Happy New Year!

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for January 2023

By Krishna Dodds.


Happy New Year and welcome to 2023!!

The new year brings a completely different line up of planetary transits and eclipses for us to work with and further enhance our growth.

As challenging as some of those cosmic experiences can be, I believe that they can help us peel back the layers to reveal the true essence of our innermost selves – and who we came here to be and what we came here to do.

During the course of the next 12 months there will be a shifting of signs of three of the outer planets, the North and South Nodes of the Moon, and the Eclipses.

Saturn moves into Pisces in early March, Jupiter moves into Taurus in mid-May, and Pluto moves into Aquarius in the last week of March.

The North Node switches signs from Taurus to Aries in mid-July, bringing our focus to ourselves our autonomy and independence, and how we navigate our relationships from this space.

We will also have a Solar Eclipse in Aries in April, as the eclipse story of Taurus/Scorpio starts to make way for Aries/Libra influence.

I will discuss these transits more in depth as they become closer.

For now let’s focus on what is taking place in the month of January.

January starts with three planets in retrograde motion…ouch!!

So if there is a sense of feeling like you still have loose ends to tie up or something to perhaps reflect upon and revisit – this could be the reason why.

Mars has been taking a seemingly backwards hike in Gemini since October 31st.

Mercury went retrograde on 30th December (Happy New Year from the trickster!)

And last, but by no means least, Uranus, the great changemaker, has been creating internal waves since the last week of August 2022.

Mars is the first planet begin its direct motion on 13/1. As Mars heads toward the degree it went retrograde at (25 degrees Gemini to be exact), we should start to feel a sense of drive and enthusiasm coming back to us.

Once Mars clears the shadow phase on 16/3, our decision making capacity should become easier to navigate, as well as our sense of direction.

If something has been put on hold or came to an abrupt cessation throughout the retrograde period, you may find that it starts to gain momentum again once Mars eases into direct motion.

Mercury will change direction on 19/1 and will move forward rapidly after that time. By the 7th of February, we should start to feel our mental faculties becoming sharper, and our ability to share and assimilate information becoming a lot clearer.

Idea, plans, and goals that we started thinking about in early December can now start to take form quite quickly.

Use the first half of January to reflect upon the structures you would like to put your time and energy into, and plan how you are going to execute them when the time is right.

Uranus begins to move forward on 22/1, bringing a new course of action, and the ability to connect with aspects of ourselves that we have either suppressed or long forgotten about.

Uranus can awaken us to our fears and inadequacies and can help us to overcome restrictions and limitations…freeing us up to embrace new and growth enhancing experiences that brings us closer to the part of ourselves that doesn’t rely on external adulation and the need to “fit in.”

Uranus reigns supreme with Venus, the Sun and the New Moon all taking place in Aquarius…which means that things may not go to plan, yet we will get through the month much easier if we remain flexible and open to the unexpected.

The ingress of Venus in Aquarius on January 4th can motivate us to make changes within our relationships and friendships. Any kind of neediness will become irritating, and we will find that we are in our element when we are connecting with those who are similar in character and offer mutual mind stimulation.

We may become drawn to friends who are humanitarian in nature and want to join us in a cause that means something to us personally yet can somehow support others on a collective level.

Freedom and independence will be of utmost importance to us all throughout the Venus in Aquarius phase, and again when the Sun and New Moon move into the sign of the Water Bearer towards the end of the month.

The combined energies of the planets in Aquarius and the direct motion of Uranus gives us the ability to overcome self-doubt and start living our lives in a way that is completely unique to us.

I can’t think of a better way to start the new calendar year!!

The first Full Moon of the year rises at 16 degrees of Cancer on 6th January in the northern hemisphere and the 7th of January in the southern hemisphere.

The Moon is “at home” in the sign of Cancer and will go a long way with putting us in touch with our emotions and where we may need to extend some nurturing to ourselves.

There is the possibility that a family or private issue will come to a head at this time, and that challenges in this arena can be overcome if we keep a cool head and not get caught up in emotion. No easy feat when we are dealing with a water influenced Moon.

Cancer can bestow us with the ability to connect with our intuitive self; so it’s important that we take the time to tune into the felt senses and the messages that our inner wisdom is conveying to us.

As Mars, Mercury, and Uranus, are still retrograde at the time of the Full Moon, it may serve you to become aware of what it is that you need to do, yet not act just yet.

Hold space for your emotions by all means, yet also employ the logic and patience of the opposite sign of Capricorn to help you plan your next move.

The Sun enters Aquarius on the 21st of January, with the New Moon taking place on the same day in the northern hemisphere, and on the 22nd of January in the southern hemisphere.

This is an exciting time to turn our focus towards the future and fast track plans and ideas that were put on hold during the retrograde planet phases.

Aquarius is a progressive sign-one that invites us to drop convention and think outside of the box of conformity.

There is also a sense that we may need to detach or “zoom out” from a certain situation so that we can see it from a different perspective.

However this unfolds for you individually, just know that there will be a clearing out of some sort and the chance to breathe life into places where there has been stagnation.

The line up of Aquarian planets may also give us a prelude into the shift that will take place when Pluto moves into Aquarius in March.

Pluto was last in Aquarius between 1778 and 1798 and was a major revolutionary and transformative time in the world and society.

Pluto is the sign of transformation and the life/death/rebirth cycle, while Aquarius is the sign of progress.

Life as we know it is about to change both personally and collectively.

The more that allow ourselves to stretch into embracing the unknown and leaning into our edges, the better prepared we will be when change comes a knocking.

Venus makes her way into Pisces on the 27th of January, softening the mental energy of Aquarius, and bringing us back into the feeling realm.

After a month of independence and possible solo pursuits and seeking to engage intellectually, Venus in Pisces will encourage us to connect on a deep soul level with those around us.

This placement with increase our kindness and compassion, and we become more understanding of our feeling nature and how we can extend that to others.

There is a strong intuitive vibration with this placement-one where we are more easily able to pick up on the feelings and energies of others. While this is an amazing ability to have-as it can help us to have an inner knowing of how to hold space for a person or situation-we can also become overwhelmed with energies outside of us and have trouble discerning where we end and someone else begins.

Boundaries will be paramount throughout this phase if we want to maintain our spiritual and emotional hygiene.

Engaging in activities that ground our energy and help us come back to self-such as putting our feet on the earth, breathwork, or spending time in nature-will go a long way in supporting us to be available for others, without attaching to their experiences.

Venus directs our focus to things of beauty, so don’t be surprised if you feel drawn to art, poetry, music, enchanting movies, and otherworldly pursuits throughout this period.

Remember that we cannot save everybody and that it’s important to extend some of the compassion and empathy that we so easily give out to others, to ourselves.

If you are ever in doubt around this, trust your intuition. It will always guide you in the right direction.

May your January flow with ease and grace.

Warm blessings,

krishna dodds astrology

— Krishna Dodds
January 2023
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