working together in Leo, we’re presented with a warm, heart-centred container encouraging us to connect with our own needs. Ask yourself, “What do I want?” Not in a practical sense, like, “cheaper petrol,“ but what do you really want? How do you want to be seen, recognised, touched, desired? It’s confronting, and clarifying, and exciting; as though the planets are asking, ‘What would YOU do with YOUR life if you never had to worry about money again?’ The next day, Mercury trines Jupiter in Pisces, inspiring even the most emotionally reticent among us to share big insights from the past few days.

That’s quite a bit to process. And talking about your feelings, wants and needs will be the key to making sense of it all. Take long baths, slow cook, spoon, do all the things that make you feel more comfortable. Don’t let that 10-day period pass you by. Express yourself, let your guard down, be vulnerable. Sharing what it is you truly need will be much easier in that window, before Venus moves into Virgo 22 July. Suddenly that selfless, practical, “let’s get on with it” side will come back into focus and speaking up about what you want will be a little bit trickier (or you might just start to reconsider reinstating “cheap petrol” on your wish list).

Venus’ opposition that same day (22 July) feels like the call for last drinks on Jupiter’s holiday in Pisces. It’s as though Venus is calling out to Jupiter to finish its game and come and get cleaned up for dinner. It’s definitely getting close to home time for Jupiter as it heads back towards its ingress into Aquarius (28 July).

The next day, Leo season begins, shifting our gaze from the sensitive, receptive waters of Cancer to something more lively. The full moon in Aquarius (24 July) highlights the tension between the need to be creative and self-actualisation and the collective angst – a balancing act 2021 is inviting us all to master.

It’s a timely meditation as Jupiter shifts back into Aquarius and Mercury moves into Leo (28 July). We’re not done exploring these idea of needs and wants, us and them. But at least now, after July, we have the emotional insight into what we’re working towards – even if it still feels far away. It won’t be easy, but with Mars moving into Virgo (30 July) we’ll have a new level of grit and determination to set our minds to something and go for it.

Emma is a writer and astrologer. Find her on Instagram at @emma_vee / @thewayward.co or read more at thewayward.co

Emma Vidgen

— Emma Vidgen
July 2021