Change is in the Air

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for December 2020

By Krishna Dodds


We have finally come to the end of the very, challenging year that was 2020.

There have been some heavy astrological aspects this year-namely, the hard core stellium in Capricorn and retrogrades galore!!

December sees some of this heavy energy shift to make way for the bright and expansive Sagittarius vibe.

We will also see the tail end of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, as both of these planets move into the progressive sign of Aquarius in the second half of the month.

December kicks off with Mercury’s ingress into Sagittarius on the 2nd.

After the deep and sometimes dark stint of Mercury in Scorpio, this change of sign can bring some much-needed optimism and hope for the future.

Mercury in the sign of the Archer can stimulate our mind and help us to become open to learning and exploring that which holds truth and meaning for us on a personal level.

Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius, so there may be times where thoughts become scattered from taking on too much, or we become so aligned with our own opinions, that we don’t give space for others to share their thoughts.

Avoid talking just for the sake of it, and practice active listening skills. Who knows-you may even learn something, or be shown a completely different point of view.

Mars-while not completely clear of the shadow retrograde phase-continues to gain speed in its home sign of Aries.

Mars starts December at 17 degrees of Aries and moves 10 degrees to end December at 27 degrees of Aries.

These degrees are almost identical to those of August this year.

If you cast your mind back to that time, you will be able to reconnect to any plans or actions that you may have been thinking about breathing life into before Mars went retrograde in September.

What has been put on hold? Where have there been delays? Where have you felt thwarted or blocked? How has your physical health been, and what have your anger levels been like? And…how has the masculine energy been showing up or letting you down?

As Mars continues to gain speed and finally clear the shadow phase in early January, we should start to feel a sense of control and forward movement in our lives, and begin to find the answers to the questions posed above.

Throughout December it is important to pay attention to ideas and opportunities that resurface, so that we can create new and exciting beginnings for ourselves.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and encourages us to takes risks and undertake new adventures.

This is perfect timing as 2020 draws to a close and we prepare to embark on a new calendar year full of possibilities.

On December 15th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and brings a desire for more adventure and freedom within our closest connections. This may not be the most commitment friendly energy about, yet it can help us to have fun and expand our minds through our interactions with others.

A shared love of travel and learning may feature here, and some may be intrigued by those who hail from other lands.

On the very same day we have the last eclipse of the year.

The Solar Eclipse falls at 23 degrees of Sagittarius and represents a new cycle of growth and expansion.

A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids, so if change is what you have been seeking, now is the time to co-create with the universe to make it happen!

Jupiter ruled Sagittarius encourages growth, enthusiasm, positivity, adventure, and travel. It is also a very jovial sign, so even laughing more can bring a massive shift in energy.

Think about what needs uplifting in your life, and where you would like to aim your arrows as we move into 2021.

It is also a great time to check in with our belief systems and whether they are supporting our growth and evolution.

Before I talk about the exciting move of Jupiter and Saturn moving into innovate Aquarius, I would like to point out that both of these planets will spend a few days at the anorectic point of 29 degrees.

Saturn will be at 29 degrees from December 7th-17th, and Jupiter will be at 29 degrees from 14th-19th.

This can indicate a crisis of sorts, or a real push to get things sorted, finalised or completed before both of these planets change sign.

To find out how this affects you, you will need to look at where Capricorn is placed in your natal chart. Capricorn in general though, relates to governments, authority, our public lives and our career and working life.

On December 18th and 20th respectively, Saturn and Jupiter move into Air sign Aquarius. Yay!!

Saturn had a small foray into the sign of the Waterbearer from late March onwards-yet only made it to almost 2 degrees before heading into retrograde motion. The timing was interesting here in Australia, as it signalled the beginning of our lockdowns and isolation from groups and friends.

Now as Jupiter and Saturn both enter Aquarius, our sights are set on making changes that hopefully support forward movement and freedom after the turmoil and restrictions that 2020 brought.

Not only will we be thinking about innovative ways to improve our personal lives, yet also how we can contribute to collective endeavours.

Aquarius encourages free thinking, the ability to remain true to the unique individuals that we are, and our rights to civil liberties.

Aquarius breathes new life into old ways of being, so it will be interesting to see what unfolds with our governments and medical systems as we navigate our way through this unprecedented time.

Mercury and the Sun move into Capricorn on the 20th and 21st respectively, bringing with it a dose of practicality in what is often referred to as the “silly season.”

During this phase we can think about concrete plans we would like to make for the future, and the steps we need to take to breathe them into existence.

The energy of the mountain goat offers somewhat of an anchor during this very, busy season, by reminding us to look after our bodies and spend time in nature for grounding and relaxation.

We may also feel the urge to tie up loose ends and get things sorted.

The month and the year finishes with the Full Moon at 9 degrees of Cancer.

As the Moon is “at home” in this sign, feelings may be extra sensitive during this phase. There is the likelihood that strong emotions need to be expressed, and that matters around the home and family are prominent.

Changes on a domestic level are more than possible.
This can be a really heightened time, so it is paramount that we take good care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Pull away from the hustle and bustle when you need to, and spend time engaging in activities or rest, that fills your cup on a mind, body, and spirit level.

Bodies of water can offer comfort and cleansing, as can the release of emotions. Be extra nurturing with yourselves and remember that no matter what you are going through, this too shall pass.

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— Krishna Dodds
December 2020
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