A New Dawn

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for January 2020

By Krishna Dodds

We have crossed the threshold into a new year and a new decade. Woohoo!! And with a strong Capricorn/Earth influence, our intentions and goals will have a solid chance of manifesting.

The ironic thing is that, even though Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) is associated with linear time, we actually don’t need to wait until the new year or even a new day to ponder on how we would like to bring changes into our world, as each breath and moment provides us with an opportunity to be renewed.

Yet as we have now officially entered the year 2020, let’s focus on what the planets are doing and how they can offer support.

January 1st sees the Sun and Jupiter form a conjunction. This is a time of thinking big and reaching for the stars. The Jupiter/Sun combo brings a buoyant energy that can help us see the bigger picture and the enthusiasm to pursue whatever brings us a sense of purpose. As both signs are in Capricorn, we are blessed with sensibility and practicality, and the ability to put plans into motion for the long term. A great force to back up those New Year’s resolutions and give them form!

On January 4th, Mars moves into the sign of the Archer for approximately six weeks, turning our attention toward all things Sagittarian in nature. Mars represents our energy and drive and how we go after what we want in life. In Saggy, Mars will inspire us to passionately discover what holds truth for us, and what we believe in-if anything.

Don’t be surprised if you feel adventurous and flirty, and drawn to all things foreign. You may find that you become interested in faraway places and exotic foods while Mars traverses the 9th sign of the zodiac. Attention spans may be short (look to the earth signs for grounding) and we may feel a little more feisty than usual. This placement is great for tapping into our assertive nature and speaking up about what we believe in. If you are involved in a cause of some sort, use this period to actively seek more exposure.

This is a fiery energy that can feel quite heightened at times, so make sure you have a relaxation process that you can call upon. The elements of water and earth are great for soothing and anchoring the Mars/Saggy fire.

The 10th and 11th of January (depending on where you are in the world) brings the first Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse of the year.

The Full Moon is the sign of the Cancer and is part of an eclipse story that started back in July 2018.

Cast your mind to back to that time and the events that have unfolded since to get an idea of what you will be working with. Cancer themes pertain to the home, the family, the past, your roots and your ancestry.

Saturn and Pluto forming an opposition to the Full Moon indicates that something is coming to an end. Old structures need to be transformed in favour of new and healthier one’s. The North Node in Cancer-while not making an aspect to the Moon, is worth mentioning, as it is reminding of us of our need to connect to our heart-space and open ourselves up to give and receive nurturing in ways that nourish us.

This Moon will be very much about family dynamics and how our family members either offer us nurturing and support, or whether they are toxic and therefore not healthy for us to continue interacting with.

The Full Moon will always bring to light what has been hidden; and as the Moon is in a water sign, I recommend that you pay attention to your felt senses and the intuitive feelings that come your way.

The opposition of Jupiter to the North Node may bring a feeling of overwhelm for a few days around this time. Some may make mountains out of molehills. Buttons may be easily pressed and we may be drawn into other’s dramas. My suggestion is to take a few deep breaths before you interact or respond and walk away from anything that doesn’t concern you.

Self-care is paramount throughout this period.

Uranus turns direct on January 12 after five months in retrograde motion.

Uranus in retrograde motion can catapult us into the unknown and we can feel so completely pushed out of our comfort zone that the only thing we can mange to do is put one foot in front of the other.

As Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, chances are there have been issues around comfort and security and the way we earn our income. Environmental issues have also taken centre stage while Uranus has been in retrograde motion.

When all that we know and rely upon has been shaken up in some way, it forces us to reconnect to the very parts of ourselves that may have been lost or suppressed.

We learn to rely on our inner resources and find safety within-regardless of what is occurring externally.
As Uranus begins to move forward we will be able to see that any trials and tribulations actually helped shape us in some way, and what was once important, perhaps isn’t anymore.

I believe that Uranus helps us to see things from a new perspective and frees us from belief systems that are keeping us stuck in a rut.

Uranus won’t reach the degree it went retrograde at until late April; so, use this time to reflect upon what it is that you value now, and what unique gifts and abilities you can utilize to perhaps source an income for yourself.

On the very same day, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto will form a conjunction. This is a strong reminder that no matter what we have been through, self-commitment, self-reliance and self-discipline are the very things that will help us face our fears and become self-empowered.

The Mercury aspect of the stellium reminds that our thoughts and the way we perceive ourselves and the world are all products of our mind. If our mind is in a good place, so too will everything else be. We are being cautioned to be careful with our words and to perhaps hold some of our ideas tightly to our chest.

A rebirth has occurred, and the Capricorn planets encourage us to make plans to use this verve as wisely as possible.

It is a great time to focus on the foundations you are building now and for the future, who you want to be, and how you wish to show up for yourself and others.

The move of Venus into Pisces on January 14th brings a soft and dreamy element to the fore.

If you suddenly feel drawn to rescuing people, animals or anything else, this could be why. Venus in Pisces stimulates our charitable side and can help us tap into our altruistic nature.

On the relationship side of things, we may be attracted to creative souls who share in a love of art, poetry, long walks in the park and anything to do with fantasy and other-worldly pursuits.

Just be mindful throughout this period that you see people for who they really are and don’t put them on a pedestal. It can be easy to weave beautiful imagery around those we are drawn to-mistaking our projections of who we want them to be for true love.

Neptune ruled Pisces can have heightened intuitive powers, so when in doubt, trust your gut!!

Mercury moves into air sign Aquarius on January 17th bringing an inventive mind, progressive ideas and the ability to process information with lightning speed!

Mercury here is the sign of the inventor, so don’t be surprised if you are blessed with flashes of inspiration and unique ideas.

Have a note pad and pen handy as information can come through thick and fast. While you may not act on every single idea, some will hold the seeds that can help change humanity in some way if they are put into action.

Socialising, sharing ideas with like-minded souls and brainstorming will all be important to you at this time.

You may even decide to start a group or run a workshop!

On January 24th and 25th (depending on time zones) we have the first New Moon of 2020.

The New Moon falls in the sign of Aquarius and brings with it hope for the future.

During this time we can contemplate the seeds we would like to plant not only for ourselves, yet also for the community as a whole.

We can also reflect upon how we would like our friendships to look and whether the friendships we have are helping the evolution of all involved.

Uranus, (the ruler of Aquarius) is forming a square to the New Moon which gives it a somewhat unpredictable vibe. Perhaps what you think you want is not what your soul really needs to progress.

Uranus is the Great Awakener of the zodiac, and with a double dose being offered on this New Moon, one thing I can say for sure is to expect the unexpected.

Write down your goals and wishes for sure yet know that they may not come to you in the way that you envisaged yet will always come in the way that is best for your soul’s growth.

Uranus is not concerned with comfort zones at all. Uranus is here to stretch us to be the best versions of ourselves.

If you’ve been hiding away or dimming your light in some way, now is the time to take a deep and courageous breath and shine your unique talents out there in the world. Not only will you come into alignment with your passion and purpose, you will also inspire others to do the same.

And that my friends, is what the energy of Aquarius is all about. Planting the seeds of change and becoming a way-shower to others.

Warm Blessings,

— Krishna Dodds
January 2020
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