Not my Circus, Not my Monkey

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for January 2021

By Krishna Dodds


I noticed that when I sat down to write this article, I took a deep breath and let out a massive exhale.

2020-the year that could be renamed “Annus Horribilis” has come to an end. It feels good to say that!

This year has challenged us both globally and personally; and I am sure that the majority of us are grateful to see the tail end of it!

Being the optimistic souls that we are, the beginning of a linear new year offers hope.
Hope that we can start again, hope that it will be a better year, hope that we may be able to achieve a goal or bring a dream to fruition.

The planetary energy for 2021 started back in December when both Jupiter and Saturn left staid and old-fashioned Capricorn and entered the innovative and futuristic sign of Aquarius.

Not only did these two neighbours in the cosmos change sign they also changed element-making the transition from Earth to Air. This means that our attention will now switch from the physical and sometimes rigid, to a more social, communicative, and forward-thinking way of being.

Jupiter and Saturn are also known as “social planets”, which means that their transits will affect us on both a personal and collective level. Any changes made now will have far reaching effects into the future!

January 7th sees Mars leaving fiery Aries and making a move into the solid and stable domain of the Bull.

This may bring a welcome change of pace after the almost 6 month, highly strung vibe that Mars in Aries brought to the table.

Mars in Taurus will turn our attention towards our values, and the sensual and pleasurable aspects of life. Think of savouring the taste of food, planting our hands in the earth, and being more susceptible to gentle touch.

Mars in this placement wants to take its time and will go about creating what it desires in a patient and methodical way.

This is a perfect support to have as we start the new year, as it gives us the perseverance to build something that is strong and secure.

“Slow and steady wins the race” is a great mantra for this almost two-month transit.

Mercury and Venus both change signs on January 9th. Mercury moves into the inventive and eccentric sign of Aquarius, while Venus leaves behind fun-loving Saggy, and enters the more serious sign of Capricorn.

Mercury in Aquarius opens our minds up to original ways of thinking and blesses us with a lightning speed intellect. This energy will see us having an innate need to be more social and share our ideas. It will also give us the opportunity to interact with those we might normally engage with and open us up to new experiences.

Mercury will enter the shadow retrograde phase mid-month, so be aware of this when making decisions, signing documents, and booking appointments. Misunderstandings and arguments are possibilities throughout this phase-so be very conscious of who you are engaging with. Sometimes not saying anything at all is the best option! “Not my circus, not my monkey” is a great affirmation to familiarize ourselves with during this period.

Venus in Capricorn turns our attention towards our vocation and our public life. This placement values progress in the workplace, and we may be inspired to make some long overdue changes in our career.

This is a perfect prelude to the New Moon that takes place at 23 degrees of Capricorn on January 13th.

The New Moon in Capricorn signals the beginning of a new working phase. This could be a move up through the levels at your current job…or a complete change in direction.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, just know that the practical and pragmatic vibe of the Goat, may inspire you to make plans to bring your goals to fruition over the coming year.

Reflect upon where you are now and where you want to be. Develop a strategy and know that hard work and discipline will help you bring your dreams to fulfillment.

Pluto will be in very tight conjunction to the New Moon, which means that transformation is nigh. If you have been hiding away in a job that supports you financially-yet doesn’t set your heart on fire-the planets make shake things up for you.

This New Moon offers us the opportunity to reflect upon where our passions lay and what makes us feel empowered.

An exciting time of setting intentions and putting them into action!

On the 15th January, Uranus turns direct after a five-month retrograde period. This signals the end of a period of upheaval and facing inadequacies on an internal level. Some may have felt that the rug was pulled out from underneath them, and that a change in direction was forced. Once Uranus moves out of the shadow phase in April, we will be better equipped to direct our focus towards conscious change-instead of being pulled kicking and screaming!

The Sun moves into Uranus ruled Aquarius on January 20th and supports the forward movement that was mentioned above regarding the direct motion of Uranus. Our focus is directed towards planting seeds for the future and coming together as a collective group to support long overdue changes in our community.

Aquarius-although charming-is also freedom-loving, so don’t be surprised if you require more space than what you would normally seek out.

The conjunction of Mars and Uranus around January 21st, brings a sense of spontaneity and the ability to clear out the cobwebs and let go of situations that have become stagnant.

Uranus brings new ideas, and Mars can help action them. Changes made now will have a great chance of success, thanks to the backing of persistent and productive Taurus.

During the last week of January, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn form a stellium in Aquarius.

Our focus on a personal and global level will be to initiate change so that we can live with more freedom and authenticity.

There may be some moments of rebelliousness-as Aquarius is not one to conform to restrictions and ideas that curb their fiercely independent spirit.

Computers and technology come under the banner of Aquarius, so it will be interesting to see what transpires in this area around the end of January.

It will also be intriguing to witness what is taking place regrading COVID restrictions, proposed vaccine implementation, and border closures etc…

The month closes with the first full moon of the year taking place at 9 degrees of Leo on January 29th.

The Full Moon illuminates anything that we keep hidden below the surface. With so much Aquarian energy dominating the month, it can be easy to dwell completely in the realm of intellect and logic and abandon the equally important spaces that make us whole.

Leo asks us to connect to our heart. And to find the answers we are seeking within our heart space.

Things can come to a head around the time of the Full Moon. Perhaps we have been too egoic or full of pride. Perhaps we have been stubborn and so caught up in our own sense of self that we have failed to see what is taking place with others.

While this can be a time to show the world our talents and to let ourselves shine; we also need to be mindful of those who support us and help us get to where we are.

This fiery Moon puts out a BIG energy. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the liveliness of this lunation.

Grounding is super important throughout this lunar phase, as is putting our hand on our hearts and posing the question “what would love do in this situation?”

Love may direct us to engage in play, creative pursuits, or see the world through the enchanted eyes of a child.

However, this period unfolds for you, know this. The answers that we seek are already inside of us.

We just need to find a place of sacred silence so that we can hear the inner wise one speak.

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— Krishna Dodds
January 2021
Awaken Your Inner Wisdom