Most Spiritual philosophies are based fundamentally on finding your ‘calling’ and learning to love each other unconditionally. These notions are in and of themselves honourable desires, yet when you truly think about it, both these objectives require some form of effort, like we need to do something or be someone. It alludes to the fact that we are inadequate as we are and there is a need to strive to become greater.

Nothing comes from the basis of inadequacy. If you believe you are not enough, you will never find your life purpose or be able to love another without condition. This belief that we have to ‘become’ is where the trouble originates. The seed planted is one of ‘I am less than’ so how can a magnificent tree grow from a seed that is ‘broken’.

I feel that the light, the life force, God, our inner knowing, infinite intelligence, the Universe, however you choose to label it, has absolutely no expectation of us, it has no investment in what we ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be and accepts us totally as we are. We do not need to do or be anything for ‘the light’s’ sake. It only knows perfection and there is no opposite.
To know you don’t have to prove yourself, live up to expectations, please anyone, control your life or feel deficient in any way is freedom at its most exulted.

This is the starting point; it’s the only point actually. From this place everything begins and everything is created.
Therefore your birth chart is not a contract and it holds you to no obligation.
Your birth chart is a vibrational reflection of an idea, one that was energetically set up with the Solar System for your greatest joy. A notion that your ‘light self’ thought would be interesting to experience. It comes from a place of your highest good, knowing that if travelled without fear this earthly incarnation will be an enjoyable one for us.
Our purpose in life and the need to accept others unconditionally now becomes not so much something to strive for, but the bi product of enjoying our lives based on and emanating from that Light that knows we do not have to be or do anything but glorify in just being who we are.
How liberating is that! I will always open a reading with that fact, that the chart is unaffected by what you choose. How we play it doesn’t make us good or bad, but your choices will be reflected in the way we feel. It’s basically the difference between living fearfully or peacefully, joyously or in depression.

By realising Spirit places no expectations or strains on us to be anything, we can now totally relax and start to paint our lives from a place of inner knowing. Any forms of self-criticism we recognise are now coming directly from the thoughts that separate us from this knowing. The more we separate the more we fear and of course the dramas that ensue are all just sign posts pointing us back to the road of remembering.