This Month: Jupiter enters Libra

When an outer planet changes sign there is always a shift in the fabric of life. This is more noticeable with the deeper, transformative frequencies of the slow movers Pluto, Neptune and Uranus but when the ‘Great Giants’ in the middle of the Solar System move sign, their flavours connect ‘higher principles’ to earthly experience.

This is the case with Jupiter morphing from Virgo into Libra on September 9th. Its journey through the Sign of the Scales lasts until October 10 2017. Expanding our experience through the need to connect, balance and seek the middle ground.

This is a time for equality, fairness and justice. Seeking the truth around bias and discrimination. Marriage equality is what the Jupiter vibration in Libra is all about.

On a more personal level, people with Planets in Libra, particularly the Sun or Moon will enjoy a boost of confidence and sureness. Opportunities could come your way over the following year that could bring some sort of increase into your life. You must remember Jupiter believes in you more than you do so you will need to step up to the plate to receive any offerings on the menu.

On the whole, Jupiter in Libra could bring people together in harmony and understanding or on the other hand others may need to explore a smorgasbord of relationships. Libra also loves the visual arts so Jupiter in Libra could bring more beauty into your life on many levels.

Peace and balance is a major Libran concern so hopefully you may experience better ways to compromise, negotiate and co-operate over the next year. Where Libra lies in your birth chart will provide you with the clues on where this could play out.

Saturn and Neptune come into their third and final square with each other from August 30 – Sept 22 at 10 degrees Sagittarius and Pisces.

Much has been written about this challenging aspect during their last two standoffs, even I wrote a blog on them a few months back so I won’t go into great detail.

Saturn, planet of responsibility and reality confronts Neptune planet of soul, imagination and dreams. Sounds like this square could really stick a pin in your fantasy bubble, but I believe for all the right reasons.

Sometimes our dreams are just that, dreams. There is no truth to them and even if you did think about realising them you wouldn’t know where to start. Here we notice the deflation of our whimsical dreams and the production of our solid ones. If you have a dream that you believe truly has wings, then this is the time to commit, focus and structure it. Bring it too life! If you have dreams that are becoming annoying ‘cos you know you won’t make them happen. It’s time to stick in that pin.

Mercury turns retrograde on August 30 – Sept 22. This is rather interesting as it is the same time period as the Saturn / Neptune square. There may be something from the very recent past that could be important for you to look over. Possibly an email, text, phone call or message. This could be all part of the Saturn / Neptune scenario above.

We have a Solar Eclipse on Sept 1 at 9 Virgo and a Lunar Eclipse on Sept 17 at 24 Pisces. If you have the either Sun or Moon at those zodiacal degrees be ready for an eventful year ahead.

Remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride, how you surf it is up to you.