Play in tune with the Super Moon

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for February 2019

By Robert Anderson

Greetings everyone and welcome to February!

Lammas Day – 4th February

We begin to notice the days are drawing in. It’s still warm, hazy and summer but the sun rises a little later and sets a little earlier.

In ancient times in the northern hemisphere the day marking the equal distance between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox was known as Lammings Day.

It was a time of the first harvest of the summer crops and more often than not the wheat crop was first. An offering would be made and a small celebration had.

Let’s take a moment on this day to count the blessings we have and give thanks for the gifts we have been given, rather than focus on hurdles and obstacles.

All Planets are Direct

It is interesting to notice that all the planets are direct for the period from 6th January (which also was a partial eclipse new moon) when Uranus turned direct right up until 5th March when it’s Mercury’s turn to go stationary and then retrograde.

Our entire solar system is moving forward together, like a flowing river. On a macro level maybe, a new level of political co-operation will appear.

On a personal level perhaps, there could be more flow, peace and harmony in the family and/or the workplace.

The Moon

Tuesday 5th February brings us the New Moon in Aquarius at 16 degrees.

When one thinks of Aquarius-the most common words associated would have to be: freedom and innovation. New Moons are the beginnings of the monthly cycle making it a perfect time to kick off any new project or idea. This day will prove perfect timing to lay the groundwork for a fresh new change that could manifest in the coming months.

On 20th February there is a Full Moon right in the very first degree of Virgo.

It’s the second of three “supermoons” all in a row. This is the closest of the three. The moon is considered to be a super moon when it is within 10% of its closest point to the earth in its monthly orbit. The closest point to the earth is known as the perigee. The tides are usually higher and lower especially a day or two after the full super moon.
Service, healing and detail are common Virgo words. Maybe it’s time to make that list, to have that massage or to visit an elderly or ill family member.

Full moons are considered times for completions. Everything comes out into the open. There is no hiding. It can also be a time of intensity. It has been suggested any ‘planet’ in the first degree of a sign has a special intensity in any case, so this full moon might be for some more emotionally intense and more noticeable than others.

It’s a great full moon to dance naked and bathe in its light-mind, body and soul.


Monday 11th February sees Mercury enter Pisces. Time for less talk and more psychic development and meditation. Perhaps a time to work on oneself internally. Listen to your imagination and intuition.

On 19th February Mercury conjuncts Neptune. Maybe on this day see a day fantasy movie, or go see a new band playing some moving music. The next big scandal could unfold involving celebrities or the government… let’s wait and see.


Venus is currently the morning star and shining brightly but many may miss it as the Sun has been rising so early. Maybe some revellers while on their way home after a night out could receive that special beam of joy, happiness, and love.

It’s a big month for Venus. On the 4th February Venus moves into Capricorn. On the 18th February she conjuncts Saturn. On 23rd February Venus conjuncts Pluto. On 25th February she meets the South Node.

Coming into Capricorn and then meeting Saturn she is all about self-control, presence of mind, and responsible behaviour and don’t forget its goal orientated flavour as well, good for planning ahead particularly money wise. When Venus catches up to Pluto it’s a time for honesty and to face any changes necessary within relationships, security issues and what we value.


Mars in Aries conjuncts Uranus on 13th February in the last degree of Aries and then moves into Taurus on the 15th February.

Mars conjunct Uranus could feel like a time to ‘break the rules’ and get what you want or maybe get things going and inspire others into action. Try not to be too impulsive or hot headed.

Chiron commences the month in Pisces and moves signs into Aries on 18th February. This heralds an 8 year process beginning a brand new Zodiacal cycle. On a personal level its healing energy now shifts from collective consciousness to the individual. Questions will get asked on a more personal level. Who am I? why am I here? How can I be of some help or healing?

The answers will come with time.

— Robert Anderson
February 2019