February opens full on with a stellium of planets in Pisces. This energy is a mixed bag of both personal and transpersonal planets, seeing both Venus and Mars needing to blend with the vibration of Neptune and Chiron.

Chiron is not an actual ‘planet’ as such, but has a profound effect none the less. The Venus and Mars polarity now needs to merge through the diffusing and healing influence of the two outer planets. All being in Pisces this vibration is emphasised even more through lack of division and melting everything into wholeness.

This is a profound balance of both the yin and yang energies, not so much in a cerebral way but emanating more from a place of deep spiritual knowing. There is major healing energy in affect here as well, especially if you tend to put too much weight toward one side of the yin/yang polarity.

Too much yang could now be faced with integrating a calmer, more loving side to their nature, possibly though others and being more receptive. Too much yin could be faced with incorporating a stronger, wilful and more self – embracing sense of the yang, through areas of self-care and having your needs met. Both these experiences will be tinged with a softer, more compassionate understanding of others and of yourself.

This energy will be played out until Feb 19th with both Mars and Venus pulling away from the transpersonal planets around the 13th.

Mercury continues its retrograde motion, (which began on January 23rd) until Feb 13th so it’s still time to slow down slightly with activating ideas or communication on any level. Spend this time researching, revising and gathering so when things are ready to move forward you will feel prepared.

The Full Moon occurs on February 4th at 14 degrees of Leo conjunct Jupiter so people born in the middle of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus could feel a rather expanded, optimistic vibration coming from this Moon. There is a feeling of hope here and confidence levels could rise. This will very much rely on how much faith you have in yourself and with life in general.

The New Moon at 0 degrees of Pisces on February 19th is conjunct Neptune and square Saturn. This is seed planting time for the month ahead with putting your dreams into form. Don’t just fantasise about what you would like but apply yourself and make your wishes come true. This will be particularly potent for those born or have the Moon at the first 2 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

The New Moon also heralds in the ingress if both Mars and Venus into Aries giving you a kick in the bum to get things moving. Here is the start of something new so make sure it is something you really love.

Pluto and Uranus are doing the final lap of their square, coming into exactitude from Feb 20th – March 1st. There final stint will be in the second half of March but I will talk about that next month. People with planets (particularly the Sun and Moon) in the middle of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are now feeling the pinch of reinvention and renewal. You may be feeling cornered or pushed to the edge but this is the only way you can do something about owning your power and freedom. This aspect is immensely liberating but you will need the guts to take a stand and see it through.

Always remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride how you surf it is totally up to you