The first week of May opens with a Scorpio Full Moon on May 4th.

The Moon at 13 Scorpio is arguably at its most powerful making this Full Moon very potent.

Often what is hidden, mysterious or intense gets full exposure and emotions can run very deep. Passions and compulsions can also get highlighted and many buttons can get pushed around this time.

This can be a rather vulnerable time for some while others can get even more guarded and shadowed.

This Full Moon is squared by Jupiter, which could blow things out of proportion if you let it, so be careful with exaggerating what is actually going on

Check out what gets illuminated for you, you might get a surprise.

Venus swans into a sign that she finds rather comfortable on the 8th. In Cancer she gets a little cosy, home loving and sentimental. Here she loves to cook, pretty the house and can get even clingier in partnerships, which can become a little stifling for more freedom oriented types.

Mars barges into Gemini on the 12th making the need to communicate, absorb and pick up information even more driven. Not great for the already chatty types as it turns up the volume on what they need to say, but great for putting a bit of fire under any areas of learning, networking and getting a curiously fix.

The New Moon at 26 Taurus on the 18th begins the Lunar month at a slightly slower pace. Practicality and security could be the main flavours and the need to become more earthed could take you into nature or down the more material side of life.

Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the 19th, putting the handbrake on all forms of communication, paperwork and local transportation. It’s a good time to study, plan and write but not so great with moving things forward.

Venus comes into T-square Pluto and Uranus from the 23rd – 25th. These days could be a little shaky, even volatile concerning your relationship to others. This is because some small changes will need to be made, particularly in areas of power plays and control issues.

Mars comes into conjunct the retrograde Mercury and square Neptune from the 25th-29th. There could be some major communication difficulties during this time and it will be best to think before you speak as confusion could have you saying things in the spur of the moment that you really didn’t mean. This could lead to arguments over things that really have no substance and are built on hearsay or lies. Use this energy productively by asking your intuition to tell you the truth and let go of the small stuff.

Always remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride how you surf it is totally up to you